Monday, March 8, 2010

Challenge Outfit #18: My New Khakis!

Yes, I know. Eighteen comes BEFORE twenty. That's what I get for working on things out of order.

But I actually don't mind that #20 posted because it's much more exciting than #18. Just consider it a bonus outfit! :)

I don't have a studded blouse so I thought this outfit would be somewhat of a wash, but I DID get a reason to show off my newly purchased Loft Twill Ann Boot Cut Pants (click here). It's been a long while since I had khakis, and trust me, peeps, I am madly in love. I wore my Ann Taylor perfect leather pumps (click here), and (as I was hoping after I tried the pants on in-store), the higher heel really smooths out the line of the pants.

I threw in my brown Fossil silver-buckle belt, and a few seasons-old Limited blue top. Even though it's not studded, I'm pretty happy because this shirt untucked looks quite the mess on me. I got it on super sale, and thought it was cute....until I got pictures developed of me wearing it on a vacation trip. you think it's weird that I *hope* everyone in Georgia just thought I was pregnant and purposefully showing off my tummy bump? ::shudder::

You can't really tell in the picture, but the shirt is gathered under the chest and then flows out. But the fabric is stretchy and thin, hence the tummy bump. But tucked in? No more baby mama.


"Instead of a button-down, try a studded blouse for a fresh take." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 2 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: Yay for my new khakis! Even though this outfit is totally simple, I still really like it. It reminds me that well-fitted (or is it good-fitting?) clothes make all the difference. If I was feeling adventurous, I could totally accessorize this was a fun, chunky bracelet, or a long necklace, so I'm not too worried about the simplicity. And I'm just so ecstatic to see myself in pants OTHER THAN JEANS! :)



  1. You look so tall and thin in those pants! Love them! And the shirt looks great tucked in - I seem to remember a little blogger whining for paragraphs about not being able to tuck things in. Who might that have been?

  2. hahahaah I KNOW! it's the pants, i tell you. MIRACLE workers. :)