Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anthro Home Review: Soda Fountain Hook & Roulette Daisy Hook

A while back I bought the Soda Fountain Hook and Roulette Daisy Hook to hang some clothing items in my bedroom. I FINALLY convinced my husband to put them up for me a few days ago, and I'm pretty happy with them!

First up: the Roulette Daisy Hook for $18. Much smaller than I expected! I really should start to read the fine print on product information (especially when buying hardware), but I'm unfortunately very easily swayed by visual depictions. Not to say that this hook isn't cute as a button, but I only got one. And really, I think you need to buy at least three of these to give the look enough presence on a wall (kind of like putting bigger hedges close to the front of your house...or is that backwards?).

Anyway, I had planned on hanging belts from this hook, but because it's so small, the belt buckles hid all the pretty! I think I would rather get several of these and hang necklaces. That is, if they go on sale. They briefly were discounted to $7.95 (I think) on my wishlist, but they went back to full price! As it is, with my one lonely hook, I plan to use it for hanging my daily outfit. :)

Also, I thought maybe putting a wooden plaque (painted white) behind this would give it a little more oomph. Turns out that the flower petals aren't exactly symmetrical (you can tell by looking at the lower right half jutting out a little more in the picture). So it looked really weird.

I also would worry about hanging anything too heavy off this. It doesn't seem terrifically sturdy. My husband says he used a #4-6 nail in the wall. (I don't know what that means, sorry!) The picture on the right shows you what the back of the hook looks like.

Oh, and yes, this hook perfectly matches my Jalapeno Green Jelly walls. HOL. LA.

Second up is the Soda Fountain Hook for $22. It has three hooks with bulbs in olive, aqua, and clear. I ordered the aqua, but they shipped me the clear. I didn't really care either way, so I kept the clear.

Again, I hoped to hang my belts off these hooks, but the bulbs are pretty big so not all of my belt buckles can fit over them. And the belts hang a little funny because of the shape of the hooks, but I still like the look.

This is a lot more substantial than the daisy hook and can certainly stand on its own as a place to hang your hat or maybe towels in a bathroom.

My white plaque actually worked with this one (although it's a little crooked. Love you Husband!). He was worried that it would be very difficult to hang, but he used four 3-inch drywall screws and it went relatively smoothly (in my opinion...).

The hooks swivel right and left so you can adjust them as you please. (This also makes hanging the hook on the wall a bit easier.) The Website says that the piece is 4 inches tall, but I guess that maybe they're including the protruding hooks? Because I measured the base, and it's three inches.

Overall, I'm happy with both pieces, though neither really does what I wanted them to do as nicely as I had hoped. I'll make them both work because they certainly are unique and fun to look at!

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  1. Cute. I wanted to get some cute knobs for my new closet door, but I don't know what color I want to paint the room yet and I'm worried about whatever I pick out clashing. Someday though I'll be brave!