Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Outfit of the (Helluva) Day: Bows and Boden

Ugh, thank goodness I am sitting in my jammies eating Lindt milk chocolate truffles and watching Husband play Halo. It has been a LONG. DAY. to say the least. that I think about it, I owe a big, huge thank you to the Swiss people for my relaxed state. Why, you ask?

Swiss dots on my jammies? Check. Swiss chocolate in my hand? Check. Swiss Husband at my side? Check. But I guess going to make some Swiss Miss hot chocolate in 73 degree weather is kinda pushing it, ya think? Oh, well, I'm satisfied being a triple threat.

Sigh. Boy, I need a haircut. Anyway, here's my new Boden Messenger Bag. I had never made a purchase at Boden before, but I somehow got on their mailing list (hmmm...that sounds familiar....) and I like their pretty prints and their cheeky editorial voice. They offer an OK discount (maybe 10% or 12%? I forget) and free shipping/returns with your first order, so I took advantage and bought this bag and a size 6 and size 8 of the Laidback Shirt in pale denim (now on back order for 6 weeks). I really like the shirt, but let me just say: A British size 8 is more like an American size 6. I guess that's why Boden offers the free shipping/returns on your first order so we Americans don't learn the hard way. So I kept the size 8 (because I was too lazy to re-order the size 10 like I really should....)

Anyway, back to the bag. I like its simplicity. It holds a lot of stuff, too. In the picture, it is holding a greeting card, a wallet, my car keys, and a banana. That's right. A banana.

Also featured is my new Season's Way Tee, on sale for $39.95 at Anthropologie. I got my regular size M. It's a super cute embellished tee, and it got two thumbs up from the cashier at the bakery this morning. The white portion is unfinished (is that what you call it?) at the neckline, so it's already fraying a little, but it doesn't bother me too much (yet). The length is nice, but as some reviews at Anthro mentioned, the white portion widens as it goes down, so I can't quite decide if it accentuates my midsection or just streamlines my shape. I tucked it in to prevent my head from exploding over this dilemma. 

And can I get a Woot! Woot! for a few of my old favorites' return to the main stage: my Loft navy pants, my Seychelles Rita Heels in Vacchetta (aka Anthro Ringsend Heels in Peach), and a NY&Co. leopard-print belt in a Large to fit around my hips.

More Anthro fittiing-room reviews coming up tomorrow. I pinky swear, y'all. 


  1. I'm randomly on the Boden list too. I never realized they were UK sizes! Glad I didn't order anything yet! LOL I like this top a lot on you and the bag is cute too!

  2. Well I guess I should clarify... Boden *SAYS* they offer U.S. sizes. But I still think they interpret them differently. :)