Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fitting Room Reviews: Ann Taylor Loft (Part III)

And this finally wraps up all my fitting room pictures from this weekend. Happy viewing! :)

Marisa Chino Pants with Coin Pocket ($49.50)
These are navy. Size 8. They fit really comfy, and I'm so enamored that I am going to purchase these in a few other colors, too. Probably Ice Blue and/or Coastal Fog. The length is perfect with my Keds on. Cross your fingers that they don't shrink up too much!

Daisy Willows Shorts ($39.50), Flower Necklace Tank ($26.50) and Cardigan (here)
I tried these on because I couldn't find the skirt with this pattern featured in Loft's online "Looks we Love" feature here. But I guess shorts are more practical anyway, hmm? I really liked these. I tried size 6 because it was as high as they went, and they fit well. But I tried to take them off and the zipper got stuck. Bummer. So I had to shimmy them off halfway zipped. These are definitely light grey (on my computer, the product image seems a little more tan). WANT EM'! The second pic is of the tank itself ---crazy Loft lady got me an XS, so it's way too tight--- I'd probably get the Medium.

Chiffon Petal V-Neck Cardigan ($59.50)
I'm not quite sure which color this is. Online it says it would be Vanilla. But logic would tell me this is the Light Peach color. Whatever the color is, I really like it. The petals are very delicate, so I would be a little concerned that they might fall off over time. This is a size small, but I think I would probably size up to a Medium if I bought this. For another review, check out Gigi's Gone Shopping here.


  1. I think I'm just obsessed with that cardigan. It's all I can look at!

  2. Kathleen -- hahaahaah...i love the cardigan too! It's on my wishlist. I'm hoping it survives until my next coupon becomes valid! :)