Thursday, September 9, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Circle Game Belt

Short post today because Husband says it's Spaghetti and Smoothies and Football Night! (Husband also says that he loves me because as long as he coins a fun name for staying at home and sitting on the couch, then I'm happy! Aw, twoo wuv.)

This Gap dress I got randomly on sale sometime last year, and it was about three steps away from Goodwill. Luckily, "three steps" in my house means it has been sitting in a box on top of my dresser for four months. Hah! I pulled it out and decided it can stand a few more wears before I give it up.

I paired it with my American Eagle red snakeskin flats and my new Circle Game Belt from Anthropologie. I really like this belt (the back is the prettiest part). But boy does it run small! Yes, I know I have a freakishly undefined waist, but goodness. I got my regular Medium, and it just about fits around my waist with one layer on. 

It's really pretty though, and I think I just haven't mastered belts enough yet to be too tough a judge.

Hope you all enjoy the football game, too! I love watching football with Husband (he's a diehard Patriots fan) even if we don't really care who wins. A few days ago, Husband was listing the names he picked for his Fantasy Football team, and I excitedly called out, "Did you draft Sam Edelman???" Husband politely said No, even though I later realized I meant JULIAN Edelman (the football player) and NOT Sam Edelman (the shoe guy!) Whoopsees!


  1. I really like the belt- I am in the market for a skinny one- maybe tomorrow?
    Use the Jeopardy rule with names- just use the last name and hope for the best :-)

  2. hahaha---the Jeopardy rule----I like it! :)

  3. Hahah I was like Sam Edelman? I know him! LOL Because he designs shoes, not plays football!