Sunday, September 5, 2010

Real Thang vs. Knockoff: Cream Confection Jacket (and a Bonus)

Honestly, now: Will we ever tire of ruffles? I think not.

I'm one of many bloggers currently in love with the Cream Confection Jacket at Anthropologie. It comes in neutral (see below), cream and black. Unfortunately, its popularity pretty much guarantees that

A.) It will NEVER go on sale! Or at least, not until it's way out of season.


B.) It will sell out in my preferred sizes/colors before I even have time to put on my sale-dance shoes, let alone for me to get jiggy wit it. (NA na NA na na NA)

So how about a knockoff at about half the price? No cute buttons, but heck, if you're so inclined, I bet you could add some buttons yourself!** The knock-off version comes in black, coffee bean (brown), and rusty red.

Anthropologie Cream Confection Jacket by Idra ($178)

And while we're at it, I also found another Macy's jacket that has a slight resemblance to Anthro's Van Wrinkle sweater, which used to be available online in neutral (shown below) and gray, but now is only available in gold/polka dot. If you preferred the more understated neutrals, you can't go wrong for $29.99!

Anthropologie Van Wrinkle Sweater by Moth ($118)

Style & Co Jacket at Macy's ($29.99)

**DISCLAIMER: This comment is coming from someone who doesn't actually *KNOW* how to wield a needle and thread, let alone add buttons. But I have made several latch-hook rugs. And I once reinforced the edges of my baby blanket while watching a Stephen King movie marathon.

UPDATE: Lori over at LoriSpeak did a great review of all these jackets IRL in her post here


  1. thanks so much for posting this. I just bought the cream confection jacket, but I was debating returning it because it's pricier than I usually spend. I saw (and tried on) a bcbgmaxazaria jacket at Nordstrom Rack that was around $300 a couple days ago ( in blue. It used to be around $500 so the anthro jacket is cheap in comparison. But the bcbg felt sturdier and higher quality than the Idra jacket.

    But your post was helpful to show me how many versions of this coat there are out there! Part of the reason I like anthro is that some of the pieces feel very unusual, but if this is such a ubiquitous trend, I think I may return mine. Thanks so much!

  2. Lori-you're very welcome! I feel the same way about Anthro---I try to save my purchases for things that are totally unique. That jacket at Nordstrom you linked to is a dead ringer for the cream confection. I guess we're getting to a point in retail where there's a version of everything at multiple price points. But as you said, quality usually goes down along with the price. It is nice though to have the option of either investing in a pricey, long-lasting piece or just cheaply riding the wave until the trend ends and the item falls apart! :)