Friday, September 17, 2010

Outfit of the Day: A Lotta LOFT

I'm of a certain age (26) that I sometimes feel stuck in the middle between college life and full-blown adulthood.

I work in a college town, and I remember a few years ago, in late December, at the local mom & pop bakery, the owner prepared my sandwich and casually asked if I was "done for the year." I  blurted, "Oh, I'm not a student. But, yeah my last day of work before Christmas is tomorrow." Almost immediately after it came out of my mouth, I felt stupid. How presumptuous of me to think he mistook me for a college student! (On the other hand, I was probably 23, only two years out of college, so it wasn't such a stretch.)

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I substitute taught an aerobics class and ran into one of my former college professors. After a few minutes of chit-chat and catching up, she laughed and said she must look so old now, and I laughed and said, oh my gosh, school was only like two years ago.

Uh, Suzanne? It's been FOUR YEARS. That's right. I've been out of college as long as I was in it. It makes me realize that I need to stop looking at myself as a "recent graduate" and start living my life as an honest-to-goodness grown-up person! :)

OK, enough melodrama. Here's my outfit for the day, and true to the title, it's composed of mostly LOFT pieces. Oh, and Husband? Even without belt loops, my Starbucks barista complimented my belt! So...snap!

It's my Boden Messenger Bag again, plus my Anthropologie Circle Game Belt. Have I mentioned that this belt runs a little small? It's a Medium, and today I made the mistake of using the next-to-last hole instead of my usual last one. I felt like I was wearing a corset all day! Also, I'm wearing my light grey Seychelles Rita Heels, or Anthropologie Ringsend Heel. (They were jealous that my peach version got to see the light of day earlier this week...)

From LOFT, it's my navy lace cami, jeans, and ruffle lilac sweater (it's now sold out; but similar here and here). Oh, and check out how Chloe at The Chloe Conspiracy paired this sweater with a leopard-print tank! Tres chic!

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  1. You could have loosened the belt, ya know. Silly girl! LOL I have a love/hate relationship with exterior belting myself: sometimes it's cute and sometimes I feel like a little sausage popping out at the top and bottom of the belt. You look cute here though! :)

    Oh and re: looking young. There was an entire conversation yesterday about how none of the attorneys in our other offices believe that I'm an attorney because I'm so young and don't dress frumpy. Um, thanks, I guess! :P