Thursday, September 30, 2010

Style Inspiration: Gwen Stefani

I remember when I thought Gwen Stefani's style was completely out there, and it still is! LOL.

But, lately, I've been increasingly enamored with her casual looks. She has an ability to wear very trendy looks and make them seem accessible. She mixes masculine and feminine, soft and hard, short and long. In all honesty, I would probably never have the courage to wear any full-blown Stefani outfits, but she stands as a GREAT example of being confident and knowing what you like.

I also love her hair. I'm a serious dope when it comes to styling my hair. Her hairstyles are always unique, and they can transform a casual outfit into something really amazing.

I love the footless black tights with the strappy sandals. It adds the perfect element of surprise. And her hair! Funky but totally cute. Photo credit.

Totally casual and comfortable, but she uses accessories to create a look all her own. Photo Credit.

I love how Stefani plays with proportions in her clothes. She's great at mixing baggy with fitted or short with long.
Photo credit.

Love that wrap and hat! Another great display of accessorizing. Photo Credit.

I totally want to recreate this! Her pattern mixing is subtle but so effortless. Photo credit.

I love this gown she wore a few years ago. It's a perfect mix of feminine/girly with the tulle and flowers, and masculine/casual with the T-shirt shape of the top. Photo Credit.


  1. Oh, I was hoping to see a Stefani recreation of your own at the end!

  2. hahaha i was not that ambitious! maybe in the next few days I can muster something up---

  3. Good call on Gwen! I really dig her funky style, you never know what she'll wear next!