Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Closet Crisis: Too Many Clothes

Today I sat around all day doing nothing (are we seeing a pattern here?), and boredom eventually drove me into my closet, where I tried recreating some J.Crew outfits from the 2010 holiday catalog.

The exercise ended up being a success, and I have a few great ideas for outfits later this week. I'm actually inspired to go through all the rest of my magazine clippings and saved Website images and do the same thing.

Because I don't know about you, but I'm constantly cutting out all these "inspirational" images and seeing outfits I like on other blogs, but I never get around to actually using all these great resources. By the time I'm getting dressed, with endless possibilities and my overloaded closet, it's hard to pinpoint my wardrobe goal for the day.

I guess the same problem could be identified in my shopping habits. With regular weekly Anthropologie sales (and now, Black Friday sales looming over us everywhere), it's easy to buy, buy, buy, without really taking a moment to wear, wear, wear. Today, I haven't (yet) bought anything from the Anthropologie sale (although my Feathered Perch Skirt is down to 80 bucks!), because especially after seeing my closet, I'm really frustrated by what I have, what I want, and what I don't really need. Anybody have any good closet-purging tips? 

A few days ago, I picked out the few things I really want to buy at the moment, although it's not necessarily an exhaustive or particularly affordable list, I am hoping to use it as a guide for the rest of the year so I don't go absolutely bonkers this holiday sale season... We'll see how I do....

The goods:

1. Talbots Flannel Belted Shorts (I love the look of winter shorts with tights)

2. Talbots Fine-Gauge Crewneck Sweater in Soft Violet (This is more conceptual, not necessarily this shirt specficially. I like the idea of pastels paired with the Feathered Perch Skirt...)

3. Anthropologie Opaque Tights in Red (ready to pair these with the D'Armee Dress AND the Wightwick Manor Dress!)

4. J.Crew Wide-Rib Wool Tights in bronzed ochre (For the Wightwick Manor Dress and the grey shorts!)

5. Anthropologie Wightwick Manor Dress (I love shirtdresses! And this pattern is divine...)

6. J.Crew Cashmere Femme Cardigan in Soft Peacock (This is another conceptual one; I was surprised the other day to find that I don't have any vibrant blue cardigans---a total failure for me since blue is like my signature color! This sweater seems luxe and has lots of great color options, but it's so darn expensive.)

7. J.Crew Donegal Tweed Minnie (I must have these pants. That is all.)

8. Anthropologie Feathered Perch Skirt (It's just a navy skirt---is it worth $80? It's been so long since I got to try it on in the store that I can't remember if I even liked it anymore...I tried on the size 8, and from my foggy memory, I am considering sizing up to a 10 and hemming as needed. But I just can't remember!)

9. Anthropologie D'armee Dress (I have been waiting so patiently, Anthro. Please go on sale!!)

Oh, and, unfortunately, Jackers felt the heavy burden of my closet crisis today, too.......

Oh, mommy. Please tell me this mess will be cleaned up before bedtime....


  1. Oh, Jackers is so cute! I remember you liking the feathered perch skirt but you said you would wait for it to go on sale; can't remember why you would size up- was it like the easy keeper skirt that was so high-waisted?

  2. that's what I don't remember!!! I think I was afraid that it was too high-waisted, but if it sits lower, I'm afraid that will make me look boxy....I think I should stick with the 8...?

  3. Oh I tried on that skirt too (though I got lazy and never wrote a review). My biggest issue with it was that I'd have to tuck everything in because of the feather detail.

    I try to abide by the rule of if I haven't worn it in a year, I get rid of it. I actually get rid of a fair number of things each season that way and if I find something that I don't want to give away, I make an attempt to wear it and then if I don't, then out it goes.

    Kendi's remix challenges are also helpful in putting together outfits from what I already have.

  4. I was worried about tucking in all the time too! But I think I saw in the product reviews, someone said that the feather is detachable...in which case, gimme gimme!

    The year-rule seems reasonable. I think I'm going to just attempt to wear everything in my closet at least once for a sort of "goodbye tour" and then if it's not fantastic, then it's out...

  5. The "Suzeq56 Goodbye Tour"- I like the sound of it and I would look forward to the blog of it :-)