Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fitting-Room Reviews: Lots of LOFT

Today is my birthday! I turn 27 years old. And I have the grey hair and heartburn flares to prove it. :)

In honor of my special day, I am sitting on the couch, drinking a pumpkin latte, watching Investigation Discovery Channel, and wearing my Morning Meadows Robe, which I scored on a popback a few months ago and hadn't got to wear yet because it got cold too quick. Luckily(?), it's been super hot lately so it's the perfect weight for a lazy birthday afternoon.

Since I have no real intentions of leaving this spot on my couch, I thought I'd share a few LOFT fitting room reviews from over the weekend. Enjoy!

Gold Brocade Skirt $69.50
I came thisclose to buying this skirt, but I ultimately let it go. I loved the pattern on the skirt. It's slightly metallic, and I believe it was cream/brown. I also loved the colors that LOFT paired with it in outfit stylings (taupe, a peachy mauve, and burgundy), but I didn't actually like the skirt itself.

First of all, it's very short, and sitting down was uncomfortable. I tried on the size 6, so maybe I could size up for length? Secondly, I own a million skirts----and I hardly wear any of them. I'm much more inclined to wear a dress than a skirt. And third, I already own two similar J.Crew skirts with metallic threading: the gold mica mini, and a navy herringbone skirt. I love them both, yes, but they're limited to one or two seasons because of the fabric weight. This skirt would probably have a similar fate.

This skirt is almost sold out online, but my store had plenty of sizes so be sure to check yours out! I'm pretty sure that the top I tried on with this was the Hidden Chain Tee in size Medium. It was a pretty eggplant/purple color, but ultimately just a slouchy Tee. Nothing special.

Unknown Faux Fur Trimmed Vest
I'm late in the game on this one as this is LOFT's earlier incarnation of the fur vest, but I saw it on the rack and had to know. I love the lush look of faux fur trim, but this was a little much. The sweater vest is made of a soft cable-knit, and it's quite cozy. But the fur trim is just too big. This is no longer available online, but you might find one or two left in your store. I tried on a Small and it fit well.

The more recent incarnation of the Faux Fur Vest can be found here, but I wasn't really drawn to it in the store. When I was little, I crafted a "fur coat" for one of my Troll dolls. I basically cut out a rectangle of black-and-white fur material, then cut two arm holes in it. That's what this kind of looked like (to me) on a store mannequin. I find it very strange, because I'm drawn to fur vests EVERYWHERE online, but I just haven't been impressed with LOFT's attempts to date. I guess they're still working out the kinks...

Good thing I didn't look at the price tag in the store. GEEZ! These were nothing special. I got my regular size 8 and they were skin tight. They showed all my belly bulge---I believe the term would be "muffin top." LOL. Yeah, not exactly what I'm going for. I only brought them in the dressing room to pair with the Striped Side Pleat Tee in size Medium, which you all know that I DID take home (and wore in this post). I would wait for a good LOFT sale if you're interested in denim leggings. I think these will still be around for a while. 

Unknown Jacket (On Sale for $55)
I don't know what the name of this jacket is, but I had to try it on after realizing it was the same one worn by Kendi at Kendi Everyday in this post.

But how come it looks so cute on her and not on me? (Don't answer that!)

I actually did like the jacket; it was a soft almost sweat-shirt like material, and I didn't feel like it made my shoulders look big like most blazers do for me. But, it DOES still make me look a little boxy. When it comes down to it, I just prefer sweaters to jackets anyway. But if you ARE a jacket person, this is a nice casual one.

Try your store, and stay vigilant for good sale-sales. LOFT has been driving me nuts lately because they just had their 50% off sale sale. WOOHOO! Except the tanks at my store that were $4.99 three weeks ago, mysteriously were $9.99 again...The day after the sale ended? "SALE UP TO 70% OFF" and the prices are again all different. Pah-leeze. Stop toying with my math skills, LOFT....

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  1. That vest is weird. And Ann Taylor/LOFT always suck with their sales. Just today I placed an order of a thousand pairs of skinny pants (marked down to $19 each!) with the promise of 30% off plus free shipping. Well once the 30% off got my under under $100, the free shipping went out the window. NOT COOL!