Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Outfit #27: ECHO ECHo ECho Echo echo

Old Loft skirt
Old Loft red rosette peeptoes (a gift from my sister!)
Three Beacons belt at Anthropologie
Old Loft ivory tiered T-shirt

BWAH HAHAHHAHA (that's my evil laugh)

So you may notice that I.....uh.....kind of abandoned the rules here. Tapered pants. (::groan::) That's EXACTly what I need now, isn't it?

Instead, I took InStyle's challenge to "echo" the feel on top and bottom. Granted, it's not a very loud echo, but I wore my tiered Loft ivory T-shirt with my old refurbished Loft skirt.

I wore the heckola out of this skirt over the years (even to my wedding rehearsal!), but eventually began to realize that it was just a tad too long. So I had my mother shorten it up (an amazing feat to be sure---look at all those folds, all that FABRIC!). And not only is it wearable again, but tell me this isn't the spittin' image of this pricey beauty from Anthropologie:

I am crossing my fingers that they show some styled outfits with this one so that I can unabashedly usurp them for my own. :)

OK, OK, OK.....You may still not be buying this one. If that's the case, here's an outfit for you purists out there.

Old Loft floral blouse
Old Loft black capri pants
Old Loft paisley bow flats
Target cheapie bracelet

You can take the rebellion out of the girl.....(but you can't take the love of Loft out of her!)


"Loose, tapered pants echo the feel of the drapey, tucked-in shirt." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 4 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: Both of these outfits make me happy. However, I think I could only get away with the traditional pants outfit with black. If I tried a different pant color or pattern, I'm afraid that it would no longer be slimming. The rebellious skirt outfit, I could get away with anytime. I love flared A-line skirts. Love. And what have we learned, dear readers? That if you keep things in your closet long enough, they will eventually become fashionable again. :)

OVERALL RATING: A (oh, and another A for version #2!)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Seychelle Love

Oh, Seychelles----you know me so well------

Lauren Peep-Toe Pump in Off-White (also available in light gray and black)
Available on several sites (Endless, Amazon, Seychelles) for about $90 before shipping, if applicable. Zappos has 'em for $94---get with the program, Zappos!

Outfit #26: I'm Goin Vintage

Loft old-school vintage-looking dress
Wide red belt (gift!)
J.Crew leaf pointelle tights
Ann Taylor classic black pumps

OK, so this is essentially a remix of a previous challenge. But I was truly curious to see what patterned tights would do for this dress.

Me likey.

I think I'd like this even more if I could find the right jacket to toughen it up. But my jackets are all too ladylike :) and I've already worn my black leather jacket and didn't feel like repeating myself even more egregiously...

Here's a closeup of the tights with the dress pattern:

I think this is a gradual step into mixing patterns, baby! I always see Anthropologie's assortment of tights and LOVE how completely psychotic some of them are. And I'm always so pleasantly surprised when I see other bloggers actually make them NOT psychotic....but STYLISH. But I feel like Anthro tights get bad reviews often about ripping. And being short. And that scares me.

But don't count me out yet!


"Patterned tights reflect the vintage quality of the floral-print dress." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 2 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: I like the mixed patterns, but otherwise I think my outfit needs a little something else. Right now, it's just OK. Add a tough cropped jacket, and I'd feel killer. But I'm also all about vintage, so it excites me when I get help on creating a vintage feel, so thanks InStyle for that.


Anthropologie New Arrivals

My dog, Jack, had a rough night and I ended up letting him outside to do his business around 4:30 am. Ick.

But it was Anthro sale day so no bother! I jumped out of bed and ran to my laptop.

Alas, no sales....but as pointed out on Effortless Anthropologie...NEW ARRIVALS!

Do you all believe in love at first sight?


Picture Frame Blouse ($78) in Sky
Also available in green motif!

Lettuce Florets Blouse ($88)
Oh, this will be mine...

Monday, March 29, 2010

What's in my Shopping Cart?: Forever 21

Whenever I shop at Forever 21, I always feel like I have to order $75 worth of crap stuff to make it worthwhile (so I can get free shipping).

The good news is that means I don't often cave and buy tons of silly things. The bad news is that sometimes I miss out on some great deals. Namely, I've been working on another DIY purse for several months, and haven't finished, because I need some type of feather adornment. Well...feathers apparently were VERY big a few months ago, but not so much

I have purchased a few things from Forever 21 in the past, so I'm not *completely* sure about their sizing. I generally follow the also-slim experience I have with Charlotte Russe and figure they're about comparable.

So below are some items that have been languidly sitting in my shopping cart. Others are newer pieces (including the new Alice in Wonderland twist line. Freaky!).

Thank goodness, I hit $75 so I'd get free shipping (if needed). Breathe easy!

But I don't *need* any of this. And although I really do like the T-shirts, they're still about $15-$20 and I can generally get shirts for about that prize at better retailers on sale (think J.Crew or Ann Taylor Loft). And presumably they'd be better quality. Or at least I'd get the illusion of better quality (and that's really what we're paying for in the end, isn't it?)

I really like the Polka Dot Knit Top because I am trying to branch out with more subtle prints so I could wear *gasp* prints on top AND bottom! Anthropologie (and my sister at Princess of Taylor---click here) are wearing off on me! This is honestly the only item I REALLY want. It's been in my cart for weeks and weeks, but I just can't pull the trigger...Damn that free shipping minimum...

This Rose Outline Slub Tee reminds me of an old J.Crew T-shirt (which many a blogger has already discovered). It's cute. But again, it's $15. That's how much I paid for several J.Crew T-shirts already in my closet.

The F1797 aviator sunglasses in gold/brown I'm pretty sure I saw linked on another blog. I rarely wear sunglasses since high school when my favorite pair got left in my softball pants and went through the wash. OOF! But I think these are so cool, and would be an easy way to give a style boost to a simple outfit. And for under $6? Nothing much lost if they stink... Click here to see a bigger pic.

I am a huge sucker for flower pins lately. But as mentioned in a post a few days ago, sometimes this gets me into trouble......Because size does matter.......And this one is SEVEN INCHES in diameter! Yowza. It would be huge. BUT I think this Multi-way Rosette Hair Elastic in coral (it also has a pin attached) would be great attached to my new brown hobo from Target. Mmmm....a plan......and again $4 wouldn't kill me now, would it? Click here to see a bigger pic.

The skirt is from the Alice in Wonderland twist line. There were some cute things, but for the most part, nothing looked like it would work for me. I've never purchased bottoms at Forever 21, so I would get a Large in this skirt based on my new skirt from Charlotte Russe. The denim and black is pretty, but I can imagine this would be very short and, in terms of style, it's somewhat similar to the aforementioned Charlotte Russe polka dot skirt I got. Under $20. But I could put that $20 toward an Anthropologie shirt that I love....

So there you have it. I'm essentially back to where I started. A few things I'd like to purchase but unable to spend the $$$ on shipping. Oh, this wretched game of tug o' war...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I Bought: Hoodies Galore!

As much as I love my newfound stylin' habits, I admit that I still love me a good piece of casualwear.

A few years back, my husband turned me on to a site called It's got a great assortment of coupon codes and special deals on anything and everything (including clothing--whee!)

I found a ridiculous deal on Hanes hoodies recently and HAD to buy a couple. I already own a grey Large Hanes hoodie that I seriously wear constantly every day: before I get dressed in the morning, and after I'm settled in for the night. (Husband and I are currently boycotting the power company so layers are our friends!)

You can find the forum post about the discount codes here. There are several codes that you can stack, so it gets kind of complicated. But I ended up getting my hoodies for about $8 each shipped a few days ago. Ho. Lla.

When I bought the first sweatshirt at Wal-Mart (grey---below), I sized up to a Large to account for possible shrinkage, but it actually didn't really shrink all that much. I still prefer the Large though for lounging. For looking presentable and going out, I would definitely take my regular Medium.

This was what it looks like after MULTIPLE wears and washings. (I bought it in early January.) Not bad, eh?

Below are the three colors I tried: white, deep navy, and pale pink. They're basically all the same picture. lol.

I love them all! If you're looking for cozy casualwear, then these are the hoodies for you! Here is the Hanes link. LOTS of sizes! And LOTS of colors, too:

dark navy, white, pale pink, carolina blue, deep red, black, dark chocolate, light steel

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oufit of Another Yesterday: More Sweaterdress

OK, so really, I've already worn this dress several times, but I'm posting about it again because I got to add some of my new accessories! It's my Simply Lovely Sweaterdress. As I mentioned before, I'm still not having pilling problems (OK, I picked off ONE fuzz yesterday. But nothin' major.) so I'm a happy camper.

Namely, my new accessories are my Seychelles Ritas in yellow, my Limited mint-green ring and my Three Beacons belt from Anthropologie! Also, I put my Loft striped Tee underneath (it may still be available in your stores, and it's on sale!) and my brown ribbed Gap tights.

My Ritas are size 8.5. I have taken to purchasing 8.5 in Seychelles brand, even though I've always consistently been a size 9. The grey in 8.5 seem a bit bigger than the yellow. I almost thought about exchanging out the yellows for a 9 because they're back in stock at Endless, but I'm hoping that with wear, these will meld to my feet better.

Speaking of accessories (and yellow!), I finally caved and bought my yellow trench coat at The Limited! I already told my mom that she has to bug me every day to make sure I actually wear it. Because before you know it, it'll be summertime and too warm! But to use a coupon code, I found a cute flower pin to set me over the minimum limit.

I had previously purchased the crinkle flower pin (right), so I got the two-tone flower pin on the left (in tan, though--it's shown here in black), thinking it would be comparable. Whoops!

This will teach me to be more careful when I'm making impulse buys because the two-tone flower pin is $2 cheaper, but about EIGHT dollars' SMALLER! Yeep.

Oh, well. It's still very cute, but I honestly almost lost it immediately because it was so small in the box---I thought they had forgot to pack it! In the end, I think it will still be very versatile because it's small enough to wear in my hair demurely or maybe clip it to a necklace to make a major statement. OOH---am I possibly one step closer to re-creating this lovely?

Anthropologie: I (Swan)t a Second Markdown!

I have been eyeing this skirt for what seems like FOREVER!

But I'm certainly not paying over $100 for it! Can't I PLEASE get a second markdown, Anthropologie?

Midnight Cygnus Skirt (Was $278. Now $139.95)

I missed out on the flight-of-swans dress a few months back (wah!). And this skirt has a similar "flying swan" motif that just might ease my pain...

But what's up? It has odd-number sizes listed as "sold out," but I remember when the skirt was fairly new these sizes were gone then, too. So I think they either had very low inventory (or none at all) in those sizes.

And there's only ONE no-text review!!?? So have any of you seen this in your stores? Why is this lingering in sale so long without another cut? Does it seriously stink? It's already quickly losing its season-appropriateness as we SPEAK!

Anthropologie, you're KILLING me! :(

Friday, March 26, 2010

Real Thang vs. Knockoff (Rings)

I have fallen in love with statement rings lately. Probably because they can be big and cheeky without being all up in my business. If they get noticed, great! But if I'm feeling more demure, I can just stick my hands in my pocket. You can't go wrong with a cool ring. Here are a few more expensive selections from White House Black Market (which I now love!) and their Forever 21 counterparts....


Crystal/Pave Flower Ring at WHBM ($48)
I don't really like this ring. I'm also not confident about what this looks like because this pic and the pic on the model's finger look strikingly different. One looks really flat, while the other looks shiny as all get-out. 1.75 inch diameter.


Roseanna Flower Ring at Forever 21 ($6.80)
I actually prefer this version to the original because it has a shape rather than just being a nebulous blob on your finger. It is, however, considerably smaller at 1.1 inch diameter.


White Enamel Flower Ring
at WHBM ($48)
Available to ship April 2. Of all the rings, this is the one that initially caught my eye. Oddly enough, I think the pearl in the middle kind of makes this seem more costumey than the knockoff version...


Lacquered Blossom Ring at Forever 21 ($5.80)
Same diameter as the original (1.5 inches). Not quite as gaudy as the original, but also clearly not as good in the details-department. Trade in the silver for the gold and the middle pearl with a less-obtrusive crystal. I might have to pull the trigger on this one.


Jet Pave Flower Ring at WHBM ($48)
Ooh sparkly and black. Very chic looking. The diameter is 1.5 inches. I especially like the size as depicted in the model pic.


Grand Flower Ring at Forever 21 ($3.80)
1.3 inch diameter so only slightly smaller than the original. But no crystals/sparkle here; it looks like more of a matte finish. It also suffers from something I'm going to call "smooshed face syndrome" but otherwise the shape looks comparable to the original. This choice comes down to your bling preference, I think.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Outfit #25: Jocularity, Jocularity!

American Eagle blue/white striped Tee
White blazer (JCPenney)
Fossil brown belt
Gap grey skirt
Ann Taylor black pumps
Ooh, and my cool outlet sunglasses, baby...

The title of this post really doesn't have anything to do with my outfit today. Except that the word "jaunty" for some reason reminds me of the world "jocularity," which reminds me of an old M*A*S*H episode where everyone does funny impressions of Father Mulcahy. Yes, I'm random.

Except maybe I'm *NOT* so random, because "jocularity" means jokes and "jaunty" means dapper. And it's hard to look dapper *without* feeling just a little silly now, isn't it?

So that's what I did here. I embraced my jocular, jaunty self. :)

And surprisingly, it worked really well! I think it helped because I had a vision or a feel for what the final product would be, so I was able to pick items from my closet with a purpose.


"Rolling up your jacket sleeves makes a nautical top even jauntier." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 1 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: I like being jaunty! This outfit was pretty easy to put together, but its "nautical theme" gives it the illusion of being stylish and creative. I plan on rocking this several times this spring. But, uh, check out those gams, ladies...I guess the InStyle pic is a little smaller in proportion to mine, so I'll pretend like THAT explains why Ms. Model's legs are about twice as skinny as mine. Scary!


Visions of Sugar Bears Dancing in My Head

What a yicky day!

It's pretty dreary out this morning and I just got back from my aerobics class so I'm pooped.

And I am in the biggest funk in the world! Ooh, I hate days like this....

I've actually been like this since I found out about Sandra Bullock and her [insert the worst word you can conjure] of a husband Jesse James. Seriously?!?!

I usually don't give a hoot about celebrities or their lives, but for some reason this is hitting me in a pretty uncomfortable place. I think it might have to do with Bullock's movie persona being so damn likable. It's like I've grown up with her and she's my cool, funny friend. (awwkkkwardd....!) And Betty White likes her in real life, so geez, she's gotta be awesome, right?

And the timing of it all! Just when she got her Oscar and she should be out enjoying all her Blind Side premieres, she has to back out and deal with this crap. Just when you think you're on the top of the world, life kicks you in the butt.

So, that's getting me down, PLUS all this health care shenanigans. I honestly "hid" about half of my friends' status updates on Facebook because it was getting where every time I logged on I was having heart palpitations! I have purposely stayed out of the entire debate because (lucky for me) I don't have much vested interest in health care personally, and I've got a mixed extended family of Dems/Reps so even the mere MENTION of the subject brings on too much anxiety for me. But now I just read in our paper that one of our government representatives (and his brother!?) are getting HARASSED because of his vote.

Seriously, people, can't we all just get along?

Sigh....So that's my rant for the day. I feel so bummed that I allowed myself an extra trip to Starbucks this morning. I usually either get a Caramel Macchiato or a White Chocolate Mocha, depending on who's working. (If it's someone I'm familiar with, I trust them with the macchiato! Otherwise I just go for sugary sweetness...mmmm....)

I lucked out this morning and saw some familiar faces, so my yummy macchiato will go perfectly with my leftover NY Cheesecake Pancakes from IHOP last night!

Anyway, here is my outfit from yesterday (Wednesday). It features my new Three Beacons Belt which is soooo about that. It *JUST* fits me. As mentioned in the site reviews, it's pretty flimsy leather and the inside is very rough, so I could see it potentially roughing up a delicate blouse underneath. If I size it right, I can angle it down in a V like the product style pic, but I haven't tried to wear it that way all day so it might not stay very well. Since this is my first "nice" belt and I needed a brown wide belt, I'm happy with it. But maybe if you're looking for this to fit a special niche in your closet, you may be disappointed.

J.Crew necklace Tee
Loft sweater vest
Three Beacons Belt at Anthro in neutral (here)
Seychelles Rita in light grey (here)
Loft Marisa coin-pocket pants in classic blue (here)

And, last but not least, I come to the subject of my post title: sugar bears. In all the sadness and despair that is the world right now, there exists one thing that makes me uncontrollably happy.

I first saw these critters being sold at the mall, and then they were mentioned in a question on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? (don't judge, people! It's either that or The Doctors!) Apparently, they're also known as sugar "gliders" because they are like Rocky the Flying Squirrel and can glide around...wheee!!!!

This picture is from a website that sells these "pocket-size" pets. I'd rather just see these little critters bopping around the Blue Ridge Mountains than in people's homes, but they're adorable nonetheless.

And THAT, my friends, is how you get yourself out of a funk: Starbucks, pancakes, and sugar bears...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Outfit #24: Shiny, Happy People

I got to bust out my new WHBM jacket again! (similar here)

As I've mentioned in posts before, I am seriously lacking in the graphic-print department, so this old vintage-feel Ann Taylor Loft dress will just have to do. I added black tights and my black oxford booties.

Oh, yeah, and a DIY black-bead necklace.

I like this outfit, but, um, I don't have much to say about it! And I guess it's hard to compare one strand of black beads to the chunky InStyle version, but ... seriously?


"Shiny jet beads are an unexpected way to punch up an ensemble." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 2 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: OK, a chunky necklace is easy enough to find so I can't fault them for that. But is InStyle really trying to tell me that it's the BEADS that make its outfit? Clearly, it's the print of the dress. I mean, I'd go so far as to guess that ANY shiny black object would add a little extra shine: earrings, a bracelet, a belt, shoes....but I wouldn't call it "unexpected." I think InStyle was grasping for straws on this one... Kudos for me though; I like my outfit.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Outfit #23: Boy Meets Girl

With this outfit, I feel like I'm channeling ABC over at A Bigger Closet (except for the whole modelesque, fashionable part, of course...) as inspiration.

Maybe it's because I'm wearing my J.Crew necklace tee and my new Ann Taylor Loft floral scarf.

I am also wearing my Loft cargo pants and my peeptoe wedges (from Macy's, similar here).

Plus my very own DIY yellow clutch purse. I made this sometime last year; it must have been around fall, because by the time I finished it, it was not really the season for it anymore! So now I'm excited to finally pull it out of "storage." It's a little egregious with all the fake flowers, sure, but there's something very satisfying about making something with your own two little hands.

This is the J.Crew purse that I became obsessed with and wanted to mimic:

Silk satin fiore clutch ($125 -- no longer available)

And here is a closeup of my creation:

I bought a cheap $5-6 purse from Express and then went to Michael's to pick out some flowers. I probably ended up spending about $6-7 on flowers. Then, I used pliers to chop off the stems or else just popped the flowers off the stem (depending on the brand). Then, I attached the flowers to the purse with E-6000 glue (here).

But, be warned: This glue works really well, but if you leave the cap off, it will continue to ooze out on its own---basically gravity-defying. It's also toxic as hell. (Galaxy Glue! Galaxy Glue! What would you do without Galaxy Glue?) I read about this glue online and after I bought it and read the warning label, I was admittedly freaked out. But apparently only pregnant ladies in CALIFORNIA can be endangered by this product...huh?


"A clutch and heels help make boyfriend jeans appear less boyish." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 1 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: I like the idea of using accessories to lovingly push your outfit toward a final realization. In fact, I had so much fun using these accessories that I went out and bought a purse and hat from Target! Speaking of great does my bedroom wall color match my floral scarf? Holla! (And yes, it's as green as it looks---"Jalopeno Jelly")


Dressing My Shape: Rectangle

So the good thing about taking pictures of yourself trying on clothes is that you start to notice trends. And noticing trends means I can move one step closer to defining my personal style.

And I may or may not have noticed lately that lots of clothes make me look boxy.

And then, *BOINK* it hits me.

Maybe it's not the CLOTHES that are doing this to me. MAYBE....JUST MAYBE....I'm the one who's boxy....

And A.) I'm now psyched because this will help me pinpoint what will typically work for my body, and B.) My blog name just became even MORE pertinent. Because, as we all dutifully remember from high school geometry: Some rectangles are squares. And I just happen to be one of the lucky few. :)

So I read up a little bit on rectangle-dressing, and it sounds like since I'm already balanced on the top and the bottom, I don't want to EVER emphasize my top only or emphasize my bottom only, because then I will look top-heavy, or bottom-heavy, respectively.

Low-rise pants are bad, bad, bad. The higher the rise, the better. Empire waists are also good because it turns my skinny under-boobage into a fake waist---who knew?

I am basically supposed to accentuate my waist whenever possible. Belts are my friend. And so are items with fitted waists and waistbands.

After reading through all the tips, I decided to take another look at Anthro to see if I could identify any rectangle-friendly items. It's good practice, I think, because none is something I would have otherwise picked out for myself. But now that I look at the shapes, I can understand why (in theory, of course) these would work better on my body than other lovelies.

Casement Drapes Blouse

I admit. I had my eye on this shirt already. Fitted waist, plus accents on the shoulders.

Bamboo Garden Dress
But how did I miss THIS lovely? The color is amazing. And the bodice with the wrapping---whoa! Cap sleeves, again good for the shoulders and helps balance out the A-line skirt here.

Solar Star Blouse
Hello dark waistband. I think we should definitely get better acquainted....

Window Box Tank
Empire waist? Check. Blocks of patterns? Check. Waiting for a sale? Check.

Twist & Flow Top
This top intrigues me. I never would have picked it out for myself. But now that I look at it, I think it's brilliant! Very adventurous with the patterns and the strapless half, but if this could be my definitive Anthro piece. ::sigh::

Cinched Cables Cardigan
The reviews of this cardigan mention horror stories of the ill-fitting belt. But if this goes on sale, I think I have to snatch this up. I think the belt and the black moon-shaped cutout thingees (this is why I need a thesaurus, people!) would give me the waist I've always dreamed of.

Khosrow Blouse
This is probably one of the best options for me. It looks exactly like some of the recommended tops I found on advice Websites, and it never would have caught my attention otherwise. Taking a closer look, the print is actually quite pretty, and I like the flowiness.

Ablaze Dress
I've heard lots of blog murmuring about this one. And with the waistband, I think it would be a great fit, but I'm just not a big fan of the color red. And this just seems kind of boring. I don't know. If it gets a second markdown, I *might* consider it.

So there you have it. My first venture into body-shape shopping. I think the real test is to go into a store (Loft, anyone?) and ONLY pick up items with all these rules in mind.

, what a brilliant idea, people! So brilliant that I bet I could market this as a TV show even.....and hire on two quirky and abrasive co-hosts....and make guests stare at themselves in unforgiving 360 degree mirrors......

......and I'd name it........I'd name it.....

......hmmmm.......nothing's coming to me yet, but TRUST ME.....I think I'm onto something here.... ::wink, wink::

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rear Window (1954) with James Stewart and Grace Kelly

All right, so I'm a little bit behind in my schedule. We watched Rear Window the week before last. But lend me some blog-reader credulity here, please. :)

I've already seen this film in several different classes throughout my college career: Images of Women in Film, Confinement in Cinema, and now Film Adaptations. What's all the fuss, you ask?

On the surface, one might be satisfied to know that I had the same teacher for each class. (Maybe he just *really* likes this one?) But, honestly, this film warrants multiple viewings because it's rich. And it's subtle. And it's classic Hitchcock.

On the first viewing, you could just follow the plot. For the second watch? Let's consider the appeal of voyeurism. For your third look-see? Watch Grace Kelly. Fourth time? Listen to the diagetic soundtrack.

And so on, and so on....

I can see why the short story ("It Had to be Murder" by Cornell Woolrich) appealed to director Alfred Hitchcock. A homebound man spying on his neighbors convinces himself that a murder has been committed. The story closely examines the relationship between our sight and our logic, how we process information and come to conclusions: sometimes instantaneously, sometimes with what Woolrich belabors as "delayed action." The story also considers the appeal of visual entertainment. The story's main character (who often articulates his disdain for reading) instead prefers to view the world through a small window frame. (Hmm, kinda like watching a movie on a TV screen, eh?)

Unfortunately, the short story is only so-so. It's very repetitive (yes, Woolrich, we get it....DELAYED ACTION.....), and the story never really engages you any further than its intriguing premise. But the good news is that the stage was perfectly set for Hitchcock to swoop in and put his unique mark on this one.

Mainly because the story goes out of its way to divulge little about the main character. All we really know is that the books in his apartment belonged to previous owners, and the reason for his passivity isn't revealed till the last page. All this means "he" can be whoever the filmmakers want him to be. In this case, he is incarnated as L.B. Jefferies (James Stewart), an adventurous photographer with a broken leg who's scared of commitment and going stir-crazy in his apartment. By adding several women characters, the film elaborates on Jeff's simultaneous fear of and attraction to the opposite sex.

Sound familiar? Yeah, it's what Hitchcock does best. You may not always agree with his "women-as-chaos" mantra, but you have to admit that he effectively portrays his neuroses nonetheless.

If you think Psycho is the best Hitchcock has to offer, watch this film.

If you like pondering meta-cinema...or dominance and gender....or nonconventional diagetic soundtracks....or..... oh, fuggetahbowdit ..... just watch this film.

If you like your home nurses sassy; your women beautiful and capable; and your men sweaty and incapacitated, watch this film.

Friday, March 19, 2010

What I've Been Up To....and a real OOTD!

Whoopsie! I kinda forgot I had a blog....hehehe....

No, actually, I took the recent advice of my idol Miley Cyrus and decided to live life instead of worrying about constantly posting my life online....Because the Internet is "lame," people!

Just kidding....about the living life part, that is....and the lame part.....and MAYBE about the idol thing.....maybe.....

Coz, seriously, have you REALLY ever listened to "Fly on the Wall"? MAGIC, people!

In truth, I was just super busy and didn't get a chance to post. But I'm back, y'all!

And so much has happened that I must get caught up on! For one, Husband and I went to go see Jerry Seinfeld do a comedy act! Wowzers! And then I actually wore CLOTHING to work two days in a row!

These amazing style feats will be recreated in the next few days, because seriously I dress up so infrequently that I have to play it up when I can.

Also I still have a few pesky InStyle challenge posts to go. (::collective groan:: Are we STILL doing that?) That's right, folks. But hang in there, the end is in sight. I've only got a few more outfits and my goal is to finish them by the end of March. Because I'm obsessive compulsive and if I start something, dagnamit, I'm gonna finish this shizz right!

So, another exciting development while I was gone? Husband and I put shoe shelves up in our bedroom! Here's a pic:

I love them so much! I got the shelves from Michael's (the pretty iron rods were included). It helps clear up a little space in my closet. But MOSTLY, I'm happy because I get to stare at my lovely shoes when I wake up in the morning....


You may notice two empty spaces on the shelves. Those have been filled up by my new Seychelles Ritas in TWO colors! I ordered them both from Endless because I wasn't sure which I would like better and they were going fast! Now I am keeping both.

When I told him my plans, Husband laughed and said it was like Hallmark's A Dog Named Christmas brought to life! With SHOES instead of dogs.

Then, I admitted that, "No, really, husband. I am going to keep both." And then he stopped laughing....(party pooper)....

Anyway, here is my OOTD. And it literally is my OOTD. I am going to say OOTD a couple of more times because I am actually wearing this outfit as I type, and that happens so infrequently that I am going to milk this OOTD through and through.

ATL necklace tee (still available here in petite)
Anthropologie field game cardigan (here)
ATL twill pants (here on sale!)
Fossil brown belt
Seychelles Ritas (here)

And just because I've been away so long, a little pick-me-up:

Oh, I can't wait until I have kids....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Outfit #22: A Waist of a Good Sweater

I think the proportions on my recreation need a little tweaking. Maybe a longer skirt? Or a wider belt? Or high heels to elongate my legs?

As of right now, this isn't wowing me. Mostly because it kind of accentuates my boxy figure.

I'm wearing a turquoise Ann Taylor sweater, my Loft skinny bow silver belt, my White House Black Market ponte seamed mini skirt (click here), Hue black tights, and my Steve Madden herringbone flats.

I've discovered some interesting information about flattering your figure, which I will be posting about soon, and, hopefully, being the studious knowledge-lover that I am, I will be able to put these style lessons into good practice!


"Style a thin sweater like a shirt by tucking it into a tight skirt." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 1 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: I think to make this work, I will most definitely need SOME kind of belt to accentuate that I really do have a waist, I promise! I'm thinking the wider, the better. But if you notice, even InStyle cheats a little in its pic. I mean, just LOOK at that girl's hip jutting out on the left. Just enough to make it look like she has some booty/curves, when I really doubt she has any whatsoever.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Outfit #21: My Greatest Foe (Salmon Jacket)

Looking at this again, I think I would have used a different shirt under my Limited ruffle cardigan. How about my Banana Republic Pleat-neck 3/4 top in red dahlia? Because I like the hint of pink peeking through at the top and bottom, but the Loft turtleneck is a little too much.

Anyway, I added my AE skinny jeans and my Me Too Jeannette Satin Bow Heels (similar here).

Honestly, I've been dreading this outfit, so the fact that I made it out alive makes me 100% happy.


"A salmon jacket, blush clutch, and rosy bronze bangles all tie together." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 5 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: I still am undecided about the T-neck overall here. On the one hand, it feels very stuffy. On the other hand, I think a 26-year-old doing stuffy could be kind of ironic and fresh, no? Anyway, if I wanted to, I could probably do this one over to try tying together the colors in my outfit and accessories like InStyle says, but, uh, that seems kind of commonsensical to me. Moving on...


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Outfit #19: Sequins and Leather

InStyle got way too specific on this one, so that I really had to cheat to make it happen. They specifically demanded a wrap top and leather pants: neither of which I own.

I tried my AE sequin top (click here) with a white collared blouse underneath, but that just looked weird. Then I tried some old Loft black capris, but they weren't fooling anybody about being leather.

So I ended up here: a white puff-sleeve collared shirt from Express, my J.Crew sequined tee, my grey jeans from NY&Company, and my Steve Madden herringbone flats.

I rolled up the jeans because I didn't feel like putting on heels, and I thought I looked dumpy with the long straight jean and flats. :) much of my personal style is arbitrarily based on laziness!


"A wrap top is worn open as a vest. Pull leather pants down over boots." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 5 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: Even though it's not what InStyle asked for, this is a cute, casual everyday look for me. My contrasting items are not quite as disparate (sequin tee with only slightly edgy grey jeans) as theirs, but they're a good pairing to keep me from looking TOO obnoxiously preppy. I also went T-shirt crazy with J.Crew's final sale deals in the past few months, so I have an almost-endless supply of snazzy T-shirts and I could switch up this basic outfit often to keep things fresh. So it's a win for me.


The Clothes I Wear when I'm Prowling for More Clothes to Wear

It's a real pain in the booty to upload pictures from my phone into my laptop, so sometimes I don't get around to posting my outfits when they actually happen. (I think I'm the only American without a camera in my phone. Go figure...)

Anyways, I've had a couple of shopping trips lately, and what better time to get gussied up then when I'm trying to convince myself that I need MORE things with which to gussy up! :)

Shopping Trip #1.
Gap luxe crew neck sweater (click here to view) This sweater got HORRIBLE online reviews. People kept complaining that it shed fuzz all the time. Well, I haven't had any problems yet, and I've worn it at least twice. Knock on wood.
Ked navy sneakers
Loft dark-rinse jeans
Loft grey long-sleeve tee
Plaid scarf (a gift from a friend)

Shopping Trip #2
Simply Lovely Sweaterdress at Anthro (Again, people have complained about pilling. But after 2-3 wears, I've only seen the occasional bit of fuzz and I just pick it off. What's the problem?)
Jackie cardigan in breeze
Bolton's cheapie tan stretch belt

Old Loft paisley flats

(I also ended up wearing Gap brown ribbed tights with this. But NO JACKET! Yay for good weather!)