Saturday, March 27, 2010

Anthropologie: I (Swan)t a Second Markdown!

I have been eyeing this skirt for what seems like FOREVER!

But I'm certainly not paying over $100 for it! Can't I PLEASE get a second markdown, Anthropologie?

Midnight Cygnus Skirt (Was $278. Now $139.95)

I missed out on the flight-of-swans dress a few months back (wah!). And this skirt has a similar "flying swan" motif that just might ease my pain...

But what's up? It has odd-number sizes listed as "sold out," but I remember when the skirt was fairly new these sizes were gone then, too. So I think they either had very low inventory (or none at all) in those sizes.

And there's only ONE no-text review!!?? So have any of you seen this in your stores? Why is this lingering in sale so long without another cut? Does it seriously stink? It's already quickly losing its season-appropriateness as we SPEAK!

Anthropologie, you're KILLING me! :(


  1. Hmmm I feel like I've seen this skirt in the store, but I never really looked at it. I've also wondered why it is so freakin' expensive. Crazy!

  2. OOH--well if you see it on your next visit, PRETTY PLEASE try it on! I am both intrigued and exasperated by its mystery!

  3. There was one left at the store and it was a size 2. Needless to say, I didn't try it on and I figured that a 2 was too small to bother calling you to see if you wanted me to buy it. I was surprised that it is pretty in real life, but it is definitely a heavy material and not summer appropriate. It had a zipper too (thought the website said elastic waist). If it gets a second markdown, I'd say give it a shot (too bad free shipping ends on Tuesday).