Monday, March 22, 2010

Dressing My Shape: Rectangle

So the good thing about taking pictures of yourself trying on clothes is that you start to notice trends. And noticing trends means I can move one step closer to defining my personal style.

And I may or may not have noticed lately that lots of clothes make me look boxy.

And then, *BOINK* it hits me.

Maybe it's not the CLOTHES that are doing this to me. MAYBE....JUST MAYBE....I'm the one who's boxy....

And A.) I'm now psyched because this will help me pinpoint what will typically work for my body, and B.) My blog name just became even MORE pertinent. Because, as we all dutifully remember from high school geometry: Some rectangles are squares. And I just happen to be one of the lucky few. :)

So I read up a little bit on rectangle-dressing, and it sounds like since I'm already balanced on the top and the bottom, I don't want to EVER emphasize my top only or emphasize my bottom only, because then I will look top-heavy, or bottom-heavy, respectively.

Low-rise pants are bad, bad, bad. The higher the rise, the better. Empire waists are also good because it turns my skinny under-boobage into a fake waist---who knew?

I am basically supposed to accentuate my waist whenever possible. Belts are my friend. And so are items with fitted waists and waistbands.

After reading through all the tips, I decided to take another look at Anthro to see if I could identify any rectangle-friendly items. It's good practice, I think, because none is something I would have otherwise picked out for myself. But now that I look at the shapes, I can understand why (in theory, of course) these would work better on my body than other lovelies.

Casement Drapes Blouse

I admit. I had my eye on this shirt already. Fitted waist, plus accents on the shoulders.

Bamboo Garden Dress
But how did I miss THIS lovely? The color is amazing. And the bodice with the wrapping---whoa! Cap sleeves, again good for the shoulders and helps balance out the A-line skirt here.

Solar Star Blouse
Hello dark waistband. I think we should definitely get better acquainted....

Window Box Tank
Empire waist? Check. Blocks of patterns? Check. Waiting for a sale? Check.

Twist & Flow Top
This top intrigues me. I never would have picked it out for myself. But now that I look at it, I think it's brilliant! Very adventurous with the patterns and the strapless half, but if this could be my definitive Anthro piece. ::sigh::

Cinched Cables Cardigan
The reviews of this cardigan mention horror stories of the ill-fitting belt. But if this goes on sale, I think I have to snatch this up. I think the belt and the black moon-shaped cutout thingees (this is why I need a thesaurus, people!) would give me the waist I've always dreamed of.

Khosrow Blouse
This is probably one of the best options for me. It looks exactly like some of the recommended tops I found on advice Websites, and it never would have caught my attention otherwise. Taking a closer look, the print is actually quite pretty, and I like the flowiness.

Ablaze Dress
I've heard lots of blog murmuring about this one. And with the waistband, I think it would be a great fit, but I'm just not a big fan of the color red. And this just seems kind of boring. I don't know. If it gets a second markdown, I *might* consider it.

So there you have it. My first venture into body-shape shopping. I think the real test is to go into a store (Loft, anyone?) and ONLY pick up items with all these rules in mind.

, what a brilliant idea, people! So brilliant that I bet I could market this as a TV show even.....and hire on two quirky and abrasive co-hosts....and make guests stare at themselves in unforgiving 360 degree mirrors......

......and I'd name it........I'd name it.....

......hmmmm.......nothing's coming to me yet, but TRUST ME.....I think I'm onto something here.... ::wink, wink::

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