Monday, March 29, 2010

What's in my Shopping Cart?: Forever 21

Whenever I shop at Forever 21, I always feel like I have to order $75 worth of crap stuff to make it worthwhile (so I can get free shipping).

The good news is that means I don't often cave and buy tons of silly things. The bad news is that sometimes I miss out on some great deals. Namely, I've been working on another DIY purse for several months, and haven't finished, because I need some type of feather adornment. Well...feathers apparently were VERY big a few months ago, but not so much

I have purchased a few things from Forever 21 in the past, so I'm not *completely* sure about their sizing. I generally follow the also-slim experience I have with Charlotte Russe and figure they're about comparable.

So below are some items that have been languidly sitting in my shopping cart. Others are newer pieces (including the new Alice in Wonderland twist line. Freaky!).

Thank goodness, I hit $75 so I'd get free shipping (if needed). Breathe easy!

But I don't *need* any of this. And although I really do like the T-shirts, they're still about $15-$20 and I can generally get shirts for about that prize at better retailers on sale (think J.Crew or Ann Taylor Loft). And presumably they'd be better quality. Or at least I'd get the illusion of better quality (and that's really what we're paying for in the end, isn't it?)

I really like the Polka Dot Knit Top because I am trying to branch out with more subtle prints so I could wear *gasp* prints on top AND bottom! Anthropologie (and my sister at Princess of Taylor---click here) are wearing off on me! This is honestly the only item I REALLY want. It's been in my cart for weeks and weeks, but I just can't pull the trigger...Damn that free shipping minimum...

This Rose Outline Slub Tee reminds me of an old J.Crew T-shirt (which many a blogger has already discovered). It's cute. But again, it's $15. That's how much I paid for several J.Crew T-shirts already in my closet.

The F1797 aviator sunglasses in gold/brown I'm pretty sure I saw linked on another blog. I rarely wear sunglasses since high school when my favorite pair got left in my softball pants and went through the wash. OOF! But I think these are so cool, and would be an easy way to give a style boost to a simple outfit. And for under $6? Nothing much lost if they stink... Click here to see a bigger pic.

I am a huge sucker for flower pins lately. But as mentioned in a post a few days ago, sometimes this gets me into trouble......Because size does matter.......And this one is SEVEN INCHES in diameter! Yowza. It would be huge. BUT I think this Multi-way Rosette Hair Elastic in coral (it also has a pin attached) would be great attached to my new brown hobo from Target. Mmmm....a plan......and again $4 wouldn't kill me now, would it? Click here to see a bigger pic.

The skirt is from the Alice in Wonderland twist line. There were some cute things, but for the most part, nothing looked like it would work for me. I've never purchased bottoms at Forever 21, so I would get a Large in this skirt based on my new skirt from Charlotte Russe. The denim and black is pretty, but I can imagine this would be very short and, in terms of style, it's somewhat similar to the aforementioned Charlotte Russe polka dot skirt I got. Under $20. But I could put that $20 toward an Anthropologie shirt that I love....

So there you have it. I'm essentially back to where I started. A few things I'd like to purchase but unable to spend the $$$ on shipping. Oh, this wretched game of tug o' war...


  1. I enjoyed this post because this is exactly the way I shop online -- a lot of thinking and, in the end, very little buying! If retailers lowered the minimums for free shipping they would sell SO much more.

  2. I know! I have fallen for J.Crew's FS minimum several times and bought WAY more than I needed, and it just makes me feel sick inside! As a result, I haven't shopped there in months, and I avoid their site altogether. I can only imagine that for stores like that, the policy is probably great for the short-term, but in the long term, I'm outtie. :)