Friday, March 19, 2010

What I've Been Up To....and a real OOTD!

Whoopsie! I kinda forgot I had a blog....hehehe....

No, actually, I took the recent advice of my idol Miley Cyrus and decided to live life instead of worrying about constantly posting my life online....Because the Internet is "lame," people!

Just kidding....about the living life part, that is....and the lame part.....and MAYBE about the idol thing.....maybe.....

Coz, seriously, have you REALLY ever listened to "Fly on the Wall"? MAGIC, people!

In truth, I was just super busy and didn't get a chance to post. But I'm back, y'all!

And so much has happened that I must get caught up on! For one, Husband and I went to go see Jerry Seinfeld do a comedy act! Wowzers! And then I actually wore CLOTHING to work two days in a row!

These amazing style feats will be recreated in the next few days, because seriously I dress up so infrequently that I have to play it up when I can.

Also I still have a few pesky InStyle challenge posts to go. (::collective groan:: Are we STILL doing that?) That's right, folks. But hang in there, the end is in sight. I've only got a few more outfits and my goal is to finish them by the end of March. Because I'm obsessive compulsive and if I start something, dagnamit, I'm gonna finish this shizz right!

So, another exciting development while I was gone? Husband and I put shoe shelves up in our bedroom! Here's a pic:

I love them so much! I got the shelves from Michael's (the pretty iron rods were included). It helps clear up a little space in my closet. But MOSTLY, I'm happy because I get to stare at my lovely shoes when I wake up in the morning....


You may notice two empty spaces on the shelves. Those have been filled up by my new Seychelles Ritas in TWO colors! I ordered them both from Endless because I wasn't sure which I would like better and they were going fast! Now I am keeping both.

When I told him my plans, Husband laughed and said it was like Hallmark's A Dog Named Christmas brought to life! With SHOES instead of dogs.

Then, I admitted that, "No, really, husband. I am going to keep both." And then he stopped laughing....(party pooper)....

Anyway, here is my OOTD. And it literally is my OOTD. I am going to say OOTD a couple of more times because I am actually wearing this outfit as I type, and that happens so infrequently that I am going to milk this OOTD through and through.

ATL necklace tee (still available here in petite)
Anthropologie field game cardigan (here)
ATL twill pants (here on sale!)
Fossil brown belt
Seychelles Ritas (here)

And just because I've been away so long, a little pick-me-up:

Oh, I can't wait until I have kids....


  1. Aww your dog is so cute! Although he looks a little alarmed. Come to think of it, my lab usually looks alarmed, too.

    I like your OOTD. The Field Game cardigan looks great on you. And I admire the shoes.

  2. thanks! and yes, Docker is always a little bit alarmed around me...I try not to take it too personally