Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tea Party Re-Cap and Outfit of the Day: One More Time Tank

Boy, today seemed like it would never end! As other bloggers have mentioned, short weeks always seem to get me confused. Everyone on our street put out their trash cans today, only to remember (doh!) that a holiday pushes our pick-up day back. Husband told me excitedly that there will be football on tomorrow, and I (thinking tomorrow was Saturday?!?!?) said I wouldn't be around. Yeah, that one seems a little extreme, doesn't it? I don't think Labor Day can take the entire blame for my being off by two whole days...

At any rate, this has been and will be a busy week over at The Square Root of Style! On Monday, I had my tea party---and it was a success, if I do say so myself! The food was yummy, and the company was even better! I did, however, learn that my cooking ceiling is coated with very soggy rice krispie treats... But how was I supposed to know that four FLUID ounces of butter aren't the same thing as four DRY ounces??? Myeck.

Luckily, I made plenty of other treats (coconut ice, blueberry ice cream with vanilla wafers, cucumber sandwiches, and chocolate raspberry brownies) so the rice krispie treats never saw the light of day. (They'll just be our little dark secret. Mmhmm.)

Husband laughed at me because I made our Krispy Kreme mini crullers the centerpiece. Hey, I ran out of dishes!

So, anyway, like I said, lots of fun plans this week. First of all, this weekend, I am going to a Liza Minnelli concert! And then, my mom and I are going for a day trip so that I can visit my very first Anthropologie store. Eek! I'm so excited I could burst. We considered taking our menfolk along with us for the day but ultimately decided they would only be dead weight and would probably rather stay at home to watch football and/or baseball anyway. We're such thoughtful spouses!

Today I wore two new items in my wardrobe. I got the One More Time Tank in purple when it hit sale a few weeks ago at Anthropologie. It was kind of an impulse buy....I think I saw the white version on Krameymartin and decided it was too cute to pass up! It's sold out now in purple online, but still available in some sizes in white. It's listed under loungewear, but it's totally wearable out of the house, in my opinion. I got my regular size Medium and it fits perfectly.

I also wore my new Athleta Crater Cap. I've been looking for a cute fall hat, and Husband outright vetoed my first pick. He said that it looked like something Fidel Castro would wear....so I'm thinking that's probably not the look I'm going for! The crater cap is a nice compromise because it's got a similar shape, but a softer material (cotton and corduroy) and feminine flowers etched on the side. Crisis averted. It's very comfortable to wear, almost like a baseball hat, but it has about 2-3 inches of elastic in the back so one size really can fit all.

And last but not least, it's my complete outfit of the day! I wore these two items with my new Keds (not to be confused with my OLD Keds. Clearly my OLD Keds are navy. My NEW Keds are black. Geesh...). I also wore my AG Stevie Crops (pair one of two). These pants are pretty awesome. I was really crushing on some nice crop pants short enough that I wouldn't need to roll them up, and these looked perfect online. But I think at regular price, they were something like $148. ::rolls over and dies:: When they got marked down to $99, I still couldn't bring myself to pay that much for jeans. But when they got a second markdown to $49? I said what the hey, and when I liked them so much, I pulled the trigger a second time. :)


  1. Cute outfit! Love the hat, too :-) When is the next tea party?

  2. Aw you are so cute! Love that hat too!