Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hooray for Anthropologie Sales!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Oh wait...er.....

It ain't Christmas. It's MARCH for goodness sake.

But you can certainly understand the confusion, can't you?

For starters, it's snowing big, fluffy flakes outside. And it's so pretty that I am going to ignore the fact that I have to cancel ANOTHER aerobics class tonight because our snow schedule here has been strangely ....umm.....regular.

Tuesday and Saturday. Tuesday and Saturday. BAH!

It's especially bad for tonight's class because it's quite a ways from my house, and I have to drive up ---in the words of Super Furry Animals---a big effin' mountain. I don't even like driving up that thing when the weather is CLEAR!

Secondly, husband broke out the candle warmer today that we received in our Christmas stockings. His scent pick? Yankee Candle Mistletoe....Oh, random, husband. But, boy, does it smell good!

And finally, it's Anthropologie sale day, which might as WELL be Christmas.

I set my alarm clock for 7 AM last night, but even after it started beep, beep, beeping this morning, I sat in bed wide awake for a good 20 minutes just to breath in that good Anthro-sale air.

What new markdowns would the day bring me? One of my old wishlist items, perchance? Or maybe a relatively new item and thus totally unexpected!?

Finally, I got out of bed, fed the puppies, let the puppies outside, put a load of laundry in, brushed my teeth (you get the picture)---all before hunkering down on my couch to open my laptop.

You see, I remember many a Christmas morning as a youngster lying in bed in the darkest, wee hours, just waiting. For nothing in particular. Just prolonging the happy feeling for an extra few minutes. Because I was very conscious of the fact that once I opened my stocking---Christmas was over for another 365 days. Boo.

And so this morning, I thought of Christmas. And I thought about how the week goes by sooooo slowly until next Tuesday.....

And, then I finally caved. To Anthro's house, we go!

I opened the lid of my rickety old laptop, clickity-clacked with my shaky fingertips, and, lo and behold, my Anthro wishlist had blossomed into a garden paradise of markdowns!

I was very proud of myself, too, for my restraint. Husband helped me a little in that department. You see, he's home sick today from work, and so I let him join in on the Anthro fun by helping me weed through my picks. Mostly he just told me what I shouldn't buy, but that helps, too! :)

I ended up with two purchases, one of which I will debut soon! I hope, hope, hope they work out. One of the items is on backorder though, so it may not even ever ship. But cross your fingers! It's the Three Beacons Belt in neutral!

In sadder news, I must mourn the loss of my From-the-Green Cardi and Upended Poppy Tee. No longer online in my size. Unfortunately, I am so shopping compulsive that I must draw the line somewhere, else I go bankrupt. So no frantic calls to CS. No stalking the site for my size. Just a mature, bittersweet adieu......

And Ayyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiayyyyyyyyy will allllllllllllllwaaaaaaaaaays loooooooove you....ooooooOOOOooooOOOOoooo......


And, done.

Too many new, obsession-inducing arrivals constantly popping up at Anthro to get TOO upset, eh?

Anybody else snag some good buys from Anthro today?

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