Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OOTD: Today and Tonight

Last night, Husband and I watched a movie called JCVD, which stars Jean Claude Van himself. Some of the story is based on Van Damme's real life, and some of the story is purely fictitious. It's kind of surreal, and probably too complicated to explain adequately in the space allotted here. But, just trust me and rent it if you can (Netflix has it). It follows Van Damme the movie hero's return to his home of Brussels, and how he gets mixed up in a bank robbery. You don't even have to know a lot about Van Damme to appreciate the film, but you may just come away from it wanting to give him a big ol' bear hug (like me!).

Tonight we're sitting on the couch watching Jason take Manhattan. ::groan::

 But the good news is that you get two outfit pics for the price of one!

Today's weather was horribly muggy and not so much fun (for me OR my frizzy hair....). I wore my Bianka blouse in the black motif, my J.Crew toothpick ankle pants in soft ochre, and my Miz Mooz boots. Very equestrian chic, I think. :)

Tonight, after my aerobics class, Husband and I went out for sushi to celebrate my 27th birthday (a day early). I pulled out my Know the Ropes dress, Circle Game Belt, Proscenium Cardigan, and same Miz Mooz boots. We ordered our favorite "Sumo Roll," which has grilled tuna with a light tempura and drenched in yummy sauces. We also tried a sweet potato tempura roll, a scallop roll, and a spicy chicken tempura roll. Fabulous!
Husband wanted to get both puppies in the picture. So you get demure Docker shying away from the camera and brazen Jack licking my knee(?!?!?). Oh, and our messy kitchen/dining room. 

Have a great night! 


  1. Everyone looks so cute in that blouse! Now I need it! And too funny about the dogs - mine just wander into the background occasionally! LOL