Monday, November 29, 2010

OOTD: Layers upon Layers

Today at 10:30 AM when I left for work, my outfit seemed like an OK idea. Unfortunately, seven hours later when I left my office, my toes were frozen, my dress was staticky, and I inadvertently turned my jacket sleeve into a tourniquet because my arm was bent for 20 minutes holding my cell phone up to my ear. But, hey, at least my hair improved over the course of the day! Yay for positivity!

I meant to take a picture without my jacket on, but my camera is kinda wonky at the moment, and Husband says we need to send it off to the manufacturer to get it fixed. And anyway, my office is super cold and I didn't take off my jacket all day so really, I'm just being faithful to my fashion text. Yay for transparency!

(LOFT dress, Very Volatile Warrior booties,
Berry Bush tights, LOFT purple cardigan,
Circle Game Belt, Bolton's brown leather jacket,
Kohl's nude half-slip, LOFT grey tee,
old plaid scarf)
Surprisingly, I think all the patterns I mixed go pretty well together (the tights; the dress; the scarf), probably because they've all got the same color purple in them. I did not, however, feel as confident mixing my neutrals today. It's hard making sure you don't look too "matchy-matchy," but on the other end of the spectrum, also making sure you don't look like a crazy cat lady.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

OOTD: Vest(ival) Festival

I hope everyone had a fantabulous Thanksgiving like I did! I only wish I could have spent more time with my family before our vacation was over! We pretty much ate and ate and ate.....and watched the Patriots win.....ate and ate and ate....and watched Punkin Chunkin 2010 for a few hours....and then ate some more.

We drove home on Friday, so we didn't get to do any Black Friday shopping. So tonight, I am gearing up for Cyber Monday.

Well....actually, I'm not. At the moment, I'm burnt out on shopping, and my stuffed closet is starting to really get on my nerves. has a great deal if you're looking to stock up on some shoes ($30 off $100; $60 off $200; $100 off $300), and it's already active on their Website. I'm going to spend the rest of the night trying to maximize my savings, because Endless must know that a lot of these shoes are going to be returned (in effect, cancelling out a lot of the customer savings). I am still looking for oxfords and maybe a cute lace-up wedge bootie.

I'm also hoping that J.Crew will have a good sale with a percentage off AND free shipping, so I can buy my Donegal tweed pants and maybe a cashmere sweater....Otherwise, I'll avoid most other retailers because I'll either A.) want to buy things I don't really need, or B.) see my previous purchases at a much cheaper price. Neither scenario makes me smile.

This weekend, I was all about comfort but it was a little chilly so I relied on warm vests for added layers. This first outfit (from today) features my new Limited puffer vest. The fur collar is detachable, and though it tickled my face a little, it made the vest seem much more luxe. I tried the size Small first, thinking I wouldn't want it to be too bulky, but it was too short. So I took my regular Medium.

(Limited puffer vest, Limited white Tee, LOFT jeans, Miz Mooz boots)

My second outfit (from Saturday) features my Old Navy fleece vest. I bought this black vest last year and really love it. So a few days ago, I bought this year's version in white and carbon grey. :) I also wore my new American Eagle men's plaid flannel shirt (size small). The Website says this color is "AE Blue," but it's most definitely grey/black/white. This outfit was completely utilitarian, because we had our second Thanksgiving of the year (this time with Husband's family!) and I didn't know whether Husband's 10-year-old nephew would want to go hiking in the woods behind their house. (It was too cold! We ended up playing Angry Birds!)

(ON black fleece vest, AE plaid men's shirt, LOFT jeans, Miz Mooz boots, Ann Taylor pearl earrings)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OOTD: Mirror Images

We got a big Anthropologie sale this morning---what fun! Plus, it sounds like there may be even more markdowns tomorrow! Whee!

I bought a few pairs of pants, a few pairs of tights, and this dress, which was a complete impulse buy!

Onto my outfit of the day. The top portion of my outfit came together pretty easily this morning. But then I had to figure out what to wear on the bottom, and I hit a roadblock. So being lazy, I just repeated the same color scheme from up top (brown and light grey). Not my first choice, of course, but hey, it got me out the door and on the road to work, so I'm happy.
LOFT grey tee; Banana Republic outlet brown sweater; Blue pashmina (gift that mom bought in Turkey);
Banana Republic skirt; Target grey footless tights; Miz Mooz boots 
Also, good news: Docker got her stitches out! I wasn't present at the time, but a little birdie told me that she was very brave and that she made a new dachshund BFF at the vet. Good girl, Docker!

Monday, November 22, 2010

OOTD: Pattern Trickster

Only three days till Thanksgiving. Hooray! I hope my sister makes her delicious sweet potato pie (*hint, hint*). Normally she has to make two whole batches because between me and her Husband, that stuff goes quick!

Sadly, I'm not much of a cook myself. But a few years ago, I volunteered to make the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. (InStyle magazine had an interesting-looking recipe by Katie Lee, ex-Top Chef host, ex-wife of Billy Joel, and EX-cellent cook, I must say...) But did you know that scallions and shallots are not the same thing?


Unfortunately, I didn't learn this tidbit until *after* I tried to slice and caramelize the scallions. Yummmm....burnt onions. After a quick trip to the grocery store to rectify my ingredient mishap and cooking attempt #2, the mashed potatoes with caramelized shallots were a success. Well, at least, I thought so.

I offered to make the mashed potatoes again this year, and Grandma said we'd just make instant... :)

Ann Taylor black cashmere v-neck sweater, Muted Garden Henley, Charlotte Russe skirt, Anne Klein Ladell boots, Gap thigh-high socks

Today, I was a little apprehensive about wearing my new Gap thigh-high cable socks, but I just kept telling myself that if I was confident then everyone would think they looked cool! I started out with my hair in a braid, but decided that might look too "school-girl," so I spent the rest of the car ride to the mall trying to muss my hair up. In case you were wondering, I did end up getting my PA at The Limited for my new vest, so I am quite pleased with them now!

My mom told me today that I did a good job mixing patterns because my mauve henley and taupe skirt don't actually go together at all but I tricked people into thinking they do! (Or something to that effect....) LOL.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

OOTD: Starbucks BOGO

Today I went shopping with my mom. We checked out LOFT's Friends & Family 30% event, but, what can I say? Meh. I just get so frustrated with their pricing shenanigans that I never feel good about making purchases there anymore. I just dread the next time I check my e-mail and see some "even-better" deal starting tomorrow.

Instead, we spent the bulk of our cash at The Limited today, where my mom bought some really pretty colored tops (including this cobalt blue one) and I found this adorable fur-lined puffer vest. Of course, we were still not immune to the pricing shenanigans. I paid full price (::heart attack::) but *supposedly* this will be rectified on Monday. Only time will tell.

After our strenuous day of shopping, we tried some seasonal pumpkin pretzels at Pretzelmaker-Pretzel Time (drizzled in caramel---yum!) and then we went to Starbucks for their special on holiday drinks. The buy-one-get-one-free special began Thursday and ends Sunday; it's at participating stores from 2-5 pm. Today is my third straight day of peppermint white mochas. YUM!

(Banana Republic cardigan; River Bow Necklace; Simply Sketched Pants; Old black boots; J.Crew black perfect-fit crewneck tee; Free People black beanie; Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Real Thang vs. Knockoff: Anthropologie Curly Top Cardigan

Since I've been limiting my online shopping to a few select stores recently, I haven't been spotting as many knockoffs, but this one caught my eye while mourning my beloved shorts at Talbots.

Today, I found a great discount code at Fabulous Florida Mommy for 25% off and free shipping, but OF COURSE my shorts have sold out in my size. I blogged about them here. Oh well, back to the drawing board...

In the meantime, on to the knockoff. I really loved the Curly Top Cardigan at Anthropologie (especially the blue!), but I missed out on it when it hit sale and I dawdled. Talbots has a similar version called the Rosette Cardigan on sale for $69.99 (before the discount!). The Rosette Cardigan is not nearly as dramatic with the ruffles, and seems more classic than quirky, but that blue! Love it.... Besides blue bell, the sweater also comes in soft violet, mist heather, black, and ivory. Also, it looks like the Talbot rosettes only go down the entire length of the sweater on the button-hole side, which could be an issue when wearing it unbuttoned.

The Real Thang:

The Knock-Off:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OOTD: The 2010 Goodbye Tour Begins

This morning when I woke up I had a surprisingly jaunty step in my walk. I took a shower, watched old-school America's Next Top Model episodes as I got ready for work, and then I proudly pulled out my Starbucks "Free Birthday Drink Coupon" for registering my Starbucks Gift Card. What a day! ::ALL SMILES::

You see, after my "closet crisis" last night, I decided to go through my closet and purge all the clothes I just wasn't sold on keeping. I put all these clothes neatly folded in a big, pink laundry basket in the middle of my bedroom and came up with a plan: For the rest of 2010, I am going to wear a couple of these items each week and finally decide: should it stay or should it go!

Actually, there will be more than just a "KEEP" or "DONATE" pile. I will also have a "WEAR FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR AND THEN THROW AWAY" pile (for my saddest-looking lounge pants). And a "TAKE TO THE TAILOR AND FIX" pile (for hems that are just a little off). And maybe even a "KEEP IN CASE I LOSE 10 POUNDS" pile (for that Banana Republic skirt that just keeps pulling funny...).


Bad Suzanne. No more piles.

Anyway, I had such great intentions for this new "Goodbye Tour" exercise that I wore THREE items from my pile this morning.

1. My Banana Republic turtleneck that I bought in a Large coz it was the only size left and super cheap, but it always seemed big. But as a layer, I love the forest-green color! KEEP!

2. My cheap green socks, that match my turtleneck, thankyouverymuch. Get used to these puppies, ladies, coz these are being WORN LIBERALLY THROUGH YEAR-END, THEN TOSSED. 

3. And Number Three. ::sighhhh:: Number Three. These are my Ann Taylor Loft grey dress pants. I bought these back when I liked to hide behind big, loose clothing so they're really a size too big. The hem was always too long to wear with my requisite flats, but I took one for the team today and wore my Seychelles mary-jane heels. Problem fixed!

Oh, no, Suzanne. Problem not fixed. Unfortunately, I didn't take my pictures until I got to work, at which point, I said, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PANTS? Well, first of all, my zipper was down. Go team! But even after I corrected my indecent faux pas, these pants were still just----I don't know...-----off. They're a size 10 (one size too big), and I'm realizing that even though I can get away with wearing them lower on my hips, their being a size too big is messing up the fit everywhere else, too!

I ended up taking a gazillion pictures before finally I just said----forget it! The pants legs were just so wide that they were doing the craziest things down there without my consent. This was the only picture that came out halfway OK, and I don't even have any feet!

(Also wearing my Old Navy fleece vest and an old LOFT pendant necklace)

So my question is----do I get these pants tailored? Or do I just buy brand-new dress pants that already fit? I don't really need any dress pants at the moment, but if I had them, I would wear them! I'm just not sure if it's better to work with what I've got or to start anew. I hate condoning a throw-away society, but these weren't too expensive to begin with so I don't want to invest a lot of $$ into them.... I also don't even know if it's possible to fix these pants in the way I need them to be fixed??

I await your verdicts...... :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Closet Crisis: Too Many Clothes

Today I sat around all day doing nothing (are we seeing a pattern here?), and boredom eventually drove me into my closet, where I tried recreating some J.Crew outfits from the 2010 holiday catalog.

The exercise ended up being a success, and I have a few great ideas for outfits later this week. I'm actually inspired to go through all the rest of my magazine clippings and saved Website images and do the same thing.

Because I don't know about you, but I'm constantly cutting out all these "inspirational" images and seeing outfits I like on other blogs, but I never get around to actually using all these great resources. By the time I'm getting dressed, with endless possibilities and my overloaded closet, it's hard to pinpoint my wardrobe goal for the day.

I guess the same problem could be identified in my shopping habits. With regular weekly Anthropologie sales (and now, Black Friday sales looming over us everywhere), it's easy to buy, buy, buy, without really taking a moment to wear, wear, wear. Today, I haven't (yet) bought anything from the Anthropologie sale (although my Feathered Perch Skirt is down to 80 bucks!), because especially after seeing my closet, I'm really frustrated by what I have, what I want, and what I don't really need. Anybody have any good closet-purging tips? 

A few days ago, I picked out the few things I really want to buy at the moment, although it's not necessarily an exhaustive or particularly affordable list, I am hoping to use it as a guide for the rest of the year so I don't go absolutely bonkers this holiday sale season... We'll see how I do....

The goods:

1. Talbots Flannel Belted Shorts (I love the look of winter shorts with tights)

2. Talbots Fine-Gauge Crewneck Sweater in Soft Violet (This is more conceptual, not necessarily this shirt specficially. I like the idea of pastels paired with the Feathered Perch Skirt...)

3. Anthropologie Opaque Tights in Red (ready to pair these with the D'Armee Dress AND the Wightwick Manor Dress!)

4. J.Crew Wide-Rib Wool Tights in bronzed ochre (For the Wightwick Manor Dress and the grey shorts!)

5. Anthropologie Wightwick Manor Dress (I love shirtdresses! And this pattern is divine...)

6. J.Crew Cashmere Femme Cardigan in Soft Peacock (This is another conceptual one; I was surprised the other day to find that I don't have any vibrant blue cardigans---a total failure for me since blue is like my signature color! This sweater seems luxe and has lots of great color options, but it's so darn expensive.)

7. J.Crew Donegal Tweed Minnie (I must have these pants. That is all.)

8. Anthropologie Feathered Perch Skirt (It's just a navy skirt---is it worth $80? It's been so long since I got to try it on in the store that I can't remember if I even liked it anymore...I tried on the size 8, and from my foggy memory, I am considering sizing up to a 10 and hemming as needed. But I just can't remember!)

9. Anthropologie D'armee Dress (I have been waiting so patiently, Anthro. Please go on sale!!)

Oh, and, unfortunately, Jackers felt the heavy burden of my closet crisis today, too.......

Oh, mommy. Please tell me this mess will be cleaned up before bedtime....

Monday, November 15, 2010

OOTD: Thigh-Highs

Today I broke out my new Target thigh-high socks. Not bad for five bucks, eh?

For the past few weeks, I had been pining for some fancy pairs over at Free People for about $20 each, and then a few days ago, I ended up purchasing some at Gap for about $8. Then, the next day, I went to Target, and saw these for only $5.

I justified buying this grey pair because I missed out on the grey Gap ones I liked so much (they sold out; I ended up getting two pairs of the white). Since the socks I want to wear always seem to be in the dirty laundry hamper, I figured that backup pairs are always a good idea.

(Old LOFT sweater gifted from my sister; old Express tank top;
old J.Crew shorts; Target thigh-highs; Miz Mooz boots)
Honestly, I didn't really care too much how these socks looked. Why? Because:

A. They were comfortable.
B. I got to wear some of my neglected shorts, and
C. They kept my legs warm on a cold day.

Folks, that's what we call a win-win-win situation.

Friday, November 12, 2010

OOTD: Herringbone Blazer

Today my yellow Lab, Docker, had surgery to remove a fatty tumor in her side. She came out just fine, but I foresee a very sleepless night for all of us, because she's been having trouble lying down comfortably all night. Poor thing! And I think Jack (our cocker spaniel) is having sympathy pains. He sat on the couch and cried all afternoon while Docker was away! Now, of course, he's just sad because he's not getting as much attention as his sister!

I have to get up early tomorrow to substitute-teach two aerobics classes. On the one hand, it's nice to basically get paid for doing the same set twice in a row, but, boy, does it wear me out! If I'm very sweet though, Husband might offer to take me to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast afterwards. (Cross your fingers!)

This is my outfit from today, which is not only unremarkable, but totally non-photogenic. This is the only half-decent picture I took (out of about ten), and the most blog-worthy part is that the doorknob makes me look like the incredible shrinking woman.

I bought this sparkly belt from LOFT with the specific purpose of wearing it as a necklace (like Chloe of The Chloe Conspiracy always does!), though I had some trouble styling it to my satisfaction, and I bought this Gap herringbone blazer (because Kendi of Kendi Everyday looked so cute in it!).........Hey, what can I say? I'm a fish.

Also featured in this outfit are my LOFT jeans, my Tommy Hilfiger brown boots, my black J.Crew tee, and my LOFT purple V-neck cashmere sweater.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

OOTD: Crazy Cat Lady

That's right. I'm the Crazy Cat Lady. Pleasure to meet you.

This is the first time I've worn my Victorian Valentine skirt, which I bought on sale way back in July. It's not that I didn't like it---in fact, quite the opposite, I *loved* this skirt the second I tried it on. I just don't reach for skirts in my closet very often. This was a real risky buy because when I first spotted this skirt I was simultaneously intrigued and horrified. The shape seemed flattering enough, but it was truly the borderline-psychotic pattern that drew me in.

It's got flowers.

It's got feathers.

It's got cherries.

It's got cherubs.

It's got mirrors.

Oh, yeah.....and it's got cats.

But, seriously, look at this picture and tell me that you see any of those things!!! It just looks like a really colorful blob pattern, doesn't it? LOL. 

Old Navy scarf; Limited grey tee; Miz Mooz boots; Victorian Valentine skirt;
Coach purse gifted from my sister!; J.Crew boiled wool sweater 
Speaking of crazy cat ladies, I actually wore this outfit yesterday and meant to post it last night. But I got mad at my husband after work and started stomping around the house looking for my laptop, which I couldn't find. So clearly he had stolen it. But, oh, no, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of asking where it was, so instead, I lay in bed with the puppies and watched House reruns all night.

And of course, while getting ready for bed, I moved a big pile of skirts and *poof* there was my laptop underneath.

Crazy Cat Lady, indeed...

Monday, November 8, 2010

OOTD: Catharsis

When I was a child, my mom kept a decorative block of wood in our kitchen behind the sink. It was a thin rectangular block, and on the front side, it had a bunch of sticks glued down in a mishmash of two-dimensional shapes----some sticks with ends touching, others just jutting out into the void. Short sticks with long sticks. Parallel lines with perpendicular ones. Triangles with squares. But not a curve in sight.

At first glance, it always just looked like a bunch of random sticks. What did it mean? But, if I squinted my eyes just right, sometimes, I could see between the sticks. That is when I realized that the void in-between those slivers of wood was not just black space. It actually spelled a word: SERVE.

I guess you could call it an early incarnation of the magic-eye trick. On mornings before school, as I sat in my PJs at the kitchen table, it would catch my glance--those sticks-- and I would again clench my teeth and lower my eyes and----A-HA!

You've been served, old block.

In later years, the block kept its place of honor at the kitchen sink, but I no longer strained to understand its hidden meaning. I began to see the word right away, without any effort. And because of that, the piece lost some of its mystery to me. But at times I still found myself squinting intently---not to find meaning in the piece, but to destroy meaning. To rediscover the formlessness of the wood, rather than imposing order upon it. To go back to a time when the world just *was*.... before there were concrete expectations, and rights and wrongs.

I often think about that block now and how--if I tried hard enough--I could float between both worlds. Enlightenment and darkness. Mediation and immediacy. Design and randomness. And I think about how nice it would be if I could just as easily transition between other "a-ha! moments" in my life.... or maybe not so much slide back and forth, but to simply retreat. To throw on my PJs and nestle into the "before" when the world was open and full of possibilities---not tied down by one, finite word: SERVE.

I didn't get much sleep last night because I finally voiced my intentions to quit a volunteer position that nearly killed me this summer. Melodramatic? Maybe. But the stress it induced opened a floodgate of insecurities and guilt within me that I'd like to dam back up again, thank you very much. Quitting was probably the hardest thing I've ever done, because I DON'T QUIT THINGS. I also CAN'T SAY NO. I mean, that's how I got roped into the whole mess to begin with. But, honestly, who of us can say that dreadful word? I feel like many women today silently suffer the same plight because we want to be everything to everyone. I told Husband that at least this horrible experience has taught me that I have limits. No, he said, it just taught you that it's OK to admit it.

Banana Republic long grey sweater; J.Crew black tissue turtleneck teeAnn Taylor Loft taupe skirt shortened by Mom; Verveine NecklaceGrey tights; Anne Klein Ladell Boot in Black Suede (on sale!)

P.S. I promise that I'm not nearly as pathetically depressed as this post makes it sound! But it was quite cathartic to write this all down in a somewhat productive manner (as opposed to sending Husband yet another "frowney" face text message) And Husband already vetoed my completely reasonable request to move to Washington state....tomorrow.....So thank you for letting me blow some steam.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

OOTD: J-E-L-L-O (aka A Night with Bill Cosby)

On Friday night, Husband and I went to see Bill Cosby perform. We were very curious to see if he would have an opening act (like Jerry Seinfeld did earlier this year), but our question was answered pretty quickly when a few minutes after the 8 pm showtime, the man himself sauntered out onto the stage and sat down in a makeshift "living room" setting with a chair, a table, and a trashcan. He wore open-toed sandals, athletic windbreaker pants and a grey sweatshirt emblazoned with the phrase "HELLO FRIEND." The only aspect belying the intimate setting was the large TV screen hung up behind him so that all us cheapskates in the upper balcony seats didn't miss out on any of Cosby's renowned facial expressions!

He started out tentatively, asking a roadie to bring out water a few times and the sound guy to turn down the echoing sound, both lighthearted requests that warmed the audience up just as effectively as an "opening act" would have, and serving the double purpose of endearing Cosby to his audience right from the start.

For the next two hours and fifteen minutes, Cosby told a series of funny stories, ranging from fried turkey fiascos to his grandchild's Godzilla obsession to his confusion about the Book of Genesis. Apparently, (at least according to Husband) some of the stories were his old standby jokes, but it was all new to me, and even Husband enjoyed the nostalgic flavor of the oldies but goodies. He had an overall theme of "Thanksgiving" jokes, which he almost skipped, when early on he started to tell a Halloween story and stopped mid-sentence because the "voices in his head" were telling him to do the Thanksgiving bit.

At seventy-three years old, Cosby was just as lovable and vibrant as I always imagine him, with a little bit of curmudgeonly grandfather tossed in, too. A few times while watching him, scenes from Ghost Dad (my Cosby-throwback memory of choice) popped into my head with a certain inflection in his voice, or movement of his hands. I occasionally caught myself focusing more on the large TV screen behind Cosby, and I tried to force myself to watch him instead, to get the real experience rather than filtered through a TV lens.

At the end of the night, my face hurt from smiling for two straight hours, and my abs ached from laughing. I had even laughed at all of the wife jokes that normally seem jaded to me in comedy routines--but from Cosby they seemed more like an endearing tribute to his life and family. (And how could I contain myself when he complained about how his wife gives him only one drawer in the house for his clothes....and it's always moving....) He even managed to slip in a few "grown-up" jokes without ever having to elaborate inappropriately (I saw some young kids in attendance). In fact, his timidity and feigned baffledness at such topics, was itself funnier than any explicit joke would have been.

All in all, it was a fantastic night, and very reasonably priced, which I'm going to further attribute to Cosby's awesomeness (even though I have no idea how prices get figured). And, dear readers, for allowing me to indulge myself today in preserving these fond memories on my blog, I leave you with an outfit.  A boring one, yes, but it features my new Verveine Necklace from Anthro's latest sale. When I put this necklace on Saturday morning, Husband confusedly asked me, "You do know we're only going to Dunkin' Donuts, right?"

Oh, Husband....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

OOTD: Buoyant but Bored

Today was the slowest, most boring day EVER at work!

I much prefer when work is busy because the day just flies by. Also, since I get paid by the hour, on slow days I have quite a predicament:

Do I give up and drive home 45 minutes immediately, even though I've only worked an hour? Or do I sit around being bored for another couple of hours just to make it worth the trip?


Today I ended up getting all wrapped up in a huge project that I've been putting off forever, and stayed a couple of hours longer than I would have even normally intended! Double yuck.

Anyway, at least I'm feeling good about my outfit today! I think I finally accomplished one of my fashion goals completely by accident!

I love looks that are blousy on top and fitted on the bottom, but I've been having trouble figuring out the proportions. Yesterday, my latest Anthropologie order arrived, including my Found Foliates Tank and Buoyant Bunches Cardi in wine. They don't *really* match (the leaves on the top are dusty rose, purple, black, teal, and bright blue), but I thought the pieces still look cute together. The slim-fit pants and mid-calf boots keep my bottom half looking long and lean, and the scarf draws attention to my face. I'm learning, guys!

The Found Foliates Tank is not at all what I expected, but I fell in love with it after trying it on. It's super soft jersey and has a flowy fit. I got my regular size Medium. The straps are actually ribbon, and the ends  have to be tied in the back (they slide through the fabric back of the shirt), sort of like a halter top. So you'd need to wear a strapless bra to wear it alone. The bow makes the back a bit bulgy under a layer, but not too bothersome.

The Buoyant Bunches Cardigan is a Medium, and it's pretty fitted, but I wouldn't size up since it doesn't need to close. The sleeves are about 3 inches past my elbow, so this couldn't be a top layer in the winter. It's more of an early-fall layer. It's very casual, and I think when it wears out (hopefully, not too soon), this cardigan could definitely serve double-duty as a lounging-around cover-up with a little pizzazz.

I also added my Simply Sketched Pants, which are sold out online but are showing up in my Wishlist priced at a second cut of $19.95. Wowzers! Also, my mid-calf brown Tommy Hilfiger boots and a pashmina my mom got for me when she went to the Mediterranean.

For being such a boring day, things got much more exciting later tonight when Husband and I went to see BILL COSBY! It was really great. I'll try to write up a post this weekend to give you more of the details! In the meantime, goodnight and pleasant dreams! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

OOTD: Denim Weekend

Today is rainy and cold, and I'm exhausted because I stayed up too late playing Rock Band 3 with Husband last night, so I'm not planning on getting too dressed up today. Lucky for us, I still have a few outfit pics that I never posted.

This outfit is what I wore for part of my belated-birthday bash over the weekend. We went to eat at Outback Steakhouse (alice springs chicken and bloomin onion----yum!), after we went to a performance of monster Broadway songs by some local high schoolers. It was good, but we were kind of shocked at how much all the Broadway plays borrowed from other media (Shrek....Rocky Horror Picture Show....Little Shop of Horrors...Beauty and the Beast....Evil Obviously, it's safer for production companies to invest in a project that already has a built-in fan base, but it's kind of embarrassing how shamelessly they fall back on "sequels" and "adaptations." Anyway...

This is my LOFT denim tunic paired with a J.Crew navy perfect-fit tee, my Stormy Plaid Tights, my Miz Mooz boots, and my brand-new River Bow Necklace that my sister got me for my birthday! I wore it straight out of the gift box. :) And it just went on sale so I'm crossing my fingers that Kathleen can get a price adjustment!!!

I ordered a few pairs of boots from Endless yesterday (I am seriously a shoe-trying fiend...) and they should be arriving in the next few days, so I'll keep you posted. I'm looking for a casual low boot, similar to the Nine West Peroxy that I reviewed here. I keep thinking maybe I should re-try the Peroxy, because maybe it wasn't that bad? Maybe if I tried a different color? Or with thick socks to add some texture? We'll see... 

Hope you had a great Thursday!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OOTD: The Caped Crusader

Today I wore my brand-spankin-new Safekeeping Capelet.


I had been stalking this baby since I saw it in Anthro's latest set of adorable outfit pictures (below), and Husband surprised me and got it for my birthday!! He's the best!

I'm wearing a size Medium and it fits perfectly. It is a cropped fit, so you have to like that style, of course. The fabric is so soft and it's very comfortable to wear. It's lightweight (perfect for a nice fall day), but I was able to wear two thin layers underneath and stayed quite cozy all day. The coin purse it comes with is darling (the purse is attached to the coat by the side-pocket zipper, but you press down on the zipper prong and the purse detaches)

I totally want to recreate this entire look, and I surprisingly have most of the components already (except for the maroon undershirt and snazzy patterned, so really, scratch that last statement about having most of the components"). .....Oh, and the bike. But since I don't actually know how to ride a bike, well......we'll just let that one slide.....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

OOTD: Clearance Shopper

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!

As for me, my Halloween was pretty much identical to the way it is every year. I get really excited and fill decorated treat bags with candy and toys, and then I spend the entire night staring out my window looking for nonexistent trick-or-treaters. It's pretty sad, actually.

For some reason, Husband and I thought maybe this year we'd have a surge in kiddies, but we had about twenty, which is pretty much our standard number here. We live in a really old neighborhood----and no, I don't mean old houses----and there just aren't that many kids to start with. Plus, our neighbors are all complete stick-in-the-muds, and don't even stay home on Halloween night. Last year, I had several groups of kids walk RIGHT. PAST. my house, while I stared longingly out the window.

This year, I promised that would never happen again, so I stocked up on lots of decorations for the outside of our house. We even strung orange Halloween lights around our lamp post.
Mr. Bones wears the desperation well, don't you think?
We still had at least one group of kids run right past our house again. Geez. What more can I do. At least the kids that did trick-or-treat at our house were completely adorable, so that helped a little. I ended up giving most of our leftover treat bags to Husband, who in turn gave them to all his co-workers. Sigh. I keep telling myself that I am slowly building a fan base for our neighborhood so it might take a few years to get the word out. LOL.

So, anyway, this is my outfit from Monday, when I went to all the after-Halloween sales with my dad. Um, but they were pretty lousy. I am not at all embarrassed to say that we hit five different stores, but all I left with was a fake pumpkin and three packages of treat bags. LAME! Prices just weren't as fantastic as I was hoping, and nothing was jumping out at me anyway.

Old Navy cashmere hoodie; Free People Cable Beanie; Muted Garden Henley in Mauve; Black Keds; Limited jeans
Oh, well. The good news is that otherwise I had a really great weekend--including lots of belated birthday festivities. And in short, let me just say that my family rocks! I got the greatest presents this year, and I'm so excited to use all my new goodies and introduce them on my blog. :)