Friday, October 1, 2010

OOTD: Friday Prepster

I should be watching Dateline NBC right now, but Husband is playing soccer on XBOX Live. Grrr. *Someone* is cruelly  exploiting our new DVR, hmm?

**YAY, he's quitting! I think I have some kind of supernatural telepathic power!**

Today I would have loved to have a pair of leopard flats. Coincidentally, yesterday I DID have a pair of leopard flats. But today they are going back to ::sniff, sniff:: They were not very comfy and too shiny. But do not worry, friends, I will find a pair soon! 

In the meantime, herringbone will have to pick up the slack. It's my AG Stevie Crops, white JCrew long-sleeve blouse, and yellow LOFT popover sweater. Also my Boden Messenger bag --yada,yada,yada-- and a LOFT silver cuff. 

Keith Morrison----here I come!


  1. You look so pretty in yellow!

  2. You look really cute! I'm interested to see how your leopard flat saga unfolds. I'd like a pair myself, but I'd like them to be classic leopard or funky leopard instead of trendy leopard (if that is remotely possible). Do you like the ones Boden has right now? I find them pretty groovy visually, but I'm afraid my weirdly shaped feet would just find them painful.


  3. Sally---why thank you! :) I felt quite sunny today.

    Beth---Yes, I like the Boden leopard flats with the buckle. They keep it classy, yes? I also prefer their "furry" finish to the cheaper-looking satin/shiny finish on the ones I tried (Michael Antonio Panic Ballet Flats). I've often fancied the look of Boden's shoes, but haven't tried them out to know about sizing, quality or comfort.

    My current dilemma is: Do I invest in a classy pair of flats like Boden's or Ann Taylor's? Or do I buy cheap flats from JCPenney to wear until I find the "perfect" pair?

    I'll probably resort to some in-store shopping for this one, just because the shoe's real-life appearance is such a big factor in leopard I rambling?....anddddd done. :)

  4. I got a great pair of leopard flats from a local store here that sells the brand Soda. They were around $20 and super comfy!

    Also, target has some cute ones also!

  5. Andie---Ooh, I like the pop of red on those Soda leopard shoes. The comfort of flats, with a touch of vixen! :)