Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I Bought: Hoodies Galore!

As much as I love my newfound stylin' habits, I admit that I still love me a good piece of casualwear.

A few years back, my husband turned me on to a site called It's got a great assortment of coupon codes and special deals on anything and everything (including clothing--whee!)

I found a ridiculous deal on Hanes hoodies recently and HAD to buy a couple. I already own a grey Large Hanes hoodie that I seriously wear constantly every day: before I get dressed in the morning, and after I'm settled in for the night. (Husband and I are currently boycotting the power company so layers are our friends!)

You can find the forum post about the discount codes here. There are several codes that you can stack, so it gets kind of complicated. But I ended up getting my hoodies for about $8 each shipped a few days ago. Ho. Lla.

When I bought the first sweatshirt at Wal-Mart (grey---below), I sized up to a Large to account for possible shrinkage, but it actually didn't really shrink all that much. I still prefer the Large though for lounging. For looking presentable and going out, I would definitely take my regular Medium.

This was what it looks like after MULTIPLE wears and washings. (I bought it in early January.) Not bad, eh?

Below are the three colors I tried: white, deep navy, and pale pink. They're basically all the same picture. lol.

I love them all! If you're looking for cozy casualwear, then these are the hoodies for you! Here is the Hanes link. LOTS of sizes! And LOTS of colors, too:

dark navy, white, pale pink, carolina blue, deep red, black, dark chocolate, light steel

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  1. UPDATE! I visited my Grandma over Easter and we both sported our identical white hoodies! :) Turns out Hanes and Fruit of the Loom must use the same manufacturer. Oh...and she got hers for $2 at CVS. BOO! :)