Monday, October 4, 2010

OOTD: Beige and Grey

Today I decided to test my copycat skills and recreate a great look I saw on the Banana Republic Website. 

I just splurged and bought two tissue turtleneck tees (black and beige) from J.Crew after pining over them for the past few years. Of course, as much as I craved them, I wasn't *exactly* sure how they would fit into my current wardrobe. So imagine how excited I was when I spotted this combination a few days back of a beige turtleneck and grey sheath dress---which I already own (it's from NY&Company)! I think it goes really well together. I threw on my Circle Game Belt and Boden Messenger Bag as usual.

I was really excited about the top portion of this outfit. On another day, I think I'd trade out my LOFT taupe leggings for some tights with color (maybe patterned, or dark red?) And I'm still working on a good pair of tan oxfords and/or booties. These are some Miz Mooz boots that have been patiently waiting for me in my closet since I bought them earlier this spring.

Of course, because I'm ridiculous, I can't just stop at this fortuitous combination from my closet. I MUST have the studded gloves and this infinity bracelet that Banana Republic pairs with its outfit. I have the fedora--mine is black--still not brave enough to wear it out, though. Maybe someday....


Oh, and if you're looking for a coupon. Get 30% off your Banana Republic, Old Navy, or Gap purchase (never Athleta, grrrr) with coupon code SAVEBIG. Plus free shipping with orders $100 or more. Expires October 5 (tomorrow/Tuesday). Happy Shopping! :)


  1. nice! I like your interpretation of the BR outfit! You should wear your fedora!!!!

  2. I really like this outfit! Very cute!

  3. Oh adorable. And I'm totally stealing those boots.

  4. I agree with Lori- post again with the fedora! BTW, did you get your birthday discount???