Friday, October 8, 2010

OOTD: Boot Kicks Bootie

OK, so I acknowledge borrowing my title from a DSW shoe commercial. But it totally applies! This week, I taught two aerobics/weight training classes, plus two additional classes as a student, and now my bootie is (ess oh are eee) sore.

Deep-down inside I wanted to wear some nice comfy flats on Friday. But fashion won out. And my bootie got an extra workout as I negotiated walking (and driving!) in four-inch heels. Yowza!

Other than the four-inch heels, I am madly in love with my new Volatile Warrior Booties. I liked the brown and Husband liked the black, so I bought them both at Endless. The brown ended up being PERFECT! I felt like the black pair was maybe too dark to see some of the cute details. Endless had an automatic 20% discount for $125 worth of certain boots, so I'm kind of debating whether to return the black pair, since I'll lose the discount. Maybe they're both worth keeping?

These shoes are surprisingly easy to walk in. Well. They can be deceptive, because they're the kind of shoe that you *think* you're OK in, and then one false step sends you down to the ground. But the sole is rubber, so that helps you keep your footing a little easier.

I wore quite a few new pieces in addition to my booties. For one, my Simply Sketched Pants in green (which I rolled up here). I am ECSTATIC that I bought these pants after leaving them behind in the store a few weeks ago. These are the green (I tried on the beige initially), and I love the color and the fit. I got my regular pant size 8. They are only $49.95; seriously, get these pants! 

Also, I wore my Urban Outfitters Delicate Initial necklace. It has an S! It got kind of twisted though in the morning, and I had a hard time sorting it out, so the jury's still out on this one. It's cute, but it may be more hassle than it's worth.

And after finally pulling the trigger on some J.Crew wardrobe basics, I am truly a convert. This is the perfect-fit long-sleeve crewneck tee in black. It's SO thick and comfortable. The Medium fits great, and I'm honestly ready to buy multiples next time I place a big order to get free shipping. :)

In light of my recent "fashion research," I think this outfit would be even better with a looser top. Maybe like this top in heather/black from Heidi Klum's HKNB line for New Balance on (Yes, I'm a dork, and I want this because it was on Project Runway...) Or maybe this top from Anthropologie? Hmmm.....

It's so exciting to actually have a fashion opinion! Even if it doesn't actually work out like I imagine. LOL.


  1. Those are super cute (albeit entirely too "cool" for me! I confess that I briefly considered telling you to send me the black pair!)! I really love how your husband gives his opinion on things - I have to hide all my purchases from mine and when I finally debut them, it's either "fine" or "ugh". :P

  2. I love the booties, too; I definitely need to find a pair that I like! i visited the anthropologie in an upscale mall in Richmond this afternoon and was really disappointed because I couldn't even find anything on my wish list (the store is not very big). I like the one in Charlottesville better.