Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OOTD: Mixing Patterns

As much as I struggle with styling my hair, I occasionally fall into what I call my "hair-do sweet spot." Every strand falls into place without looking too done-up. I can pull it back, leave it down, pin it up, and be happy with it. In short: I love my hair.

Unfortunately, these sweet-spot moments are few and far in between. Oh. And did I mention that they usually occur somewhere between 7 and 8 o'clock in the evening? Yeah. Coz that's helpful!

I have tried and tried to replicate these sweet spots so that I can have a good hair day rather than night, but I just can't figure out the pattern. Wash my hair now? Wash my hair later? Blow dry? Air dry? Hairspray? De-frizz gel? Expensive shampoo? Cheap conditioner?

Shower in the morning? Shower in the evening? (Shower at suppertime?)

Today was an attempt to re-create my Tuesday night sweet spot. It's not quite up to par, but it's certainly better than my usual messy bun. To detract from my hair altogether, I decided to try mixing patterns today: a LOFT paisley cardigan and my green polka-dot Picture Frame Blouse. I was on a roll with the blues and greens so I added my (Seychelles) Stroke of Midnight Heels and then my goes-with-everything Boden Messenger Bag.

Also, I caved and finally bought a rose necklace I had been eyeing at Urban Outfitters for some time. It's called the Tiny Rose Necklace, and although it's ::ahem:: tiny, it's just what I've been looking for. You can double-stack coupons at Urban Outfitters by entering the first coupon code, submitting the page, and then hitting the "Back" button, entering the second code and hitting submit again. Get free shipping with FALLFORIT, plus 10% off with HAPPYFALL (expires Sept. 30, I think). 


  1. Very cute outfit! I really like the necklace. It is tiny and I love that. It looks so feminine and dainty. Thanks for the coupon codes.

  2. nice tip on the double stacking coupons! loving the polka dot top with the florals!

  3. Hahaha I am totally singing that pizza bagel commercial now! Darn you!

    Good tip on the coupon codes. I'm a little intimidated by UO so you'll have to help me get up the nerve to shop there!

    And I love the pattern mixing!

  4. Ilove the pattern mixing, too; I will try to be brave enough to find a patterned blouse to wear with MY floral cardigan...