Friday, October 22, 2010

OOTD: The Big Picture

The good thing about keeping a blog is that you get a broad overview of your outfits. This helps me every morning because A.) I can easily remember outfits I liked/disliked; B.) see what clothes I naturally gravitate toward so that I can refine my own personal style; and C.) notice trends in my wearing habits so that I can shake things up a bit!

After looking back into some of my outfits recently, I've noticed that I have a real menswear-obsession. LOL. I already knew this, of course, but I was still pretty shocked at all the neutrals and suit-like materials I've been flaunting recently. I think my sister's comment on my "Denim on Denim" post about my reminding her of Meathead from All in the Family finally put me over the edge. LOL.

So, today, I decided to pull out the "girly vibe" in my wardrobe. Well...I tried to pull out the "girly vibe." :)

I'm still wearing my navy pin-stripe pencil skirt, which is part of an old suit from LOFT. (Tangential Question: If I bought the suit when LOFT was still Ann Taylor Loft, can I honestly say it's from LOFT? That seems to belie the store's less fashion-forward past...also known as, when I could actually afford shopping there every weekend....Hmmmm......)

I'm also wearing an old (ann taylor) Loft purple cardigan, and my new Mrs. Woodward's Camisole (on sale!). I was going to wear my Circle Game Belt, but switched it out for a cheapie alligator-print one from NY&Co. because I didn't want it to be too matchy-matchy with my Seychelles Kiss at Midnight Mary Janes (aka Anthro's Hidden Sun Mary Janes).

In Anthropologie's styled pics, these shoes looked a lot more orange, but in person these are more subdued ( calls it Saddle Tan, if that helps). I was disappointed when I pulled them out of the box, yes, but it's probably for the best. "Real orange" shoes might be a little too far out of my comfort zone, and as far as fit, these shoes are top-notch in my regular size 9 so I'll probably get lots of wear out of them as a more neutral color. (Sometimes I size down to an 8.5 in Seychelles, but these are OK, albeit a little gap in the back.) Even easy to walk in! I only got a small little blister on my right pinky toe. :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Okay:

    1) I did not say you looked like Meathead from All in the Family. I said your post title of Denim on Denim REMINDED me of Meathead but then I saw your outfit and thought it looked cute. Lawyered.

    2) I did not know that Ann Taylor Loft was not called Loft. I thought that was just a trendy shorthand that bloggers used. I am a traitor to my blog namesake it seems.

    3) I like those shoes. They remind me of shoes I bought ages ago and never wore because the heel was teeteringly high. I might need them.

    That is all.

  2. hahahahahha....OK, you got me on a

    and, yeah, Ann Taylor Loft has been going through some serious re-branding lately. I guess they're trying to set themselves apart from the more sophisticated ann taylor, and have an identity of their own or something? Very intriguing...

  3. I'm completely enjoying your blog... I checked it out ages ago one time when Kathleen had mentioned it; but I completely love it now that you are updating more often and adding all of the OOTDs. Also, after months of searching I think that I have almost found my body double in you... yipee.

  4. naima, yay! i'm glad you're enjoying the blog. and i hope our sizing similarities are helpful! :)