Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Clothes I Wear when I'm Prowling for More Clothes to Wear

It's a real pain in the booty to upload pictures from my phone into my laptop, so sometimes I don't get around to posting my outfits when they actually happen. (I think I'm the only American without a camera in my phone. Go figure...)

Anyways, I've had a couple of shopping trips lately, and what better time to get gussied up then when I'm trying to convince myself that I need MORE things with which to gussy up! :)

Shopping Trip #1.
Gap luxe crew neck sweater (click here to view) This sweater got HORRIBLE online reviews. People kept complaining that it shed fuzz all the time. Well, I haven't had any problems yet, and I've worn it at least twice. Knock on wood.
Ked navy sneakers
Loft dark-rinse jeans
Loft grey long-sleeve tee
Plaid scarf (a gift from a friend)

Shopping Trip #2
Simply Lovely Sweaterdress at Anthro (Again, people have complained about pilling. But after 2-3 wears, I've only seen the occasional bit of fuzz and I just pick it off. What's the problem?)
Jackie cardigan in breeze
Bolton's cheapie tan stretch belt

Old Loft paisley flats

(I also ended up wearing Gap brown ribbed tights with this. But NO JACKET! Yay for good weather!)


  1. I really like the sweaterdress with the cardigan. How do you find that the Jackie cardi runs size-wize?

    You also need new shoes - you wear those Keds with everything!

  2. the jackie cardigan is my regular Medium, which has a pretty relaxed fit. not too tight or anything.

    and as luck would have it, i just bought TWO new pairs of shoes to debut soon....:)