Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fitting-Room Reviews: Lots of LOFT

Today is my birthday! I turn 27 years old. And I have the grey hair and heartburn flares to prove it. :)

In honor of my special day, I am sitting on the couch, drinking a pumpkin latte, watching Investigation Discovery Channel, and wearing my Morning Meadows Robe, which I scored on a popback a few months ago and hadn't got to wear yet because it got cold too quick. Luckily(?), it's been super hot lately so it's the perfect weight for a lazy birthday afternoon.

Since I have no real intentions of leaving this spot on my couch, I thought I'd share a few LOFT fitting room reviews from over the weekend. Enjoy!

Gold Brocade Skirt $69.50
I came thisclose to buying this skirt, but I ultimately let it go. I loved the pattern on the skirt. It's slightly metallic, and I believe it was cream/brown. I also loved the colors that LOFT paired with it in outfit stylings (taupe, a peachy mauve, and burgundy), but I didn't actually like the skirt itself.

First of all, it's very short, and sitting down was uncomfortable. I tried on the size 6, so maybe I could size up for length? Secondly, I own a million skirts----and I hardly wear any of them. I'm much more inclined to wear a dress than a skirt. And third, I already own two similar J.Crew skirts with metallic threading: the gold mica mini, and a navy herringbone skirt. I love them both, yes, but they're limited to one or two seasons because of the fabric weight. This skirt would probably have a similar fate.

This skirt is almost sold out online, but my store had plenty of sizes so be sure to check yours out! I'm pretty sure that the top I tried on with this was the Hidden Chain Tee in size Medium. It was a pretty eggplant/purple color, but ultimately just a slouchy Tee. Nothing special.

Unknown Faux Fur Trimmed Vest
I'm late in the game on this one as this is LOFT's earlier incarnation of the fur vest, but I saw it on the rack and had to know. I love the lush look of faux fur trim, but this was a little much. The sweater vest is made of a soft cable-knit, and it's quite cozy. But the fur trim is just too big. This is no longer available online, but you might find one or two left in your store. I tried on a Small and it fit well.

The more recent incarnation of the Faux Fur Vest can be found here, but I wasn't really drawn to it in the store. When I was little, I crafted a "fur coat" for one of my Troll dolls. I basically cut out a rectangle of black-and-white fur material, then cut two arm holes in it. That's what this kind of looked like (to me) on a store mannequin. I find it very strange, because I'm drawn to fur vests EVERYWHERE online, but I just haven't been impressed with LOFT's attempts to date. I guess they're still working out the kinks...

Good thing I didn't look at the price tag in the store. GEEZ! These were nothing special. I got my regular size 8 and they were skin tight. They showed all my belly bulge---I believe the term would be "muffin top." LOL. Yeah, not exactly what I'm going for. I only brought them in the dressing room to pair with the Striped Side Pleat Tee in size Medium, which you all know that I DID take home (and wore in this post). I would wait for a good LOFT sale if you're interested in denim leggings. I think these will still be around for a while. 

Unknown Jacket (On Sale for $55)
I don't know what the name of this jacket is, but I had to try it on after realizing it was the same one worn by Kendi at Kendi Everyday in this post.

But how come it looks so cute on her and not on me? (Don't answer that!)

I actually did like the jacket; it was a soft almost sweat-shirt like material, and I didn't feel like it made my shoulders look big like most blazers do for me. But, it DOES still make me look a little boxy. When it comes down to it, I just prefer sweaters to jackets anyway. But if you ARE a jacket person, this is a nice casual one.

Try your store, and stay vigilant for good sale-sales. LOFT has been driving me nuts lately because they just had their 50% off sale sale. WOOHOO! Except the tanks at my store that were $4.99 three weeks ago, mysteriously were $9.99 again...The day after the sale ended? "SALE UP TO 70% OFF" and the prices are again all different. Pah-leeze. Stop toying with my math skills, LOFT....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OOTD: Today and Tonight

Last night, Husband and I watched a movie called JCVD, which stars Jean Claude Van himself. Some of the story is based on Van Damme's real life, and some of the story is purely fictitious. It's kind of surreal, and probably too complicated to explain adequately in the space allotted here. But, just trust me and rent it if you can (Netflix has it). It follows Van Damme the movie hero's return to his home of Brussels, and how he gets mixed up in a bank robbery. You don't even have to know a lot about Van Damme to appreciate the film, but you may just come away from it wanting to give him a big ol' bear hug (like me!).

Tonight we're sitting on the couch watching Jason take Manhattan. ::groan::

 But the good news is that you get two outfit pics for the price of one!

Today's weather was horribly muggy and not so much fun (for me OR my frizzy hair....). I wore my Bianka blouse in the black motif, my J.Crew toothpick ankle pants in soft ochre, and my Miz Mooz boots. Very equestrian chic, I think. :)

Tonight, after my aerobics class, Husband and I went out for sushi to celebrate my 27th birthday (a day early). I pulled out my Know the Ropes dress, Circle Game Belt, Proscenium Cardigan, and same Miz Mooz boots. We ordered our favorite "Sumo Roll," which has grilled tuna with a light tempura and drenched in yummy sauces. We also tried a sweet potato tempura roll, a scallop roll, and a spicy chicken tempura roll. Fabulous!
Husband wanted to get both puppies in the picture. So you get demure Docker shying away from the camera and brazen Jack licking my knee(?!?!?). Oh, and our messy kitchen/dining room. 

Have a great night! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OOTD: Stripes (x2)

For the past few nights, Husband and I have been watching Friday the 13th movies. 

We already knew "the twist" of movie #1, so it was kind of a yawn. But #2 had us jumping out of our boots. And #3 (aka the 3-D one!) was campy, but still scary! Film #4 was streamlined for maximum gore. And Film #5 was just plain dumb. Film #6 went back to its original glory (and added a camp full of little kids to worry about!), and Film #7 added a kick-ass heroine. And it keeps going and going and going and going.....

I had never seen any of them before, and now it's become kind of an obsession just so we can say we saw all of them! And, truthfully, when you know all the back story about "Jason," he's much scarier. I just always thought he was some psycho hockey player! 

It's also intriguing to see the evolution of the characters and humor in the movies, which started in 1980 and came out with a sequel every year. The one constant, however, is that I find myself compelled to shout at the TV "cute boots" at least once in every film. LOL. Those 1980's girls really knew how to rock the ankle boot!

Now I am sitting on the couch watching Friday the 13th: The Series, which was on TV in the late 1980s. It's about two antique dealers who hunt the world for spooky artifacts. Awesome 1980s goodness. I used to watch this show with my dad when I was younger (this, and Beyond Reality, which starred Harry Belafonte's daughter. DAY-O!)

Speaking of my dad, we went to lunch at Arby's today, and I broke out my brand-new LOFT purchase: the striped side pleat tee in twilight magenta (size Medium) and the Bold Brush Stripe Scarf in twilight magenta. That's right. LOFT handed me this pattern combination on a silver platter. And it's so pretty with the grey and the brown and the magenta! I'm also wearing my AG Stevie Crops and my Miz Mooz boots.

Here's a closeup of the twilight magenta patterns.

Monday, October 25, 2010

OOTD: Black and Brown

Just call me a rebel without a cause...

I admittedly don't know much about fashion, albeit a few tried-and-true rules, which I'm apparently all about breaking.

First, it was mixing denims. Now it's pairing black with brown. What's next? White after Labor Day??

Despite my rebellious spirit, I can kind of understand the rationale on black/brown because I have been feeling a bit off all day. But, at the same time, I'm not completely positive that it's the black and brown that is causing me grief. So, who knows...

Today, I am wearing my J.Crew perfect-fit BLACK long-sleeve tee; my BROWN Tommy Hilfiger mid-calf boots; my BLACK Eloise leggings; and my BROWN jacket from Bolton's that my mom bought me for my birthday! Plus, my Express ruffle DITSY-FLORAL dress (which I'm wearing as a skirt underneath my Tee) and my Limited GREEN/GREY-STRIPED skinny scarf.

That's right. I'm mixing PATTERNS, too. Eat it, fashion... :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

OOTD: The Big Picture

The good thing about keeping a blog is that you get a broad overview of your outfits. This helps me every morning because A.) I can easily remember outfits I liked/disliked; B.) see what clothes I naturally gravitate toward so that I can refine my own personal style; and C.) notice trends in my wearing habits so that I can shake things up a bit!

After looking back into some of my outfits recently, I've noticed that I have a real menswear-obsession. LOL. I already knew this, of course, but I was still pretty shocked at all the neutrals and suit-like materials I've been flaunting recently. I think my sister's comment on my "Denim on Denim" post about my reminding her of Meathead from All in the Family finally put me over the edge. LOL.

So, today, I decided to pull out the "girly vibe" in my wardrobe. Well...I tried to pull out the "girly vibe." :)

I'm still wearing my navy pin-stripe pencil skirt, which is part of an old suit from LOFT. (Tangential Question: If I bought the suit when LOFT was still Ann Taylor Loft, can I honestly say it's from LOFT? That seems to belie the store's less fashion-forward past...also known as, when I could actually afford shopping there every weekend....Hmmmm......)

I'm also wearing an old (ann taylor) Loft purple cardigan, and my new Mrs. Woodward's Camisole (on sale!). I was going to wear my Circle Game Belt, but switched it out for a cheapie alligator-print one from NY&Co. because I didn't want it to be too matchy-matchy with my Seychelles Kiss at Midnight Mary Janes (aka Anthro's Hidden Sun Mary Janes).

In Anthropologie's styled pics, these shoes looked a lot more orange, but in person these are more subdued ( calls it Saddle Tan, if that helps). I was disappointed when I pulled them out of the box, yes, but it's probably for the best. "Real orange" shoes might be a little too far out of my comfort zone, and as far as fit, these shoes are top-notch in my regular size 9 so I'll probably get lots of wear out of them as a more neutral color. (Sometimes I size down to an 8.5 in Seychelles, but these are OK, albeit a little gap in the back.) Even easy to walk in! I only got a small little blister on my right pinky toe. :)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

OOTD: Denim on Denim

Normally I would not have even gotten dressed today! I teach a class in the morning and a class in the evening, so what's the point of getting dressed in between? Honestly, I was planning on napping the entire afternoon....

But in a very complicated, very unfortunate series of events, I DID end up getting dressed today. The short explanation is that Husband owed me pancakes. (And he will have to earn back my trust before he is ever entreated to refrigerate my leftover iHop strawberry-banana pancakes again....) To even the score, we ended up going to iHop AGAIN for lunch, where I opted for the pumpkin pancakes this time.....mmMMMmmmm.......

Because this outfit was basically unplanned and short-lived, I did a little experimenting. (Because there's no place like IHop for being fashion forward!) I started the outfit with my black JCrew turtleneck, my Miz Mooz boots and my AE skinny jeans. Then I added a Forever 21 knotted necklace and my old Gap jean jacket (which has seen enough of the Goodwill pile to know that it's living on thin ice).

Can you mix denim with denim? I've seen plenty of celebrities do it lately, and, I admit that I don't feel like this is *awful*. But is it a little too country? Is it pushed over the edge by the fact that I went to buy Blake Shelton tickets in this outfit after lunch?

Oh, and you can thank my Husband for cutting off the top of my head in this picture! His response to my admonishment? 

"It's a fashion blog---not a haircut blog!" 

Wise man I married....

Monday, October 18, 2010

OOTD: Blue Skies

What an exhausting day! I just got home from teaching aerobics this evening, and then Husband reheated some spaghetti for me. Mmmmmm. Now we're waiting for Monday Night Football to start. I'm in my jammies, but I'm still considering an offer from Husband to go get some coffee before we settle in for the night.

Today's outfit was pretty basic. It's my Gap blue sweater, my LOFT Marisa coin-pocket navy pants, my Tommy Hilfiger calf-height brown boots. And my LOFT floral scarf. Basic, yes. But any and all shades of blue make me happy, so that's what matters, right?

Crossing my fingers for an Anthro sale tomorrow, but it's 10 days till my birthday so I don't want to do too much shopping!

So I guess this means I don't get an Anthro birthday discount this year. ::cry:: I guess I could call Customer Service, but I'm too lazy. And also, I was hoping by some miracle to get one of those online-only discounts that are allegedly floating around, since it's a trek to my nearest store and I'm super busy for the rest of the month! I'm not too torn up about it, though.....

OK, just got hit by a major wave of the sleepies. G'night, everyone!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

OOTD: Head Gear

Blog readers, meet Mr. Bones.

Mr. Bones, meet my blog readers.

There. Now that we're all properly introduced, we can get on to my outfit of the day. Well, it's not really an entire outfit worthy of posting, but I did finally break out my Target fedora. Have you all seen that TV ad for Target where the woman is debating whether she wears hats? And she imagines she's wearing her hat, walking in an apple orchard, commenting on her handsome husband and perfect children. And then she's back in Target, looks at the cheap price of the hat, and says she "totally" wears hats.

I love that commercial. Because I think it's genius! It's exactly how I feel about hats, and it's EXACTLY what happened in Target when I bought my Fedora. I think it was $12. For $12, I can try wearing hats. (I also instructed my mom at the time that it was her duty to make sure I actually do wear the hat...That was like 5 months ago! Way to go Mom! :P)

We went to Dunkin Donuts this morning for breakfast, and I figured that sitting in a car in a drive-thru was a good way to ease into fedora-dom. Now I'm sitting on the couch watching football further breaking in my hat.

I've never really been an "accessories" person, and I still don't really wear jewelry all that often. But lately I have been totally crushing on hats and gloves and scarves and leg warmers(?!?!) for fall.  So I have big plans this fall for my accessorizing.

I'm wearing my boot-cut LOFT jeans, my navy Keds, my Target fedora, and an old Radiohead concert Tee that my Husband bought for himself but in the completely wrong size----so I inherited it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

OOTD: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Three or four months ago, I borrowed my parents' step-ladder to put away our Christmas decorations in our teensy-weensy attic. (Yes, putting away Christmas decorations....Don't try to do the math. It will only cause me further embarrassment!)

The ladder has been sitting in the doorway of our "catch-all" second-bedroom ever since.

Then my dad asked me last week if we still had the ladder because he wanted to do some yard work. "SURE!" I said. And he came to pick it up a few days later.

How was I supposed to remember that all the Halloween decorations were STILL IN THE ATTIC!?


So he came back over with the ladder yesterday to help me bring the boxes down. But when I climbed up to take a look in our attic, all I saw were boxes and boxes of Christmas stuff. "I'm too short," I told my dad. So he went up on the ladder to see what he could see. In the meantime, I opened up our hall closet and gasped.

There was my bag of Halloween decorations on the floor!

Double oops!

I felt so bad about the whole mess, that I offered to buy lunch for my dad---who I found out sometimes reads my blog (HI DAD!). The good news is that I found all the Halloween stuff that I bought last year on November 1 at 75% off at Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics (the day after: it's the only way to shop for holiday decor!!)

My husband was abnormally motivated when he got home yesterday and even helped me decorate outside! I had two foam headstones that say "RIP," and he glued wooden stakes onto the backs so we could secure them in the ground. Then he strung some orange Halloween lights on the lamppost and front window. Meanwhile, I glued together my "Mr. Bones" foam skeleton and taped it to our front door.

The only problem is that it all still seems a little sparse. "Sparse," as in I'm afraid that the neighbors are just going to think that we randomly buried two bodies in our front yard "sparse." While we were out driving, I saw a cute front-yard setup with a scarecrow, some potted flowers, pumpkins, and hay bales. So....those are now my top shopping priority. Clothes? Who cares about clothes? ::wink, wink::

Onto the outfit. And if you look closely, you can see some of my "sparse" holiday decorations. Creepy, huh?

This is my Limited yellow trench coat that I have been kind of scared to wear because it's so bright. But I think my new Free People black Cable Beanie retains my aura of mystery.... Am I a moody hipster? Or am I a sunny prepster? The world may never know.

I wore my new LOFT Striped Sweater with Corsage underneath, some old LOFT boot-cut dark-wash jeans and my Seychelles Ritas. 

In the next seven days, I will be teaching nine aerobics classes, so I may be fairly out of commission for a while (as in, I will be wearing lounge pants in bed every waking second that I'm not at the gym!). But I've been so proud of myself lately for getting dressed up that I want to keep trying as much as possible. Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoe Reviews: Urban Outfitters

It's another round of shoe reviews. I ended up returning all three of my last pairs (the Cheerrio booties, the oxfords, and the Peroxys). Boo! I figured that I'm not rich enough to keep shoes that I'm only feeling lukewarm about. I will eventually find the shoes of my dreams. It just might take a little bit more effort.

I had tons of fun taking pictures of these shoes, so I'll let the photos do most of the talking. I think I'm keeping both heels, but the oxfords are another bust.

On to the reviews!.....

Deena & Ozzy Suede Heel Boot in maroon. Regular size 9.
The color of these shoes is gorgeous. They look so plush and expensive. There's a little bit of room in the back of the heels, but not anything troublesome. I was initially worried that the wine color might limit the possibilities, but now looking at it with these neutral bottoms, I think it's a neat pop of color!

UO Suede Pump in red. Sized down a half size to 8.5.
I think these are the great shoes that Kendi Everyday always wears on her blog (and raves about!) If they are, then I can see why. They're very comfortable (I sized down to an 8.5 on the Website's recommendation) and they're super cute. The red is more of a coral/orange, but that just gives them extra character in my opinion. These will work with skirts and pants alike. 

Deena & Ozzy Toe Cap Oxford Shoe in grey. Regular size 9.
Another pair of oxfords, another fail. I'm kinda torn about these, but Husband flat-out hated the shiny toes. In looking at the pictures though, I think the contrast in fabric might actually help the look because it adds dimension to the otherwise squatty-leg flat shoe. I'll keep looking. Someday my perfect oxford will find me...


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OOTD: Free People

This morning, my husband's car battery died, so he had to take my car to work, because he had a meeting at 10, but then his meeting got canceled, so he came home and jumped his car off my car, and then he decided not to go back to work. 

What does this all mean to me? It means he took me to Dunkin Donuts this morning! Yay! It also means we went and bought our Bill Cosby tickets. Double yay! It also means that I didn't get to work until 1 pm and just got home about twenty minutes ago. Yuck. But, hey, we all have to make sacrifices for love, food, and laughter sometimes----right? :)

So a big, warm welcome to all my new followers over from my sister's blog, Princess of Taylor. Isn't she so sweet!!?? If you haven't entered her fun giveaway yet, click here. I can't wait to see what the secret prizes are!

Onto my outfit! I just bought these two tops from Free People, which I only recently discovered online. Its hard and soft combinations quickly drew me in, but it's pretty ridiculously expensive. Lucky for me, the tank top I was eyeing went on sale a few weeks ago, woohoo! I sized down to a Small, but it's still pretty loose-fitting. I don't think I'd want to size down any further, because then I'm afraid it would emphasize my hips even more. My husband says the graphic looks like a cat (I think it's supposed to be a horse?). Whatev!

The Lace Mock Neck Top is one of the lace tops I was debating over a few posts ago. I bought this in the black, and sized up to a Large. It's comfortable. So comfortable that I might even have been able to take my regular size Medium. The neck is a little loose and there seems like a lot of extra fabric on the sleeves, but it's not anything too bothersome. I had plenty of room to put a short-sleeve tee under this, and it wasn't scratchy or constricting at all.

As for the rest, I'm wearing my Miz Mooz boots again, my Simply Sketched Pants, and Boden Messenger Bag.

That's all for now! I bought a few shoes from Urban Outfitters, so be on the lookout for some reviews later this week.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OOTD: Banana-Fanna Oh-Manna

Today was a very long day indeed. I thankfully got a lot of stuff crossed off my to-do list, but boy, it sure knocked the wind out of me. I worked late tonight, so Husband and I met at our Mexican restaurant for a secret, romantic rendezvous again. And I was feeling saucy so I got some sort of banana colada with my huevos rancheros. And now I'm muy sleepy.

So needless to say, short post tonight! I wore my Vappu Dress, Miz Mooz boots, light grey footless tights from Target, Boden bag, a necklace I made, and an old Limited shrug cardigan.

I'm a little mad at my shrug actually. I bought this on super sale at The Limited at least a year ago, and I thought it was so cute, but I machine washed it and shrunk it. Boo. It's been sitting in my closet ever since, with one foot in the Goodwill pile. Well, gosh darnit, if this shrug doesn't look cute with this dress. You'd think that would make me happy, but no. Instead, I'm peeved because this experience only ENCOURAGES me to continue holding onto things well past their welcome. Because SOME day they'll become useful again. Bad shrug. Bad.

Friday, October 8, 2010

OOTD: Boot Kicks Bootie

OK, so I acknowledge borrowing my title from a DSW shoe commercial. But it totally applies! This week, I taught two aerobics/weight training classes, plus two additional classes as a student, and now my bootie is (ess oh are eee) sore.

Deep-down inside I wanted to wear some nice comfy flats on Friday. But fashion won out. And my bootie got an extra workout as I negotiated walking (and driving!) in four-inch heels. Yowza!

Other than the four-inch heels, I am madly in love with my new Volatile Warrior Booties. I liked the brown and Husband liked the black, so I bought them both at Endless. The brown ended up being PERFECT! I felt like the black pair was maybe too dark to see some of the cute details. Endless had an automatic 20% discount for $125 worth of certain boots, so I'm kind of debating whether to return the black pair, since I'll lose the discount. Maybe they're both worth keeping?

These shoes are surprisingly easy to walk in. Well. They can be deceptive, because they're the kind of shoe that you *think* you're OK in, and then one false step sends you down to the ground. But the sole is rubber, so that helps you keep your footing a little easier.

I wore quite a few new pieces in addition to my booties. For one, my Simply Sketched Pants in green (which I rolled up here). I am ECSTATIC that I bought these pants after leaving them behind in the store a few weeks ago. These are the green (I tried on the beige initially), and I love the color and the fit. I got my regular pant size 8. They are only $49.95; seriously, get these pants! 

Also, I wore my Urban Outfitters Delicate Initial necklace. It has an S! It got kind of twisted though in the morning, and I had a hard time sorting it out, so the jury's still out on this one. It's cute, but it may be more hassle than it's worth.

And after finally pulling the trigger on some J.Crew wardrobe basics, I am truly a convert. This is the perfect-fit long-sleeve crewneck tee in black. It's SO thick and comfortable. The Medium fits great, and I'm honestly ready to buy multiples next time I place a big order to get free shipping. :)

In light of my recent "fashion research," I think this outfit would be even better with a looser top. Maybe like this top in heather/black from Heidi Klum's HKNB line for New Balance on (Yes, I'm a dork, and I want this because it was on Project Runway...) Or maybe this top from Anthropologie? Hmmm.....

It's so exciting to actually have a fashion opinion! Even if it doesn't actually work out like I imagine. LOL.

Anthropologie Wish List: Tees and Dresses

For some reason, none of the new arrivals at Anthropologie has been calling to me. Maybe it's because my personal style is starting to evolve, or at the very least, my interests of the moment. I just placed a couple of orders with Free People and Urban Outfitters, both of which offer fantastic styling ideas on their Websites. I am being more attracted to grunge and hipster aesthetics. Weird, huh? But, try and try again, I CAN NOT FIND A PAIR OF OXFORDS! Okay, so maybe I'm giving up a little too soon (I've only tried two pairs), but seriously. I think I have to resign myself to the fact that sometimes you may *LIKE* a trend, but that doesn't mean you can *WEAR* a trend. ::cry::

Anyway, the whole point is that in the past few days, Anthropologie FINALLY added some pieces that piqued my interest. Some pieces are older than others, but I figured I'd just pile them all in together.

City Grassland V-Neck $78
I love the longer length of this top (it reminds me of  my Next Year's Lily Top!). I also love this top's open v-neck and the more substantial shoulders. And the zebra print---squee! It's funky, but the neutrals keep it tame. This shirt will be mine at first-cut.

Finessed Turtleneck $48
I love this shirt's ruching (which you'll see more of farther down the list). It's otherwise understated and fitted, and it would draw attention upward, to hopefully disguise my nonexistent waist. I am curiously drawn to the brown. I don't have any brown in my wardrobe, but I think it would be great for fall with other neutrals. And my mom says that wearing brown makes people trust you! :) $48 is totally reasonable, so I'll stalk this one and may buy it at full-price if the numbers dwindle quickly.

Here's a similar top with ruching. I'm not actually sure what color I prefer. I like the navy, moss, and pink. I hope that this goes on sale quickly so that I can get all three! A great basic top with a little something extra.

Volante Tee $58
Again with the similar top! This time, there is a bow-like flap of fabric on the shoulder. Again, I love several of the colors, but this is the purple.

D'armee Dress $138
I've already mentioned in another post that I love this dress, and I am patiently awaiting its going on sale. I bought the Mrs. Woodward's Camisole to be layered underneath. It's a simple silhouette with the very trendy military look. I am dying to wear this with boots and dark red tights like the styling pic!

Awaiting Wings Dress $158
Yay! I've been waiting for the perfect ensemble dress with a dark-print top, and this one is great! I like the color combinations of oranges and navys: perfect for fall. A cardigan would be gorgeous over this with the ruffles on the bodice. With all that being said, I could live without this. If it goes on sale though, I'll give it a shot.

Taking Turns Top $68
This color is super fantastic. Too bad I don't have gorgeous dark skin the color of this shirt's mannequin form! Even still, I love this green, and the neckline, the twist in the front, and the draping in the front are frickin' fabulous together. I can't see enough about this shirt. Let the stalking commence....I've paid full-price before, and I'm not afraid to do it again!!!

Wightwick Manor Dress $128
This blue and brown pattern is gorgeous. And, of course, I love shirtdresses. This one has such a retro look to it. For some reason, I'm really attracted to patterns that border on drab or bland. I'm hoping everyone else is sick of shirtdresses already so that I can snag this one on first-cut.

I loved this the minute it popped up online. It looks simultaneously girly/pretty and casual with the buttoned-down top. And I don't have any purple dresses in my closet---bonus! There's no way that I can pay $198 for this dress, and even a second cut won't do me much good. So, dear readers, please do not buy this dress so I can be sure to snatch it up on second cut. Thanks! :)

Of course, I love the purple color best, but that's sold out online in Medium. BOO! Oh well, the grey is pretty, too. I love the simple shape with the one ruffle(?). Can I call it a ruffle? It's more like draped fabric, which seems more streamlined and elegant than a ruffle. This is shirt #4 in my wishlist, and yes, it is not lost on me that they are all fairly similar....It may end up being a race to the sale section for me: Whoever gets there first wins a spot in my closet!

Now that I've added them all, I feel like the list is pretty long! And it's exclusively tees and dresses! But, honestly, these are pretty much the only things I'm even remotely attracted to at the moment... Now, this list often fluctuates and changes as Anthropologie adds new styled pics and I read other bloggers' reviews, but maybe, just maybe, I'm getting better at determining what holes are in my closet and what positions have already been filled. Now this list is not to say that I will actually limit my purchases to these items (hehe), but it's good to remind myself what I am specifically looking for.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anthro Reviews: Henleys Galore

Even though there was a HUGE sale at Anthropologie this Tuesday, not much of it was calling my name. I did, however, pick up a few "lounge" items that were either on my wishlist or too cheap to pass up! Hope the reviews help!

Mrs. Woodward's Camisole (now $29.95)

I got my regular size Medium in this camisole. There is elastic smocking on the back though, so I probably could have sized down to a Small. The straps are thin lace, and you can see my bra straps peeking out. Sizing down might make the straps a little tighter, which I would like. As it is, I wanted this camisole for layering (not wearing on its own) so these minor quibbles will not affect my purchase. The length is nice and long, and the pattern is SO vibrant and pretty. It's totally cute, and I can't wait to see how it goes with the rest of my closet. (And I'll patiently await the D'armee Dress going on sale so I can recreate the product styling!...)

A close up of the pattern and lace----so pretty and vibrant!

Suspended Droplets Henley (now $19.95) in Rose

This is me sucking in my belly. LOL. I got my regular size Medium, and this was very fitted. The sleeves are very long, which I don't personally mind. The scoop was also very low. I bought this to layer, but I'm not convinced by the neckline. Nor am I convinced by the rose color. I keep trying things in "pink," thinking that it would be a nice color on me, but I always feel so washed out in it. I think I'm so pale-skinned that I need bright pinks instead. At $19.95, I'm torn. If I decide to send back a couple of other items that have been languishing in my closet, I'll throw this in, too. Otherwise, it's not worth the time, effort, and money to send it back.

Muted Garden Henley (now $29.95) in Mauve

You may remember that I first reviewed this henley on my guest post at Princess of Taylor here. I tried on a Medium in the store, and it was pretty snug in the arms, so I planned to size up to the Large. Here it tis! When I took it out of the box, I thought "Oh, no, I made a mistake. It's huge!" But when I got it on, I actually was surprised that there seemed to be little difference between the Large and the Medium fits! Well, that's not completely true. It was just loose enough that I felt more comfortable with the potential of wearing this as a stand-alone top. The arms were still snug, but a little more comfortable, too. It's still see-through. Eh. But now, at least, I have room to put a thin camisole underneath. I love the pattern!

Horizon Defying Henley in Grey (now $9.95)

I have been eyeing this top for quite some time. I still couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger at its first-cut price, but at $9.95? I think this might even be a third cut! Geesh. I had initially liked the blue, but that one sold out online, so I picked up the grey. It's see-through, so I would really only use this as a layer. I like the subtle striping. Oh, and I got my regular size Medium. If I bought more of these, I would probably do the Large (and hope that the sizing difference is only slight, as the muted garden henley's is). For $9.95, what are you doing even reading this review???? Just buy it! LOL.