Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OOTD: Free People

This morning, my husband's car battery died, so he had to take my car to work, because he had a meeting at 10, but then his meeting got canceled, so he came home and jumped his car off my car, and then he decided not to go back to work. 

What does this all mean to me? It means he took me to Dunkin Donuts this morning! Yay! It also means we went and bought our Bill Cosby tickets. Double yay! It also means that I didn't get to work until 1 pm and just got home about twenty minutes ago. Yuck. But, hey, we all have to make sacrifices for love, food, and laughter sometimes----right? :)

So a big, warm welcome to all my new followers over from my sister's blog, Princess of Taylor. Isn't she so sweet!!?? If you haven't entered her fun giveaway yet, click here. I can't wait to see what the secret prizes are!

Onto my outfit! I just bought these two tops from Free People, which I only recently discovered online. Its hard and soft combinations quickly drew me in, but it's pretty ridiculously expensive. Lucky for me, the tank top I was eyeing went on sale a few weeks ago, woohoo! I sized down to a Small, but it's still pretty loose-fitting. I don't think I'd want to size down any further, because then I'm afraid it would emphasize my hips even more. My husband says the graphic looks like a cat (I think it's supposed to be a horse?). Whatev!

The Lace Mock Neck Top is one of the lace tops I was debating over a few posts ago. I bought this in the black, and sized up to a Large. It's comfortable. So comfortable that I might even have been able to take my regular size Medium. The neck is a little loose and there seems like a lot of extra fabric on the sleeves, but it's not anything too bothersome. I had plenty of room to put a short-sleeve tee under this, and it wasn't scratchy or constricting at all.

As for the rest, I'm wearing my Miz Mooz boots again, my Simply Sketched Pants, and Boden Messenger Bag.

That's all for now! I bought a few shoes from Urban Outfitters, so be on the lookout for some reviews later this week.


  1. I've really been enjoying the lace trend this fall, that top looks great on you!

  2. Mrs.LifeAccounts----Thank you! I'm lovin the lace, too---I very much anticipate buying at least one more lace top this season! I might even branch out to one of Free People's more wacky colors, like bubble-gum pink or maroon!