Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anthropologie Fitting-Room Reviews: The End

Here's my last batch of fitting-room reviews from my visit to my not-so-local Anthropologie! I can't wait till I can visit another store soon! In the meantime, I'll just have to retreat back into my Internet love affair... Enjoy!

So how far behind am I in the blogging world that I’m just now reviewing the Breezy Polkas Cardigan ($98)??! Oh, well. What can I say?---I loved it! The longer length was nice, and my regular Medium fit well, even buttoned up. (And just in case you’re wondering….that thing on my right hip? IT’S NOT A TOOMA. I think it’s the anti-theft tag. Hehe) The polka dot part is sheer, but it’s really pretty. It gives the cardigan just enough character so that you can put something kind of spunky underneath (highlighted by the cardigan’s deeper Vee). Here, I have it paired with the Haphazard Lines Tank, which I just snagged on sale for $39.95 this Tuesday! J It also looks smashing with the Acting Out Skirt, if I do say so myself…

It seems like this cardigan has been at full price forever (helped along by the introduction of its red counterpart). But isn’t it funny that NOW ninety-eight dollars doesn’t seem all that bad, what, since we’ve been introduced to so many $118 and $128 cardigans in the past few months? ::shudder::

How’d ya like my segue, folks? 

For here we have the Stretching Sprigs Cardigan at a whopping $118. And, boy, it’s selling quick online. This was really soft, substantial fabric---not see-through, yay! The colorful designs at the top were complemented by the colorful buttons, making for a versatile but quirky outfit topper. As for length, it’s not short, but it’s not long, either. Kind of in the middle. Here it’s shown over my long-length Muted Garden Henley ($58).

I tried on my regular size Medium in the store, and although it fit, I would probably size up one to a Large for comfort (and to prevent it from showing me love ‘andles). If I had *known* at the time that the Large was sold out online, I would have probably checked the store for a Large. At the time of writing this, there were fewer than 10 Mediums available online (plus however many S and XS) so I advise you snatch this up while you can. But as for me, no way can I buy another cardigan at full-price.

Oh, wait….did I just say I couldn’t buy *ANOTHER* cardigan? Heh heh…

It’s the Wish You Were Here cardigan! And, yes, this puppy came home with me last Saturday. I love how Anthropologie has styled this under jackets as more of a layering piece than an outfit topper. It’s paper thin, yes, but the length is just right. I can’t wait to wear this as a neutral top underneath another cardigan or jacket. I’ll probably wear some kind of cami underneath it, as well, since it’s fairly low-cut and see-through. It’s a fun print though, but not so crazy that I’ll get sick of it. I got my regular size Medium and it fits perfectly buttoned up.

These are my World Over Cargos ($98). Um, at least I *think* they are? The style number from my pants tag is different from the World Overs, but when I enter the number in the search field, this is what comes up. Maybe each color’s style number ends in a different sequence? I honestly don’t know. At any rate these are Level 99 brand, and they have pockets on the lower thighs and zippers on the inside ankles. I love the look of slim-leg pants but had pretty much resigned myself to a life without them. I brought these into the dressing room on a whim, and they are incredible. I got the size 29, and they fit perfectly and are SOOO incredibly soft. The soft fabric and excellent fit are the reasons these came home with me instead of the Simply Sketched Pants ($49.95), which are a coarser material but also cute.

Speaking of my Simply Sketched Pants.... (call me butter, peeps, coz I’m on a roll!)....

Here they are with the  Eze Sur Mer Top ($48) in black. I got a Medium, but I would probably try to size down to a Small to buy. First off, it’s see-through. Secondly, you can't tell so much from the pictures, but just looking at this shirt IRL gave me a headache. Actually, just looking at the picture again is starting to bring back the nausea. Urhgh. I also didn’t really like the buttons that are placed along the seams 3 or 4 inches below the shoulders. I had the constant urge to pull my shirt up again and again (thinking that the buttons should be on TOP of the shoulders). But that might just be me and my obsessive compulsive personality, who knows. All that being said, I might consider getting this on sale---but definitely not in black....maybe in one of the more subtle colorways. 


  1. lol 'tooma' ha!

    I tried on the Eze Sur Mer top recently and loved it in the blue motif. I'll probably review that soon in the next week, but I didn't have the same visual impairment difficulties with that colorway. :)

  2. Okay I am totally stealing the entire first outfit. That is freakin' adorable (and LOL at tooma!)

    The Springs Cardi is nice, but not for $118!

    The Wish You Were Here Cardi is, of course, adorable and I like how they've been using it as a patterned blouse/top too. Totally plays up the versatility!

    Love both the pants, but the striped shirt reminds me of Roger's Wembley 1986 outfit which always makes me giggle. Who knew that the Anthro buyers were such Queen fans! LOL

  3. I love all of your purchases- will do a sale dance for you on the Sprigs cardi.

    Kathleen, Speaking of Queen fans, they officially announced "Borat" as playing Freddie Mercury in the upcoming movie.