Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anthro Reviews: Henleys Galore

Even though there was a HUGE sale at Anthropologie this Tuesday, not much of it was calling my name. I did, however, pick up a few "lounge" items that were either on my wishlist or too cheap to pass up! Hope the reviews help!

Mrs. Woodward's Camisole (now $29.95)

I got my regular size Medium in this camisole. There is elastic smocking on the back though, so I probably could have sized down to a Small. The straps are thin lace, and you can see my bra straps peeking out. Sizing down might make the straps a little tighter, which I would like. As it is, I wanted this camisole for layering (not wearing on its own) so these minor quibbles will not affect my purchase. The length is nice and long, and the pattern is SO vibrant and pretty. It's totally cute, and I can't wait to see how it goes with the rest of my closet. (And I'll patiently await the D'armee Dress going on sale so I can recreate the product styling!...)

A close up of the pattern and lace----so pretty and vibrant!

Suspended Droplets Henley (now $19.95) in Rose

This is me sucking in my belly. LOL. I got my regular size Medium, and this was very fitted. The sleeves are very long, which I don't personally mind. The scoop was also very low. I bought this to layer, but I'm not convinced by the neckline. Nor am I convinced by the rose color. I keep trying things in "pink," thinking that it would be a nice color on me, but I always feel so washed out in it. I think I'm so pale-skinned that I need bright pinks instead. At $19.95, I'm torn. If I decide to send back a couple of other items that have been languishing in my closet, I'll throw this in, too. Otherwise, it's not worth the time, effort, and money to send it back.

Muted Garden Henley (now $29.95) in Mauve

You may remember that I first reviewed this henley on my guest post at Princess of Taylor here. I tried on a Medium in the store, and it was pretty snug in the arms, so I planned to size up to the Large. Here it tis! When I took it out of the box, I thought "Oh, no, I made a mistake. It's huge!" But when I got it on, I actually was surprised that there seemed to be little difference between the Large and the Medium fits! Well, that's not completely true. It was just loose enough that I felt more comfortable with the potential of wearing this as a stand-alone top. The arms were still snug, but a little more comfortable, too. It's still see-through. Eh. But now, at least, I have room to put a thin camisole underneath. I love the pattern!

Horizon Defying Henley in Grey (now $9.95)

I have been eyeing this top for quite some time. I still couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger at its first-cut price, but at $9.95? I think this might even be a third cut! Geesh. I had initially liked the blue, but that one sold out online, so I picked up the grey. It's see-through, so I would really only use this as a layer. I like the subtle striping. Oh, and I got my regular size Medium. If I bought more of these, I would probably do the Large (and hope that the sizing difference is only slight, as the muted garden henley's is). For $9.95, what are you doing even reading this review???? Just buy it! LOL. 


  1. Love the tank! How pretty! I like the cut of the second one but the color is washing you out a tad. And is the third one tucked in? It was so much longer in your guest post? I like the last one too and for $10? Geesh I'd wear it for pajaams! LOL

    And how did you get your order already? Mine is still hanging out in GA! BAH!

  2. Kathleen, yes---I tucked in the Muted Garden Henley top (well sorta "scrunched" it in my pants top at least!). :)