Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OOTD: The 2010 Goodbye Tour Begins

This morning when I woke up I had a surprisingly jaunty step in my walk. I took a shower, watched old-school America's Next Top Model episodes as I got ready for work, and then I proudly pulled out my Starbucks "Free Birthday Drink Coupon" for registering my Starbucks Gift Card. What a day! ::ALL SMILES::

You see, after my "closet crisis" last night, I decided to go through my closet and purge all the clothes I just wasn't sold on keeping. I put all these clothes neatly folded in a big, pink laundry basket in the middle of my bedroom and came up with a plan: For the rest of 2010, I am going to wear a couple of these items each week and finally decide: should it stay or should it go!

Actually, there will be more than just a "KEEP" or "DONATE" pile. I will also have a "WEAR FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR AND THEN THROW AWAY" pile (for my saddest-looking lounge pants). And a "TAKE TO THE TAILOR AND FIX" pile (for hems that are just a little off). And maybe even a "KEEP IN CASE I LOSE 10 POUNDS" pile (for that Banana Republic skirt that just keeps pulling funny...).


Bad Suzanne. No more piles.

Anyway, I had such great intentions for this new "Goodbye Tour" exercise that I wore THREE items from my pile this morning.

1. My Banana Republic turtleneck that I bought in a Large coz it was the only size left and super cheap, but it always seemed big. But as a layer, I love the forest-green color! KEEP!

2. My cheap green socks, that match my turtleneck, thankyouverymuch. Get used to these puppies, ladies, coz these are being WORN LIBERALLY THROUGH YEAR-END, THEN TOSSED. 

3. And Number Three. ::sighhhh:: Number Three. These are my Ann Taylor Loft grey dress pants. I bought these back when I liked to hide behind big, loose clothing so they're really a size too big. The hem was always too long to wear with my requisite flats, but I took one for the team today and wore my Seychelles mary-jane heels. Problem fixed!

Oh, no, Suzanne. Problem not fixed. Unfortunately, I didn't take my pictures until I got to work, at which point, I said, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PANTS? Well, first of all, my zipper was down. Go team! But even after I corrected my indecent faux pas, these pants were still just----I don't know...-----off. They're a size 10 (one size too big), and I'm realizing that even though I can get away with wearing them lower on my hips, their being a size too big is messing up the fit everywhere else, too!

I ended up taking a gazillion pictures before finally I just said----forget it! The pants legs were just so wide that they were doing the craziest things down there without my consent. This was the only picture that came out halfway OK, and I don't even have any feet!

(Also wearing my Old Navy fleece vest and an old LOFT pendant necklace)

So my question is----do I get these pants tailored? Or do I just buy brand-new dress pants that already fit? I don't really need any dress pants at the moment, but if I had them, I would wear them! I'm just not sure if it's better to work with what I've got or to start anew. I hate condoning a throw-away society, but these weren't too expensive to begin with so I don't want to invest a lot of $$ into them.... I also don't even know if it's possible to fix these pants in the way I need them to be fixed??

I await your verdicts...... :)


  1. I vote new pants. LOFT, Banana Republic, Gap have enough sales/promotions that you can get a brand new pair that fits perfectly. Since these pants are a bit low rise anyway, tailoring them would probably require taking them in all the way down which will be annoying (for mom) or expensive (for a real tailor). New pants will end up being much easier and cheaper and you can get whatever color you want.

    I like your idea of wearing your never worn stuff. I usually end up doing that too, but accidentally. There will be something that I don't wear, then I'll be like, "Aw I never wear that," but then when its cleanout time, I go, "Wait, I just wore that." ARG!

  2. I vote new pants too. The fit overall is off, and will cost too much to rectify. But, if you still want to get *something* out of the old pants, you could just get them hemmed (or do it yourself, which is really easy), and then they'd at least be workable for days when you want to look slouchy.


  3. Thanks, ladies! I threw these pants in my "donate" pile the other day. :) They really do look wonky!