Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fitting Room Reviews: The Limited

Dresses galore at The Limited. These are more pics from my shopping trip over the weekend. Enjoy!

Double Button Placket Shirtdress (On Sale $53.70)
Only blue and white/black are available online, but they still had lots of different solid colors in store, if you're interested. The blue dress is my regular Size 8, but it actually did funny things to my bum! I had to keep yanking the skirt down to sit correctly. It would look pretty with a belt, but otherwise it was nothing to write home about. It's also pretty much the exact same color as my Simply Lovely Sweaterdress, so it's a no for me.

Double Button Placket Shirtdress (On Sale $53.70)
The white/black version of this dress is a size 6 and fit perfectly. And it had pockets! Yay! They sit pretty high so you'd have to go out of your way to put your hand in there, but it's the thought that counts....The reason I tried this one on was as a possible substitute for my Anthro Night Blooming Dress, which was just too expensive. If I can find something I like enough to replace it, then it's unfortunately going back. The additional good news is that this version has more length, which I appreciate, and isn't as fitted in the waist as the Anthro version. And I think it would look just as cute with my wide red belt! Still debating...

Border Print Strapless Dress ($89.50)
I actually thought this dress was pretty, but Husband flat out hated it. This is a Size 8, and I would be curious to try on a 6 just to be sure. I'm small on top, so especially with strapless items, I just worry when the fit isn't 100% perfect. In high school, I had a strapless prom dress and I remember yanking it up every five minutes because it kept getting twisted and falling. Yuck. But even looking at the pics now, I still like it. Call me crazy...

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  1. I tried on the blue dress too! LOL

    I like the black/white one as a Night Blooming replacement, but maybe the real thing will go on sale soon! Don't give up hope - you can always rebuy it on sale and return the original!

    I like the pattern of the last dress, but it is really emphasizing your lack of waist. I don't know if that's what you are going for! Perhaps a belt would fix things...