Monday, October 18, 2010

OOTD: Blue Skies

What an exhausting day! I just got home from teaching aerobics this evening, and then Husband reheated some spaghetti for me. Mmmmmm. Now we're waiting for Monday Night Football to start. I'm in my jammies, but I'm still considering an offer from Husband to go get some coffee before we settle in for the night.

Today's outfit was pretty basic. It's my Gap blue sweater, my LOFT Marisa coin-pocket navy pants, my Tommy Hilfiger calf-height brown boots. And my LOFT floral scarf. Basic, yes. But any and all shades of blue make me happy, so that's what matters, right?

Crossing my fingers for an Anthro sale tomorrow, but it's 10 days till my birthday so I don't want to do too much shopping!

So I guess this means I don't get an Anthro birthday discount this year. ::cry:: I guess I could call Customer Service, but I'm too lazy. And also, I was hoping by some miracle to get one of those online-only discounts that are allegedly floating around, since it's a trek to my nearest store and I'm super busy for the rest of the month! I'm not too torn up about it, though.....

OK, just got hit by a major wave of the sleepies. G'night, everyone!


  1. Cute outfit! I am going to make you call CS for your birthday discount- we need a shopping trip!

  2. Yeah I like this a lot too! THe blue is so vibrant and the colors of the scarf are great.

    And you are totally calling CS! Make her, mom!