Friday, October 8, 2010

Anthropologie Wish List: Tees and Dresses

For some reason, none of the new arrivals at Anthropologie has been calling to me. Maybe it's because my personal style is starting to evolve, or at the very least, my interests of the moment. I just placed a couple of orders with Free People and Urban Outfitters, both of which offer fantastic styling ideas on their Websites. I am being more attracted to grunge and hipster aesthetics. Weird, huh? But, try and try again, I CAN NOT FIND A PAIR OF OXFORDS! Okay, so maybe I'm giving up a little too soon (I've only tried two pairs), but seriously. I think I have to resign myself to the fact that sometimes you may *LIKE* a trend, but that doesn't mean you can *WEAR* a trend. ::cry::

Anyway, the whole point is that in the past few days, Anthropologie FINALLY added some pieces that piqued my interest. Some pieces are older than others, but I figured I'd just pile them all in together.

City Grassland V-Neck $78
I love the longer length of this top (it reminds me of  my Next Year's Lily Top!). I also love this top's open v-neck and the more substantial shoulders. And the zebra print---squee! It's funky, but the neutrals keep it tame. This shirt will be mine at first-cut.

Finessed Turtleneck $48
I love this shirt's ruching (which you'll see more of farther down the list). It's otherwise understated and fitted, and it would draw attention upward, to hopefully disguise my nonexistent waist. I am curiously drawn to the brown. I don't have any brown in my wardrobe, but I think it would be great for fall with other neutrals. And my mom says that wearing brown makes people trust you! :) $48 is totally reasonable, so I'll stalk this one and may buy it at full-price if the numbers dwindle quickly.

Here's a similar top with ruching. I'm not actually sure what color I prefer. I like the navy, moss, and pink. I hope that this goes on sale quickly so that I can get all three! A great basic top with a little something extra.

Volante Tee $58
Again with the similar top! This time, there is a bow-like flap of fabric on the shoulder. Again, I love several of the colors, but this is the purple.

D'armee Dress $138
I've already mentioned in another post that I love this dress, and I am patiently awaiting its going on sale. I bought the Mrs. Woodward's Camisole to be layered underneath. It's a simple silhouette with the very trendy military look. I am dying to wear this with boots and dark red tights like the styling pic!

Awaiting Wings Dress $158
Yay! I've been waiting for the perfect ensemble dress with a dark-print top, and this one is great! I like the color combinations of oranges and navys: perfect for fall. A cardigan would be gorgeous over this with the ruffles on the bodice. With all that being said, I could live without this. If it goes on sale though, I'll give it a shot.

Taking Turns Top $68
This color is super fantastic. Too bad I don't have gorgeous dark skin the color of this shirt's mannequin form! Even still, I love this green, and the neckline, the twist in the front, and the draping in the front are frickin' fabulous together. I can't see enough about this shirt. Let the stalking commence....I've paid full-price before, and I'm not afraid to do it again!!!

Wightwick Manor Dress $128
This blue and brown pattern is gorgeous. And, of course, I love shirtdresses. This one has such a retro look to it. For some reason, I'm really attracted to patterns that border on drab or bland. I'm hoping everyone else is sick of shirtdresses already so that I can snag this one on first-cut.

I loved this the minute it popped up online. It looks simultaneously girly/pretty and casual with the buttoned-down top. And I don't have any purple dresses in my closet---bonus! There's no way that I can pay $198 for this dress, and even a second cut won't do me much good. So, dear readers, please do not buy this dress so I can be sure to snatch it up on second cut. Thanks! :)

Of course, I love the purple color best, but that's sold out online in Medium. BOO! Oh well, the grey is pretty, too. I love the simple shape with the one ruffle(?). Can I call it a ruffle? It's more like draped fabric, which seems more streamlined and elegant than a ruffle. This is shirt #4 in my wishlist, and yes, it is not lost on me that they are all fairly similar....It may end up being a race to the sale section for me: Whoever gets there first wins a spot in my closet!

Now that I've added them all, I feel like the list is pretty long! And it's exclusively tees and dresses! But, honestly, these are pretty much the only things I'm even remotely attracted to at the moment... Now, this list often fluctuates and changes as Anthropologie adds new styled pics and I read other bloggers' reviews, but maybe, just maybe, I'm getting better at determining what holes are in my closet and what positions have already been filled. Now this list is not to say that I will actually limit my purchases to these items (hehe), but it's good to remind myself what I am specifically looking for.

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