Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Outfit #27: ECHO ECHo ECho Echo echo

Old Loft skirt
Old Loft red rosette peeptoes (a gift from my sister!)
Three Beacons belt at Anthropologie
Old Loft ivory tiered T-shirt

BWAH HAHAHHAHA (that's my evil laugh)

So you may notice that I.....uh.....kind of abandoned the rules here. Tapered pants. (::groan::) That's EXACTly what I need now, isn't it?

Instead, I took InStyle's challenge to "echo" the feel on top and bottom. Granted, it's not a very loud echo, but I wore my tiered Loft ivory T-shirt with my old refurbished Loft skirt.

I wore the heckola out of this skirt over the years (even to my wedding rehearsal!), but eventually began to realize that it was just a tad too long. So I had my mother shorten it up (an amazing feat to be sure---look at all those folds, all that FABRIC!). And not only is it wearable again, but tell me this isn't the spittin' image of this pricey beauty from Anthropologie:

I am crossing my fingers that they show some styled outfits with this one so that I can unabashedly usurp them for my own. :)

OK, OK, OK.....You may still not be buying this one. If that's the case, here's an outfit for you purists out there.

Old Loft floral blouse
Old Loft black capri pants
Old Loft paisley bow flats
Target cheapie bracelet

You can take the rebellion out of the girl.....(but you can't take the love of Loft out of her!)


"Loose, tapered pants echo the feel of the drapey, tucked-in shirt." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 4 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: Both of these outfits make me happy. However, I think I could only get away with the traditional pants outfit with black. If I tried a different pant color or pattern, I'm afraid that it would no longer be slimming. The rebellious skirt outfit, I could get away with anytime. I love flared A-line skirts. Love. And what have we learned, dear readers? That if you keep things in your closet long enough, they will eventually become fashionable again. :)

OVERALL RATING: A (oh, and another A for version #2!)


  1. You crack me up! Both outfits are really cute :-)

  2. The skirt is a dead ringer for the Anthro one (and also slightly less "The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends" which I think is a good thing). Boo for pleated pants - that's the second time In Style. What's up with that?