Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fitting-Room Reviews: LOFT tops

This past weekend, my mom and I had some style rewards cards burning a hole in our pockets, so we took a quick trip to our local LOFT store to see what we could find. I didn't really *need* anything, so it was actually kind of a lackluster trip, but we both came home with one item each! We spent just enough money to use both our cards and effectively get 50% off our purchase.

We did encounter some pushback when we tried to get two sweaters with the BOGO 50% off sweater promo. (Apparently you can't combine the promo with the style rewards. LAME!) So my mom put her sweater back. So, yeah, good job, LOFT. You win. Hmph.

Size Small. This looked way different on me compared with the product pic which looks looser. It was pretty, but it was very boxy. I would have to tuck it in. There were some in-store mannequins showing this shirt underneath cardigans, but this basically hid the pretty bow, which makes the styling options limited. And honestly, I just bought the Season's Way Tee with bows, and am also considering the Scattered Clouds Tee, which I think are prettier/unique bow applications, whereas this was kind of boring.

Size Small. Not surprisingly, the product pic shows this top on a pale-skinned blonde. On me, it did not work as nicely. I loved the V-neck and bow (you'd need a special bra for this one), but the color I was indifferent about. It looked pretty underneath a cardigan, but on its own, it just seemed blah. I wish it came in blue. (I think when I die, they should write that on my tombstone...)

The cardigan I am wearing in all the pics is the Grosgrain Trim Cardigan in Dark Heather Gray ($49.50). It's a Medium. Very similar to the sweater I just got from Banana Republic (opposite colors though) and much thinner/gauzier. The buttons pulled and the contrasting ribbon felt way too delicate.

Size Small. My mom said the girl on the shirt looked like Mary Hartman (apparently the title character of a late-night TV show played by Louise Lasser) so that's what we renamed this shirt: the Mary Hartman shirt. It was completely see-through, but I still liked it. It was kinda kitschy. But Mom said I was too old for it. Harumph!

I tried it on under a cardi, but it felt like I was wearing one of those baby carriers with a little girl tucked into my pocket. Creepy! And considering that this movie gave me insomnia for a full year, a creepy girl is the last thing I want in my pocket!

Size Medium. My mom totally had me pegged on this one when I came out of the fitting room. She said that if it it were stripes on top/solid on the bottom (or vice versa), I would like it. Exactamundo, Mom! As is, it's just too many horizontal stripes. The fit was OK, but I would have liked to try the small for comparison (none available). I like it in the product pic under a cardigan, but by itself it's a No. Oh, and it was kinda scratchy, too. 

Unknown Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse ($59.50, I think, but sold out online)

Size Small. I love me some polka dots. This had kind of a boxy fit (no surprise, considering the tiers of ruffles). The ruffles are only on the front, so I guess it could be worse. The edges of the tiers are unfinished and starting to fray. My mom went and got me a cardigan because that's really what I would use this top for: a cute layer underneath something else. It was cute, and it solved the whole "boxy" problem. But it costs too much. It's the polka dots that I want, so I just have to trust that the *perfect* polka dot shirt will come along eventually.

Size Small. This was the one item I purchased. (And strangely enough the only item I didn't take a picture of! You'll have to wait till I debut it in one of my outfits of the day...) The sleeves were a little bit tight, but I liked the fit of the Small otherwise. It's definitely sweater-material rather than T-shirt material, in case you were wondering. It's got some stretch to it. The length was perfect, and the corsage was a cute touch to make this shirt something special.

I didn't get a picture of this necklace, but I thought it was pretty. Maybe $19.95 pretty. But certainly not $34.50 pretty. It didn't look as bright as in the product pic (maybe because it's not against that bright white backdrop of the tee?), and the bow seemed smaller and not as well shaped IRL. Also, the pendant was pretty cheap looking. I've been looking for a necklace this length for a while, but if I'm going to pay that much, I want to love it.

My mom purchased this. It's really cute. I don't know what size she got? In the product pic, they show this through regular jeans belt loops, but she tried this on as a skinny belt tight around her waist, and then looser around her hips. She had trouble figuring out how to make it work! A sales lady helped her, and now that I see the name of the belt, it all makes a lot more sense now! I thought the double-wrap concept was really neat. And the sparkles added a neat shot of texture/shine.


  1. I love the tie front top with the cardigan and the ruffle dot blouse too. Very cute! And totally lame about not being able to use Style Rewards with promos. WTF?

  2. The belt is a size Large; the main problem with trying to put it on was that the hanging tag was through two parts of the belt. When the salesgirl removed the tag it all made sense! I definitely enjoyed your comments on my comments :-)