Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's in my Shopping Cart?: The Limited

In case you haven't noticed, my short attention span has been rearing its ugly head lately. I want to post this----and this----and this-----and pretty soon, my blog turns into a big jumble of mess, with movies, clothes, outfits, challenges, shopping carts, etc., etc.

And to make it even worse, most of these things are totally irrelevant to anyone's life but my own. So thank you to everyone for even looking at my blog, which I should really rename, "If my head ever exploded, this is all the inane junk you'd have to sort through."

Because, through it all, my incessant rambling is the only constant. So....sincere but brief apologies all around. (But I can't really guarantee that it won't continue!)


Today, I'm going to take an analytical look at my Limited shopping cart.

Item #1 is the Elastic with Tabs Belt in natural. ($29.50)
There are also some other cute colors (black, b&w striped, multi-stripe), so I think I really need to take a look in my wardrobe and see which (if any) of these would be a good match. I tried this on in store, and the Medium fit my natural waist snugly. To clasp: One side has a round solid circle, and the other side has the open circle. You stick the solid circle through the open circle. (Um, does that make sense? This is why I almost failed 9th-grade geometry, people...)

Item #2 is the Side Ruffle Cardigan in light green. ($59.50)
I do not need this. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that what I like about this cardigan is the color. I think mint green would be adorable with my new polka dot skirts (yes, plural). The ruffle--on the other hand--will always remind me of a caterpillar crawling up my shoulder. If this magically goes on sale under $25, plus I can get free shipping or find it in store? OK.

Item #3 is the Belted Trench in Sunshine Yellow. ($128)
I have a feeling all of The Limited's trench coats will be lingering for awhile so I'm in no hurry on this one. This yellow is gorgeous! I saw it in store, but there were so many fricking buttons that I couldn't will myself to try it on. But I CAN say that the fabric is VERY thick. I guess that's what a trench coat is, but I was expecting something a little more lightweight. I couldn't imagine wearing this coat for very long in southwestern Virginia's weather. And the color limits its seasonability, too. (Hi, I like to make up words.)

I'm also considering the black & yellow plaid Elastic Sleeve Trench, which I think would be OK for fall, too. But seriously, I have to get ONE of these trench coats.

Why, you ask?

Because I want to be this happy, dammit.

THAT'S why.


  1. Do you have those four Limited coupons? I think they are still good for another week or so. If you don't, I can mail you mine. Let me know.

  2. hey, thanks! I forgot, I do have those coupons. Still waivering though....I have so many other things on my wishlists at other places! :)