Monday, February 15, 2010

WHBM Customer Service: Price Adjustment Test

On Feb. 4, I ordered a jacket and skirt from White House Black Market using my Christmas gift certificate. WHEE!

And then the next time I checked the Website, the skirt was discounted by $28. BOO!

I checked the WHBM Website, and their adjustment policy says that as long as it's within 14 days of your order, they will give you the discount.

So.....on the twelfth day, I called in to see if I was eligible for a price adjustment on my ponte skirt.

After SEVERAL minutes of rocking out to the Pointer Sisters on hold, I got a very nice sales rep named Stacey, who said it should be OK since I was within the time frame of 14 days. VICTORY IS MINE!

But then she put me on hold for several MORE minutes. (If the music weren't so jazzerific, I would have been a bit peeved at this conjuncture...) I WAS, however, nervous, because she gave me some mumbo-jumbo about changing their systems and needing to access my order on the old system, blah, blah, blah....

In other words, she realized I used a $50 off $200 coupon and with the price adjustment my order would be less than $200....EEK! At least that's what I was imagining was happening....

But my cynicism was thwarted, because she came back on the phone and said they gave me my adjustment. What they did was this: When I originally placed the order, a portion of the $50 off was applied toward the jacket, and a portion to the skirt. So I actually got the skirt for like $44 or something. So they gave me about a $16 price adjustment off of THAT sale price.


MUCH better policy than SOME retailers I know (*cough cough*......ANN TAYLOR.......*cough cough*)

Oh, wait, I feel another coughing fit coming on.....(*cough cough*....... JCREW.......*cough cough*).

WBHM is happy. I'm happy. We're all happy.

HOOrah for price adjustments.....oh, and for the Pointer Sisters, too. You gotta communicate for REAL if you wanna win your lady back, fellas....

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  1. Yay such a happy ending! I don't understand why stores give you coupons and then act shocked when you also want a price adjustment! If you want me to pay full price, don't give out coupons and I'll take my chances on waiting for something to go to sale! ARG!