Monday, September 20, 2010

What's In My Shopping Cart?: Anthropologie

Now that free shipping is gone at Anthropologie, I guess I have to be a little more prudent when placing orders, hmm?

But I don't mind. In fact, I've been having fun this past week adding items to my shopping cart and slowly watching their availability dwindle. (TIP: You can see how many of an item are still available by adding "99" to your cart, which will adjust to show the actual number left.) I currently have $23,083.65 worth of merchandise in my cart. Squee!
Verveine Necklace----pretty!
As is generally the case, the "hunt" in shopping is often more fun than when you actually catch the thing. Most All of the items in my cart right now I can live without, but I can't be held accountable for my actions if the planets magically align and I am able to maximize my shipping cost-to-product(s) ratio.

River Bow Necklace
Some of the items are real nail-biters. For instance, the Stretching Sprigs Cardigan and the Simply Sketched Pants are dwindling quickly in my size. I can understand the pants (on sale), but a full-price cardigan! Wah! Hold on, buddy! The pants I don't necessarily need, but I like the green color (I tried on the grey in store. They didn't have my size in the green.) And seriously, I hate buying pants, so finding a pair that actually fit me well and that are on sale to boot? I feel like I should take advantage of this gift.

Peppered & Striped Skirt
Similarly getting snatched up are the Headwaters Tee in red and Peppered & Striped Skirt. These are probably the two items I want the mostest. They are both truly unique yet versatile pieces. Apparently, everyone else in the world thinks so, too. If and when I cave, these two items will likely be the deciding factors. Oh, and if there's room in my cart, I may pick up that tee in a few other colors, hmmm?

Selling like hotcakes, I tell ya. But others? Well, not so much. The Verveine Necklace (which I saw in store and lurved) is holding steady at *at least* 99 left. Online sales of the River Bow Necklace (which I also confirmed my love for in store) have picked up in the past few days, as far as I can tell. But I guess it's deceptive with jewelery since the demand isn't spread out among different sizes. These are both pretty cheap necklaces (by Anthro standards, at least---both are under $45), but I would still appreciate a small price cut to soften the blow to my wallet. Pretty please?

Headwaters Tee in red
And now the Keeping Tabs Tee has gotten a second cut to $19.95, but apparently nobody has gotten the memo. (Did you see what I did there? typewriters....memo....hah!) I know I'm only hurting my own chances of snagging one, but there are still so many size Smalls that I almost feel *GUILTY* getting one at this price! They're typewriters! Cute! So what if I own an almost identical shirt covered in airplanes. These are TYPEWRITERS, people. *Clearly* different.

Keeping Tabs Tee
While driving to the post office a few weeks ago, I actually saw a woman walking down the street with this shirt on. My heart swelled. I felt like I had just seen an old friend. And seriously wanted to stop my car just to exclaim at her, "That's Anthro!" (as if she were unaware....) Thankfully I held my tongue until I got home, where I promptly exclaimed to Husband, "It was Anthro!"

And last but not least: the Bernese Mountain Dog Dish Towel ($18). For reasons completely unknown, there are still at least 99 of these left. I first spotted these during my store visit and was immediately smitten. The quality is great, and the blue and green totally match the colors of my kitchen. And, you see, I don't know exactly what a Bernese Mountain Dog is, but a rose by any other name still smells like my dog Jack. Or something like that. Are you ready for this?

Enough said. I'm getting at least six of these. (And maybe more. Jack is still trying to decide if it's too tacky to give people a Christmas present with your own face on it....)


  1. The side by side dish towel with Jackers is just too adorable!

  2. LOL at the Jack/dish towel/Christmas discussion and a second LOL at "It was Anthro." :)

  3. I tell you, it's an uncanny likeness!

  4. omg thanks for the tip on how to find out how much of an item there is in stock. i've been wondering how to do it! now off to add 10000000000 things to my cart! :)