Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oufit of Another Yesterday: More Sweaterdress

OK, so really, I've already worn this dress several times, but I'm posting about it again because I got to add some of my new accessories! It's my Simply Lovely Sweaterdress. As I mentioned before, I'm still not having pilling problems (OK, I picked off ONE fuzz yesterday. But nothin' major.) so I'm a happy camper.

Namely, my new accessories are my Seychelles Ritas in yellow, my Limited mint-green ring and my Three Beacons belt from Anthropologie! Also, I put my Loft striped Tee underneath (it may still be available in your stores, and it's on sale!) and my brown ribbed Gap tights.

My Ritas are size 8.5. I have taken to purchasing 8.5 in Seychelles brand, even though I've always consistently been a size 9. The grey in 8.5 seem a bit bigger than the yellow. I almost thought about exchanging out the yellows for a 9 because they're back in stock at Endless, but I'm hoping that with wear, these will meld to my feet better.

Speaking of accessories (and yellow!), I finally caved and bought my yellow trench coat at The Limited! I already told my mom that she has to bug me every day to make sure I actually wear it. Because before you know it, it'll be summertime and too warm! But to use a coupon code, I found a cute flower pin to set me over the minimum limit.

I had previously purchased the crinkle flower pin (right), so I got the two-tone flower pin on the left (in tan, though--it's shown here in black), thinking it would be comparable. Whoops!

This will teach me to be more careful when I'm making impulse buys because the two-tone flower pin is $2 cheaper, but about EIGHT dollars' SMALLER! Yeep.

Oh, well. It's still very cute, but I honestly almost lost it immediately because it was so small in the box---I thought they had forgot to pack it! In the end, I think it will still be very versatile because it's small enough to wear in my hair demurely or maybe clip it to a necklace to make a major statement. OOH---am I possibly one step closer to re-creating this lovely?

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