Monday, September 13, 2010

What's In My Shopping Cart?: Free People

Fall is almost upon us. And I'm in a shopping-type mood!

I'm finding great inspiration everywhere I turn. The catalogs, the other blogs, the shopping Websites....

In the immortal words of ABBA: GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!

In the past, I've only been able to satiate these cravings by clicking "Checkout" as quickly as possible, but I'm hoping to be a little more thoughtful when making purchases in the coming months (so as not to stuff my closet or empty my wallet unnecessarily). I've begun to notice that many of the items I'm attracted to have basic similarities. I only need to identify what it is I like about these multiple items so I can find ONE item that satisfies the need. (And shockingly, I may even find out there's already an item in my closet that will work!)

On that note, I'm bringing back a feature I've done a couple of times: What's in My Shopping Cart? It's admittedly more about helping me sort out my personal shopping decisions, but I hope that it will at the very least encourage you readers to examine your own shopping impulses, too!

This week, I'm examining my Free People wish list. I've never actually purchased anything from their Website, but I somehow found myself on their catalog mailing list and I've been intrigued thus far. I like how they mix feminine and masculine details, although sometimes they get a little too hippie-chic for my taste.

Lace Top ($48)
Right now, I'm digging their lace tops, but I'm not quite sure which style I like best. Most likely because I haven't exactly thought about *how* exactly such a shirt would fit into my wardrobe.

Number One (the Lace Top) has the most color options: deep sea, dark raspberry, pink, black, hot berry, sage, cotton candy, and ivory. ::WHEW!:: I like that it's boatneck, and I envision it mostly as a layering piece, probably in one of the more neutral colors like deep sea (pictured) or black. I like how it looks over strapless/sleeveless tops in the product pics, and I would imagine it would also look nice under dresses. The site's product reviews are consistently good, although I'm a bit perplexed about sizing (particularly since I've never shopped at Free People before). Since some people are recommending to size up, I can't decide if  I'd want my regular Medium or if I should go up to the Large.

Lace Trim Thermal ($48)
Number Two (the Lace Trim Thermal) is in my cart because it already has the masculine/feminine details built in, with the thermal and the lace. I really liked how it was styled underneath the Read Across Dress in the September catalog. (click on page 25). But perhaps its plus is also its minus? Could it be too understated to be worth a whopping $48? I'm also afraid that it won't be "enough" lace to satisfy my craving. I'll end up still wanting a lacier option even if I buy this shirt. Has great reviews though, and customers recommend that it's true to size and stretchy (read: comfy?)

It comes in coral, sky, ivory, black, and grey. My reservations might also come from the fact that I have an Ann Taylor long-sleeved ivory shirt with a lace collar. It's a little different, yes, but it has also been sitting in my closet for a while and I haven't yet figured out how to style it, so why add its cousin to my wardrobe now?
Lace Mock Neck Top ($58)

Finally, Number Three (the Lace Mock Neck Top) has the lace all over with a higher neckline. Color options are merlot, wisteria, eggshell (pictured), and black. Fewer customer reviews, but similarly glowing. I see this one as more of a stand-alone top than the layering piece I'm looking for. I'm a little afraid that it's too Victorian with the mock turtleneck. Is there such a thing as too much lace? I'm also not sure what color I prefer so I'm at a stalemate.

Add in the extra $10 price tag, and I'm quickly losing my lust for this one.

In fact, my entire theory has worked, as I've now over-analyzed these shirts so much that I am freaked out by ALL of them! It would seem that the lace top (number one) should be my choice, but then I'd have to pick just ONE of those colors, and that's where I get flummoxed again. Because I can't just pick the color I think is prettiest; it has to also go with my wardrobe. Something to mull over. I'll keep all three of these in my shopping cart for now and take a closer look at my wardrobe in the meantime.

UPDATE: This is the lace top at White House Black Market that is causing all the ruckus in the Comments section. :) It's a long story, but I'm kind of regretting this purchase, which backfired on me both financially and philosophically! I really like it, but I don't think it's exactly what I had in mind. I will keep you posted!


  1. I recommend that you check out White House Black Market for a really flattering black lace top to wear over a black tank. Oh, wait! Didn't you already do that?

  2. Yeah I'm confused. I thought you bought a lace top this weekend! LOL These are all pretty though...

  3. I wrote this post up before I bought the WHBM top, but I am second-guessing myself on that purchase now. It's lacy but I'm still not sure it will do what I had wanted these shirts to do in the first place. C'est la vie!