Monday, March 1, 2010

Fitting Room Reviews: Ann Taylor Loft (Part II)

This is Part 2 of my Loft shopping visit this weekend. Enjoy!

Chambray Rolled Sleeve Button Down Shirt ($39.50)
This is a Size Medium, and it fits TTS. I liked this shirt, but nothing too remarkable to say about it. I pictured it tucked in and not tucked in for comparison purposes. I think with a nice brown belt, it would look very cute tucked in. But I admit that I'd probably wear it out more often than not. Husband-approved, too!

Flower Necklace Tank ($26.50) and Unknown Cardigan (pictured here online)
Loft, please accept my apologies. The second I saw this tank top online, I laughed. It just seemed ludicrous for some reason. And I honestly didn't even notice it in the store. But when my Loft lady started my dressing room for me, she took it upon herself to include both the ivory and aluminum versions to go with my other picks. And you know what? They're really cute! This is the aluminum version in size Small with khakis (see below). It's pretty fitted, so I might take my regular Medium in this. The cardigan is a Medium, but I might size down to a Small for this one. Another one of Husband's faves.

Twill Ann Boot Cut Pants ($59.50)
These are crisp khaki. They come in lots of other neutrals. Size 8. But they're not looking so crisp, are they? They are a little long (yay!), but I would imagine these would shrink up some after washing. They're very comfortable, but they are pretty wrinkly in places. I guess that's just the way pants are unless you get them tailored perfectly to your body? I think wearing a bit of a heel (right now, it's my Keds) would improve the line of the pants, too.


  1. My favorite is the cardigan - pretty pattern!

    I think a heel would help the pants or maybe also a different (lower) rise.

    Did you buy anything? It's March, ya know!

  2. YES! I bought a bunch of pants, and some other assorted goodies. I'll probably go back for the cardigan as soon as there's another good coupon! :) I'm so bad...

  3. I love the chambray shirt (and the style this season). I got mine from Target!

  4. chasing davies---ooooohh! just did a target online search and found a cute chambray shirt that may be available at my local store! cross your fingers.... :)

  5. Did you notice that the slats on the dressing room door are facing down and in so anyone can see you while you are changing?