Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OOTD: Everyone Knows It's Windy

Brrrr! Isn't it ironic that I've been *dying* for fall weather for three months, and now that it's finally a little chilly, I'm whining about how cold my office is? Ironic. Don't ya think?

I wanted to get to work early this morning, but my closet would have nothing of it. I tried on Outfit #1 and didn't quite love it.......ten outfits and thirty minutes later......I threw Outfit #1 back on and said, Deal with it! I wanted to go to Starbucks, but the road was closed out of my neighborhood so that I had no choice but to drive in the opposite direction of my caramel macchiato. Not cool, utility company. Not. Cool. 

It was super windy outside, and I ended up adding my new J.Crew glovelettes to keep warm in my office, which has the tendency to be either sweltering hot or freezing cold. An otherwise blah day took a turn for the better when my boss said my Excel spreadsheet was AH-mazing. You might even say that I *excel* at Excel. SHAZAM! :)

This is my silver Oratory Dress, Proscenium Cardigan, Boden Messenger Bag, Circle Game Belt, Miz Mooz boots, Anthropologie polka-dot tights (that my sister bought for me!), and my new Urban Outfitters Asymmetrical Free Bird Necklace in goldsilver. Here's a closeup of my necklace and all those fine buttons:

And thanks everybody for the nice comments the other day on my Banana Republic recreation! I think I might be brave and pull out my fedora in the next few the meantime, I just bought this Slouchy Beanie from Free People, which Husband and I both love! So this might be a good baby step into hat-dom. :)

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  1. You looked really pretty in this outfit despite the wind!