Saturday, September 4, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Proscenium Cardigan

I have been craving the Proscenium Cardigan for a LONG. TIME.

"A long time" as in I'm pretty sure it first appeared on the Anthropologie Website last winter. I added it to my wishlist, checked it religiously for markdowns, and then *poof* it went out of stock. I, of course, let out a pitiful whimper, but then resigned myself to moving on, meeting new long cardigans that would swear never to break my heart. And for some reason, I left it on my wishlist....ya know, just to check in on it every so often and longingly pine.

But THAT'S how I noticed that it came back in stock a few months ago. Wha?

No matter, it works for me! I resumed my obsession with gusto. The more I stalk Anthro, the more I notice that certain inventory seems to disappear without cause for weeks at a time until it pops back up randomly. Go figure. Anyway, because the cardigan has seriously existed for ten million years already, I was hoping it would get marked down soon, but inventory just wasn't being very agreeable. I caved a few weeks ago and bought the navy in Medium (now sold out!).

And I love it!

It's super cozy, and it fits great. The weather is still pretty warm in Virginia, but I was able to wear this cardigan a few times despite the heat. (Not that I would recommend following my lead, necessarily. I was just too excited to wait to wear it. But it gives you an idea of how lightweight it is.) Some of the product reviews online complained that it looks sloppy. Yes, it has a "casualwear" feel, but I didn't find the lower folds of fabric overwhelming to my frame or disheveled at all. Actually, I thought the fabric hung pretty straight and tidy. Most agreeable of you, dear Proscenium Cardigan. Well played.

The other day, I also wore this cardigan belted with my new silver Oratory Dress and Circle Game belt. Absolutely fabulous.

On Friday, I wore my Loft pants, navy Keds, Gap striped tank-top and belt, and a necklace I made myself (bought the chain and pendant at Michael's).

I'm experimenting with my OOTD photos so you get a twofer today. (I was not, however, experimenting with my pose. You get a double dose of my standard "one-hand-on-hip." Hee!)

You can get the Proscenium Cardigan ($68) by clicking on the photo below. It's available in navy, white, and brown.
Cardigans by Anthropologie at ShopStyle


  1. Oh cute. I never gave that cardigan a second look, but it's adorable on you! And yay that you got the silver Oratory Dress. I dilly dallied and missed out (and if you got a Medium, I'm totally stealing yours! Hehe)

  2. Oh no! You looked so cute in the oratory dress!!! I will check in the C'ville store next week in case they still have one left!!! :)