Thursday, October 21, 2010

OOTD: Denim on Denim

Normally I would not have even gotten dressed today! I teach a class in the morning and a class in the evening, so what's the point of getting dressed in between? Honestly, I was planning on napping the entire afternoon....

But in a very complicated, very unfortunate series of events, I DID end up getting dressed today. The short explanation is that Husband owed me pancakes. (And he will have to earn back my trust before he is ever entreated to refrigerate my leftover iHop strawberry-banana pancakes again....) To even the score, we ended up going to iHop AGAIN for lunch, where I opted for the pumpkin pancakes this time.....mmMMMmmmm.......

Because this outfit was basically unplanned and short-lived, I did a little experimenting. (Because there's no place like IHop for being fashion forward!) I started the outfit with my black JCrew turtleneck, my Miz Mooz boots and my AE skinny jeans. Then I added a Forever 21 knotted necklace and my old Gap jean jacket (which has seen enough of the Goodwill pile to know that it's living on thin ice).

Can you mix denim with denim? I've seen plenty of celebrities do it lately, and, I admit that I don't feel like this is *awful*. But is it a little too country? Is it pushed over the edge by the fact that I went to buy Blake Shelton tickets in this outfit after lunch?

Oh, and you can thank my Husband for cutting off the top of my head in this picture! His response to my admonishment? 

"It's a fashion blog---not a haircut blog!" 

Wise man I married....


  1. When I saw your post title, I was all prepared to laugh at you and reference Meathead from All in the Family and his constant denim on denim ensembles, but your outfit is totally cute! I think you can mix the denim if they are different enough in color (although I'd probably still be too much of a wuss to try it!)

  2. hahaaha meathead is not quite the look i was going for! but now that's all i will be able to think about it when i try it!!! lol

  3. He wore denim SHIRTS and jeans though so that's a whole different ballgame when it comes to denim on denim action! LOL