Monday, March 22, 2010

Outfit #23: Boy Meets Girl

With this outfit, I feel like I'm channeling ABC over at A Bigger Closet (except for the whole modelesque, fashionable part, of course...) as inspiration.

Maybe it's because I'm wearing my J.Crew necklace tee and my new Ann Taylor Loft floral scarf.

I am also wearing my Loft cargo pants and my peeptoe wedges (from Macy's, similar here).

Plus my very own DIY yellow clutch purse. I made this sometime last year; it must have been around fall, because by the time I finished it, it was not really the season for it anymore! So now I'm excited to finally pull it out of "storage." It's a little egregious with all the fake flowers, sure, but there's something very satisfying about making something with your own two little hands.

This is the J.Crew purse that I became obsessed with and wanted to mimic:

Silk satin fiore clutch ($125 -- no longer available)

And here is a closeup of my creation:

I bought a cheap $5-6 purse from Express and then went to Michael's to pick out some flowers. I probably ended up spending about $6-7 on flowers. Then, I used pliers to chop off the stems or else just popped the flowers off the stem (depending on the brand). Then, I attached the flowers to the purse with E-6000 glue (here).

But, be warned: This glue works really well, but if you leave the cap off, it will continue to ooze out on its own---basically gravity-defying. It's also toxic as hell. (Galaxy Glue! Galaxy Glue! What would you do without Galaxy Glue?) I read about this glue online and after I bought it and read the warning label, I was admittedly freaked out. But apparently only pregnant ladies in CALIFORNIA can be endangered by this product...huh?


"A clutch and heels help make boyfriend jeans appear less boyish." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 1 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: I like the idea of using accessories to lovingly push your outfit toward a final realization. In fact, I had so much fun using these accessories that I went out and bought a purse and hat from Target! Speaking of great does my bedroom wall color match my floral scarf? Holla! (And yes, it's as green as it looks---"Jalopeno Jelly")


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  1. You are so crafty - you did a great job recreating the purse! Yay!