Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OOTD: Stripes (x2)

For the past few nights, Husband and I have been watching Friday the 13th movies. 

We already knew "the twist" of movie #1, so it was kind of a yawn. But #2 had us jumping out of our boots. And #3 (aka the 3-D one!) was campy, but still scary! Film #4 was streamlined for maximum gore. And Film #5 was just plain dumb. Film #6 went back to its original glory (and added a camp full of little kids to worry about!), and Film #7 added a kick-ass heroine. And it keeps going and going and going and going.....

I had never seen any of them before, and now it's become kind of an obsession just so we can say we saw all of them! And, truthfully, when you know all the back story about "Jason," he's much scarier. I just always thought he was some psycho hockey player! 

It's also intriguing to see the evolution of the characters and humor in the movies, which started in 1980 and came out with a sequel every year. The one constant, however, is that I find myself compelled to shout at the TV "cute boots" at least once in every film. LOL. Those 1980's girls really knew how to rock the ankle boot!

Now I am sitting on the couch watching Friday the 13th: The Series, which was on TV in the late 1980s. It's about two antique dealers who hunt the world for spooky artifacts. Awesome 1980s goodness. I used to watch this show with my dad when I was younger (this, and Beyond Reality, which starred Harry Belafonte's daughter. DAY-O!)

Speaking of my dad, we went to lunch at Arby's today, and I broke out my brand-new LOFT purchase: the striped side pleat tee in twilight magenta (size Medium) and the Bold Brush Stripe Scarf in twilight magenta. That's right. LOFT handed me this pattern combination on a silver platter. And it's so pretty with the grey and the brown and the magenta! I'm also wearing my AG Stevie Crops and my Miz Mooz boots.

Here's a closeup of the twilight magenta patterns.


  1. ha! I am that way with the Halloween movies! One year I watched every single one over the course of two weeks.

    Cute outfit!

  2. Oh eeek! I'm not allowed to watch scary movies! Just reading your post will probably give me nightmares! LOL

    Your outfit is too cute! I love the purple!