Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outfit #26: I'm Goin Vintage

Loft old-school vintage-looking dress
Wide red belt (gift!)
J.Crew leaf pointelle tights
Ann Taylor classic black pumps

OK, so this is essentially a remix of a previous challenge. But I was truly curious to see what patterned tights would do for this dress.

Me likey.

I think I'd like this even more if I could find the right jacket to toughen it up. But my jackets are all too ladylike :) and I've already worn my black leather jacket and didn't feel like repeating myself even more egregiously...

Here's a closeup of the tights with the dress pattern:

I think this is a gradual step into mixing patterns, baby! I always see Anthropologie's assortment of tights and LOVE how completely psychotic some of them are. And I'm always so pleasantly surprised when I see other bloggers actually make them NOT psychotic....but STYLISH. But I feel like Anthro tights get bad reviews often about ripping. And being short. And that scares me.

But don't count me out yet!


"Patterned tights reflect the vintage quality of the floral-print dress." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 2 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: I like the mixed patterns, but otherwise I think my outfit needs a little something else. Right now, it's just OK. Add a tough cropped jacket, and I'd feel killer. But I'm also all about vintage, so it excites me when I get help on creating a vintage feel, so thanks InStyle for that.



  1. Oh I like this one a lot. You have so many things in your closet that I've never even seen! And I agree about the wild tights - I have one pair of black ribbed tights and I always feel so wild when I wear them. Then I see the other bloggers with crazy tights and I feel so boring! LOL

  2. thanks! these are my only patterned tights, but maybe i'll get some more cute ones at anthro before the free shipping offer expires...wah! i'll be devastated!