Friday, March 5, 2010

Seychelle Ritas (aka Anthropologie Ringsend Heels)

Ringsend Heels ($90)

Boy, these shoes sold out fast at Anthro, didn't they?

Now they're back---well, backordered that is, until March 12.

Dying to have them, but can't wait that long?

Good news for you (and me!). Because Endless added the Ritas in both colors, limited sizes still available. They're $89.95 (you save 5 cents!), plus overnight shipping is free on purchases AND returns.

I included the Endless picture of the peach version, because from Anthro reviews, it sounds like it's more accurate than the bright contrast that Anthro is peddling.

Plus, 6% back at Endless when you use Ebates. (Sign up here.)

But, hurry, they're already going fast....

Happy Shopping!

Seychelles Rita Lace Up Pump ($89.95)

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