Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's in My Shopping Cart?: Athleta

For my first "What's in My Shopping Cart?", we turn to Athleta. And since it's workout gear, TECHNICALLY, this falls under my aerobics-teaching budget rather than my strict clothing budget. BWAH HAHAHAHHAAH. But still---restraint, dear self....

Mantra Tank (Originally $44. On sale for $19.99 for limited sizes and colors)
I purchased the blue Mantra Tank a few months ago and LOVE it. L. O. V. E. it. My true size Medium fits perfectly---nicely contoured but not so fitted that I risk shoulder injury when trying to remove it. :) It's a thick fabric so it hides my imperfections, and the design on the bust is simple but attractive. I am going to buy every color available in Medium (even though they are boring neutrals...) because this is an awesome tank for my aerobics class.

Chakra Tank ($49.00)
I'm hoping that the Chakra Tank is as glorious as the Mantra above. It's not on sale, but has more interesting color options. I'm thinking "Straw" (yellow) and "Magenta" (below). Another simple design (the back is the standout) and I'm crossing my fingers that the fabric is similarly thick as the Mantra's is. I should probably mention at this point that I do wear a sports bra underneath my workout tops. (It's high impact, but even if it weren't, I have little faith in so-called bra shelfs.)

Does anyone else ever shop at Athleta? I had seriously never heard of it until my boss gave me a gift card a few years back. This was BEFORE they got bought out by Gap. At the time, I was hoping that their new affiliation would equal more coupons and stuff, but it's very rare that Athleta offers any additional discounts. Bummer.

But it's hard for me to stay away because I really love all their workout tops. I also bought my most favorite Retro 80s gym-class jacket there (below: My sister and I at afternoon tea on our Alaskan cruise last summer!)

It's the best freakin' jacket ever. And look at how cute my sis looks! She is doing a challenge on her own blog, Princess of Taylor, to wear more prints. I hope she does because I love this printed top on her!!


  1. Thanks for blowing my big reveal tomorrow when I'm planning on wearing that top! LOL

  2. hahahaha...SORRY! I'm glad you are wearing it again though. It's so pretty!